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Computer-Aided Reading (CAR2MgtLit)

Best-Known Famous Management Books

By Yender McLEE (PhD McGill, 2002 and Professor MinEdu-tw, 2002)

Strategy Bites Back[1][2]: It is far more and less that you even imaged

Henry Mintzberg, Bruce Ahlstrand and Joseph Lampel (2005), Harlow, UK: FT-Prentice-Hall

Book back:

SWOTed[3] By Strategy Models?

Crunched by Analysis

Strategy doesn’t Have to be This Way

Remarks: Division of Labor for Collaboration in Database Area in our Yahoo!Groups

1: MBA2 Classwise-Project (a) Mintzberg-H (2004/5) Managers=\=MBAs[4] (19 students) chapter by chapter and (b) responsible for comments and introduction four metro-city and its university associate with

2: MBA 1: Classwise-Project: Mintzberg et al. (2005) Strategy, chapter by chapter (25)

****Both English version of both books can be bought from

[1] 策略反芻: 遠超乎你曾經想像的, 更多與更少, Mintzberg et al. (2005) London, UK: FT-Prentice Hall

[2] Bites back 本意咬回來, 同時Karaorchested the similar word game, like this: A cute dog doll bites back a giga (百萬) and more tera () bytes form the bark of a birth tree in little park on board of a bark ship, bit by bit, byte by byte (一口一口咬). 因此本住助讀, 建義用[策略反芻].

[3] 最流行也是最古典之SWOT 分析法, 既為Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT Analysis)

[4] 已有台灣國語翻譯本, 台灣培生, 02-2370-8168x898, However, we are able to produce computer-aided reading (CAR 英文電腦助讀)

2006-12-23 04:08:39 GMT
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CAR was changed into CARS,since computer-aided reading and study will more comprehensive and meaningful.
Now we have had CARS101, CARS102, CARS103, CARS104m and CARS104u to exercise peer-learning by doing.
2007-02-15 02:02:05 GMT