These CDs Of ADYGHE Music & Songs consists of {14-17 } Tracks of Popular Music and Songs, Taken from raw Accordion Music, sent to me over the years from our great Countries in the North Caucasus-Russia, Mainly the Adigheya, and Kabardino-Balkaria Regions. The Music is then Re-Arranged, Re-edited and Mastered Digitally, Using DAT recorders, Synthesizers, Samplers, and programmable Drums, for richer and more filler sound. I tried to give our Beautiful Music the most realistic sounds of Instruments available to me, using  the latest Technology in Musical instruments, and I hope my style would be for your Satisfaction, and as an alternative way of listening to this Modern Style of the North Caucasus (Adygha) Music. These CDs listed below are now Available for the amount of $12.00(U.S. dollars each) Or two (2)CDs for $20.00 (plus $5.00 Shipping&Handling) as support and donation, for the continuation of this project. Other ADYGHE and North Caucasian Music styles and Singers will be available soon

Astemir Anapas CD  2002 (Modern pop songs in Kabardian and other Languages)

Tamara Nakhai  CD  1999-2000 ( Modern pop songs in Bjadogh )

ADYGHE  (Pop and traditional songs by several singers in Kabardian)

ADYGHE Classical (Ghybza and classical Adyghe Style in Kabardian)

ADYGHE Modern Rock (In Kabarday & Bjadogh)

ADYGHE Dancing Music (Just Bshena& Baraban for Dancing)

ADYGHE Kafa (Non-Stop Dancing Music)

The NARTS Story Complete with Ghibza (4 CDs of the Nart's story in Kabardian)