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Firework in Winter 冬日煙火有北海道地理與短歌
Dear EMBA, MBA students and iMPM4$tw members:

Bonjour 'a Taiwanese Tainan but avatar in British Montreal with fair high 16 low 8! It is a season of best fall foliage blessings. Here we came a translated into Mandarin vertsion of Japan novel by a medical doctor. In order to take note for a good novel reading record, let us write a blog for this novel*.

It seems a good novel attracting its readers, if this novel dictate the geography a good tourist sites. Before to take some notes on this book, let us say about this photo. it was took in American* Vancouver of British* Columbia with 150 anniversary on 2008 Winter. From the photo you are able to sense how sweet sweet home in heavy snow community at a suburb town. It is also a good reflection of typist trick of small c in McKay, McDonald, McGill, McCain....of non-British family name.

Best Fall Foliage Blessings,
McLEE, a mobile professor....
美洲; 英屬; 馬偕
渡邊淳一 (1989) 冬日煙火, 台北: 久大文化
2008-10-12 05:05:17 GMT