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One China Two Expresses: Good Idea 一中兩表與裱

Dear EMBA, MBA students and iMPM4$tw members:

Bon jour! Good Fool -2 Day at hotter by body* (7 am GMT+8, rain shower earlier morning, high 27 low 19 degree C) but clear but chilly by avatar* (7 pm GMT-5 NY time, most clear, high -3 low -11 degree C)! Wow hot Tainan but chilly Montreal in March winter*!

One picture is much better one thousand words. In a political correct forum, we came cross a very good design two irony flags. Left China and Right China or Big China and Small China? One expressions of one China seems is good term, if you are a outsider's mindset. Meanwhile, it is so irony to enjoy two expressions in another term of two prostitutes rather than two framings.

Let us discuss a little big step in theory building of management practices.

Slicing a slice,

framing a framework,

Styling a style (by stylist)

Beautiful Spring Sakura Blossoming*,

McLEE, a mobile professor* at Chang Jung Christian University*


美麗春天櫻花盛開了; 長榮台灣基督大學; 行動教授不是流浪教授;

雙語線上; 美國英文; 政治正確理論正確學術名詞; 三月雪


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