I picked up Photography as a hobby since my days in the army, when I was serving National Service, to cover events for the unit. I have my NS days and my supervisors to thank, for giving me the opportunities and responsibilities to participate in various events. This gave me a taste of photographic coverage of occasions. Back then, I operated a Nikon system. As I embarked on my undergraduate studies in NUS, I began to do more reading up on the subject and became really interested to develop that photographer's eye, and capture the essence of life in its full glory. I also hope that with my lenses, I'm able to capture the wonderful creation of God and use it as a tool to serve God's purpose.

I've been using the Minolta Dynax 404si since I started my undergraduate studies. Although it is only an entry level camera, but it allows me to learn the basics of photography, albeit without those wonderful bells and whistles of professional cameras.

Currently, I do freelance photography locally in Singapore, depending on nature of assignment and my schedule (this is particularly pertinent, since my medical undergraduate course and future work as a medical doctor will leave me with little free time for myself). If you do need my services, feel free to contact me. Service fees are negotiated accordingly.

Feel free to take a look at my portfolio. The quality is not as good as the original prints as they were scanned from prints via an entry-level flatbed scanner, with some at low resolution.

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