Intel-Hachi Replays

If you wish to seek training from Hachi on how to use the Lich then please contact us as and we will pass it on to him.

Hachis 1.14b replays

Intel-Hachi vs the world fool!
Game:1v1's and 2v2's
Version: RoC 1.14b Map: Varied
Description: As u read on teh front page,hachi has retired, he was however nice enough to send us a bunch of replays, some close, some not, but they are all chock full of hachi goodness. Very nice of hachi to do this i think. He coulda just left, but he thought about us pubsIuts and sent us these, so knock yourself out nubs, enjoy.
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Intel-Hachi vs FeARFaCT
Game:Custom with Obs
Version: RoC 1.14b Map: Lost Temple
Description: This replay dont even need a description, just an awesome game here between Hachi and an old player Fearfact who ive regarded as the best UD player ever, im sure everyone knows him. Ps: If any of you noobs think Bei was better then eat a dick cos FearFact owned him like 3 times in Clan 1G tourneys ages ago.....hopefully this guy comes back to RoC then it will no longer be a battle for #1 solo, it will be a battle for #2 cos FearFact will be 6 levels where did i put my FearFact groupie shirt?........
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Intel-Hachi vs BorisTheWeak
Version: RoC 1.14b Map: Lost Temple
Description: Cool a$s game here, Boris Grabs a keeper 1st with hunts and begins pushing hachi's base with some AP's and a AoW going up just outside the blight. Hachi seems happy to just creep his DL up but has to stay at home to protect his town. Its a pretty tense one all the way through, well worth checking out.
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Inte-Hachi + helix Vs i_r_noobie + rS.Sastre
Game: 2v2 AT
Version: RoC 1.14b Map: Golems in the mist
Description: Hachi begins with some tower creeping while his ally keeps their opponents busy, its casters and wyvern for hachi's team and wyvern and fiends/garg for the UD, some tense fights break out, hachi's farseer is a long way ahead of the rest tho :)
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