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Two Yahoo! Groups Getting Hot by Hits and Heat!!
Two Yahoo! Groups--INK-iMPM4tw
Getting Hot by Hits and Heat!!

Thanks the President of McGill Taiwan Graduate Student Association (mTgsa) at her term of year 2002 bring me to this wonderfuland (one of the Disneyland in Las Vegas), Yahoo!Groups.

It is my best hobby to enjoy in learning by doing new thing in perspective of kids. What is wonderful Yahoo!Groups!! Another side, I would like to enjoy teaching, reaching and preaching new course, at least using new textbook. The MIS textbook (Haag et al., 2005) inspired me via adding their term ICE to i2ICE.

They coined or borrowed ICE by a sound acronym of the Integrative Collaborative Environment. I feel it term is so nice. Nevertheless, in the non-short bitter-and better time period it is better to modify by adding two elements.

*Internationally: For poor students to study abroad and happy tour (r).
*Interactively: peer learning by doing from their.

Therefore, I re-coined this term in my modification of INK and iMPM4tw group description [manifesto] to i2ICE (McLEE, 2006 after Haag et al. 2005).

Glad to see both groups seeding and growing.
So many HITs [responses] to hot heat by friends and beloved MBA and PhD1

Thank God's Blessing!!

Is it interesting blog? My word power of acronym rather than pure meaningless abbreviation is increasing, isnot it?

2007-03-30 01:39:21 GMT