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Park-Toillet-Booth: Patented and Environmental
Park Toilet Booth: Patriotic, Patented and Environmental[1]

By Professor Yender McLEE

July 15, 2007

Walking or touring in any strange place, it is a so uncomfortable and embarrassing moment to find a right place to release your body water[2] whatever called a restroom, water closet (W.C.) or more traditional toilet. As the usual days, I came across this booth with several distinct characters in a middle community park in my neighbor.

First, the sticker on the door is Jiffy JOHN with his phone with a national flag-Maple Leaf. Is this sticker implying that this is Canadian product or operated by a Canadian company? How are not few Canadian businessmen like to demonstrate their patriot mind? Another paradigm is McDonalds’ logo with the Maple Leaf around the street and corner national wide (see my another blog).

Second, from the photos inside plates this is a sign of patent pending by Satellite Industries,
Minneapolis, MN See more at

Third, what kind of patent? Might be its recyclable plastics [recyle 2] or its knock-down combination method? Its materials are in three distinct colors, green, brown and white that look compatible with park grass and tree bark. How many kinds of portable mini-toilet?

In summary, when studying and touring around the world, you should be surprise with some progressive people, things and places embedded rich concepts and culture. This is my reflection in this Sunday morning walk with cloudy day. Meanwhile I draft this blog making use of iMPM4tw bilingo TEMPLTATE that stored in the root of Files Area of Yahoo!Groups

[1] 小社區公園裡的活動廁所 三大特色: 愛國, 專利 and 環保!!!?

[2] Our university classmates were used to say: Let us balance [water], since we had a very characteristic course in Chemical Engineering called Balance (質能平衡). We need to practice the exercises all balances of mass and energy, mastering engineer’s slide rule (計算尺).

2007-07-15 17:17:51 GMT