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Learning a Computer Language or Package is easy. But when you want to apply the things learnt to practical use, you encounter lot of difficulties. With this difficulty in view, I have developed this site also. This is only an attempt to share my experience and knowledge with one and all.

As the order of the day is Information Technology anywhere and everywhere, my Projects will be of immense use to all who are pursuing Computer Education irrespective of age. Though I wish to give the maximum information free of cost, I am unable to do so for the present, because of various costs involved in the process of Web Page Development. However, I do not want to disappoint you at this stage itself that everything in the site is only on Payment. I have some free stuff also for you.

Many of my students used to ask me about the name/s of web sites where they can gather information regarding their subject of study. I used to suggest them that there is a thing called 'Search'. Why don't you use it? I also used to suggest some good search sites for them. But after some-time, they come back to me saying that from the numerous site names they got, that they are perplexed as to which site shall contain the information they require. It is a difficult question and unless one is thoroughly knowledgeable about a site, he cannot suggest any name.

What were we talking about ?

Ya ! We were talking about the Searching Experience of my students. Let us continue further.

You are very well aware that there are millions and millions of sites available and the topics covered also are of varying degree. Likewise, from the point of view of students, when one is in the process of learning, it is very difficult for him to use the search engines.

Keeping this in view I have developed 2 Packages, details of which are given below:

About my Packages:

  • 500 Ready to Key-In GWBASIC Programs
  • Ready to Key-In FoxPro Programs

Both the packages have as the name itself suggests, Ready to Key-In Programs. The selection of Programs are based on School/College syllabus. With a view to understand the intricacies of the language/package, some programs outside the syllabus prescribed are also added.

After an initial study of the language/package, the student can directly use all these programs which will give him more knowledge and expertise in the subject.

Various Projects have also been included in the Package, which will be immense help to the students, when they have to prepare a Project at the end of their course. The projects can be used as it is or they can modify it according to their requirement.

The entire Commands, its syntax and usage are also provided in respect of the language and the Package used viz. GWBASIC & FoxPro.

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