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Bilingo Demo Paradigm Video
Dear EMBA, MBA students and iMPM4$tw members:

Demo! Demo for democractic motherland! Demo on Termination Day of World War II (October 25) is just over. However and hwoever, the real impact seems endless! Did you read some and watch some in newspapers and TV, conventional or Internal media?

The below is strictly bilingo paradigm video* worthy to recommend to you to imitate. Eric Chang is called as American Born Taiwanese (ABT) and PhD student of nCKu now. What a nice demo video with good civil video journalist in this age of Video blog represented by YouTube.

Thankgiving Season is Coming around the world,
2008年10月20日-抗議張銘清的ERIC張是成大博士班學生,是正港ABT(Taiwanese) - by 小青
2008-10-26 10:38:06 GMT