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Grand Opening Again of Yahoo!360 degree

ImageImageImage<h1> Granding Opening Again of Yahoo!306 degree </h1>


Bonne journne de America! My name is @YEN, Japanese dollar or surely Taiwanese or Canadian dollar. meaning unit of all measures.

In this hypercompetion age of the Internet BLOG service, it is happy thing for bloggers to shopping which blog provider is more appealling. I have learning by doing (Arrow-K, 1962?) and  blogging  over than 30 blogs already.

Of many features they supplied, first of all, I emaphasize the FONT size must un-loch in web broswer (to zoom in and zoom out).  In the LEFT side dwon, this Yahoo!360 degree offers the BlogRol, therefore, I take note of Old Google Blogger, New Glogger and MSN Spaces.

Hello, my freinds, let us share our experence of BLOGGING on different Internet blog provider (IBP).   </h5>


<h3>Adding Photo, Hyperlink, Highlight by Bold and Italic...., text color, highlight color,

winks ImageImageImage


Finally, if we can not see the large FONT size, we can use HTML tag h1, h2, to h6 to enlarge font. Is it valid?

Let us preview!

The results is USELESS of HTML tags.

Photo is centred and middel size.

Let us learn more next day.



2005-08-19 15:46:45 GMT