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Creative Idea, Innovation and Entrepreneurship創意, 創新與創業

JADE network seems very interesting the majors of technology, innovation, knoweldge management. In the recent management and business school in Taiwan, the courses and seminars about Creative Idea, Innovation and Entrepreneurship創意, 創新與創業 (三創) are getting popular. What are they lack seems theories and practices of global vision and international exchange.

Every pleasure time, I am used to search, read, and research online knowledge bases. This morning the beginning is innovation to entrepreneur, entrepreneurship,  then stop on discovery of

Q&A: It  is definely a good website  for Taiwanese MBA or EMBA students to JOIN and share with this wonderful virtual network to broaden international vision and global knowledge.

Like diamond, JADE is treasury of lifetime career, JADE named for the European Conferation of Junior Entreprises (JxxE), which AD might mean adventure, advance or  so what.

Q&A: Meanwhile, the format of their orgainzation description is also imitatable for our INK-SSCI-SCI group.

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