Eugene's Replays

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Happys 1.14b replays

Happy420 vs Ns.Song
Game:Solo Ladder
Version: RoC 1.14b Map: Gnoll Wood
Description: omgeee, 50 + minutes of action for u asswits. Elf vs Orc match up on Gnoll Wood. Song grabs casters/wyvern with tri-hero while happy gets archers into hippo riders also with tri-hero. A very tense game here, with song hangin around happy's town for a long ass time, tryna work a way into it. Some nice use or purge to kill some stragglers. In general, the game is a pretty high quality, with afew mistakes from both sides tho. There is a big monster ass lvl 10 DH running around. The last 20 minutes or so is expo smashing and building and gets very tense. You gotta check this one out
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Mulletron vs iG-Skills.
Game: 1v1 custom
Version: RoC 1.14b Map: Lost Temple
Description: Fiends are smart man, lemme tell ya. You watch how they eyes shift, looking all nervous. They know whats cooking when they see Lich 1st hero. They all sucking up tryna make sure they arnt the next to go. Happy though, doesnt give a damn, and sucks em all dry with ritual. This is one hell of a game that looks like its gonna be a one sided wonder for a while. His opponent grabs hh early with lust and wyverns mixed in later on. Im not even gonna say nothing about the last 10 minutes. There are afew mistakes made in this one as the players try different builds. If you can handle that, u gotta watch this one.
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Version: RoC 1.14b Map:
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