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CHINDIA: Reshaping your world and your business
Reshaping your world and your business
(Engardio-P, 2007, McGraw-Hill)

What a nice sunny good day are yesterday!!! When I stroll into metropolis mall@metrotown, it is so natural to take a look something for sale in Chapters Bookstore.

First sight catching my eyes is 75% off of desktop calendar, buy it, of course. Then went to ask where is almanac? No worthy to buy any newer version of TIME infoplese, World Almanac, Britannia 2005....

My eye open when I watch any new book in management or business. This so attracting title, CHINDIA stopped me to quick read. WOW so great idea reflecting my idea about China boom.

It is a balanced review between China and India...that is in particular a RIGHT perspective of Taiwanese businessmen and scholar should keep in mind, heartand brain.

After short time of hesitation, I bought it togetherm since it is only CN$24.00 that is real cheap book here.

Therefore, I changed my CARS102 for MBA1 course assignment of Eng2iMgr. Hopefully, within two semesters we can translate and publish a chinese version for teaching performance.

Let us go! Go! GOOOOOOOOO!!
MBA1 students, 12 most ambitious and best students.

Please choose as soon as possible which chapter you like in dividion of work shown@ iMPM4tw database. First come first get.

It would be more meaningful for this kind of course called English for International Managers (Eng4iMgr).

Q1: Can you buy this book from or or TPE101 PageOne.

Q2: What is Taiwanese perspective toward China role, given knowing nothing with India advantages and disadvantages, needless China disadvanatges?
Taiwanese Perspective of CHINIDA

2007-02-15 01:57:27 GMT