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Almost every morning I am used to jogging about four circles at the nCKu field and track. After that by a tree way to big banyan garden to walk by bare feet about three circles. Quiet and din nCKu campus is almost my backyard in this after retired and rehired time period since September 2006.

Nevertheless, recently I found that it is also better to read my papers under big banyan seating the wood bench. Eyes will take glance at the green green grass* around during eyes rest.

Is it so nice in enjoying thing to jogging, walking and reading* in this wonderful campus of my alma mater*, nCKu that I has never come back about 30 years. Beautiful campus* in this old capital university town * with population 1 million.
大學城; 美麗校園; 母校成大; 慢跑散步閱讀; 青青大榕園
2008-04-19 13:19:16 GMT