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This would be my site... and I know it's horrid, but it's bearable... Sorta.
Check out the links below, They are actually worthwile!...
This site is no longer adapted for 800x600 screen size settings I like it this way.
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Some Awesome Bands
All That's Left!
Dashboard Confessional
FM Static
Hawk Nelson
Lost and Found
Relient K
Sanctus Real
Something Corporate

So this is yet another Sarah,
but I still talk with this one
pretty often. She's awesome,
go meet her!
I'm currently working on updating this page... Some things may or may not work, try at your own risk. A huge overhaul and everything. Especially with nothing done to it since last year some time. Hopefully I can reorganize it all and make it work much better. Check back later for it's completion. I hope to have it done in a few days, if all goes well that is.

06-11-2005 @ 00:15 - Yahoo came up with some new ads, so I must accomodate them so that I will follow the terms and conditions of use. Besides, they are a pain when they cause problems. I don't mind the side ads, they are much easier to work with than the top and bottom ones. More later...
6-11-2005 @ 00:59 Band Links done!
6-11-2005 @ 01:06 Friend Links Checked and Switched.
6-11-2005 @ 01:24 Finished for the night. Opened Link after checking other links on the whole page.

Alright, well I got the 2004 pics from prom up. Well, sorta. There is another set that is waiting to go in, but I don't have those back from getting developed just yet. Then I'll have to put in the other pics from the prom that I am going to this weekend. As for now, the pics are here. I'm workin on making a picture site for just pictures of mine. Those are a good start.

For future reference, I had to change the name, because I had a few hits with people looking for gay porn. That just disgusts me. No more hits on that.
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