- My Thailand Trip -


My Thailand trip was a 4-days & 3 night tour, accompanied with mum, sis and rei. We set off to Chiangmai on the 19th Nov and then to Mae Hong Son on 21th. The weather was not bad. Not very cooling nor rainy. Since this was our 1st trip there, we booked through the travel agent. This trip covered mainly on sightseeing. The deepest impression that I had from the trip was, the Long Neck Women. They lived in a remote area at Mae Hong Son and our coach have to spend some time to reach them.

These group of people are actually refugees from Burma and Thai government gave them a small area in thailand to live. They are prohibited to go to the "outside world" and if they need to buy something from outside, they must return by sunset. If you are interested to know more, you can visit: http://zolatimes.com/V2.41/longneck.html

Meanwhile, enjoy some of the interesting shots taken during the trip!


- Departure / Hotel
| Departure | On Plane-View | Our Hotel |

- Chiangmai
| Orchid Farm | Elephant Camp I | Elephant Camp II | Snake Farm | Umbrella Painting & Making |
Doi Suthep I | Doi Suthep II |

- Mae Hong Son
| Wat Phrathat Doi-kongmu | Long Neck Village I | Long Neck Village II | Long Neck Village III | Fish Cave |


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