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Good Morning by Body and Good Night by Avatar早安本尊晚安分身
Dear EMBA, MBA students and iMPM4$tw members:

Bon jour (good morning) 'a (at) Taipei Chinatown of TAIWAN Rep(r)o(c) by body* with a beautiful spring weather, most cloudy, high 20 low 16,
as 6 am GMT+8with a little cold weather, ; by avatar* Mainly clear, high 4 low 0, at 10 pm GMT+0 in Lancaster of Northwestern area of United Kingdom. Spring is coming, we will have a spring break* in the weekend of Good Friday. What is your plan for spring break*? Study some for midterm examinations* and tour some for mind! Right?

This blog aims to show how we are able to how to make a sense making greeting* work right first paragraph at study blog and last signature*. It is so funny plug, play, ploy and blog* that we are studying famous iMPM program via online while face to face weekly or bi-weekly at the first forum and lab of CUTE-University, Tainan, TAIWAN Rep(r)o(c)! Thank very much the state-of-the-art*, most integrated* portal Yahoo!, we can vision the world and action* on free message posting at website of iMPM4tw at a pompous will* then compose an article at a blog there about one theme*.

Beautiful Spring Sakura Blossoming,
Yender McLEE, professor at Chang Jung Christian University, also
nicknamed as (CUTE-Univ) Christian University of Taiwan Ever-glory*
++++ reverse the order *
緣得.麥格理, 長榮台灣基督大學; 教授;
美麗春天櫻花盛開了; 完整主題; 隨意隨興發言; 整合性入口網站; 最新技藝的; 既插既玩既佈局既雪寫; 最後屬名抬頭; 最前問候語; 期中報告考試; 春假復活節; 本尊分身
**** (four is enough)
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