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The Logic of Country Name in Mandarin-tw
The Logic Problem

of Country Name in Mandarin-tw

Think then tink in ink is so funny. The logic of a language will determine the scientific training and education of its people from [p]upils (kids) to [p]rofessors. In the hottest forum a thread is a encounter on that dreadful problem.

See how two sides are hot debating without agreement of same definition. Obviously, it is the logic problem of the lnaguage of Taiwanese Mandarin. Are there a problem tracing back to Nippon (Japan) Kanji? Let us discuss more in the below:

Q1: Is Japan [日本+國]needed to add [+國]?

Q2: More 加拿大[+國]? 加國? 北美加國?
Which one is better, concise and clear?

Q3: Based on what criteria we are used to abbreviate ? Two, three ot four words is acceptable. For full name or abbreviation?

Q4: Sometimes, is it critical better to just add one critical word [+國], in particular for our beloved country...?

In comclusion, TAIWAN Rep (r)o(c)!!!! CHEERS to my innovation after discovery of ASCII code!!
travel & living 介照美麗台灣國的高雄

回信發言人:那個, on Apr 01/2007 10:51:38 (IP code: X.X.140.26)

> 台灣沒有國哩

>> Record ID: 1175346834R014 From: 日本

Is this a 「日本省」 then? ^_^

Record ID: 1175394869R010 From: 美國

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2007-04-01 10:02:44 GMT
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Tinker can be noun as well as verb. Therefore it will be more correct to say

Think and tinker in ink by INK-model. See more
2007-04-09 05:54:25 GMT