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welcome to ye olde pubsIuts dot com. if you have been looking for the cheapest sucky sucky's you have come to the right place. if you have been searching for gosu warcraft 3 replays then you have also came to the right place. recognise b1tch, soon to be when Chinese_PubSIuts broke a$s goes pro with a sponsor
The PubSIuts can usually be found in Clan xROC on the US East Azeroth Server...although if ur luckyu might catch them aN@LLing a few lordaeron noobs.

IMPORTANT & STICKY: (just like the substance often found on a PubSIuts chest and face!) I must stress to all site viewers that Patch 1.13 is nearing completion and therefore all the replays will become obsolete, so all the staff here urge you to watch every damn replay , there are NO SH1TTY ONES ON THIS SITE!!!1. so they will most probably be deleted, or thrown into an ftp page for downloads only with no descriptions. i dont see anyone patching down just to watch a replay, even if it does have one of the PubSIuts in it, so fookin watch them!!

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Wednesday 5th August: Chinese_PubSIut
Whuts crackin asshats, 4 games up today from Beverage, they in his replay section under teh cheese. All are gooder games and you bums deserve no less! or something ... Oh, on a side note, solo-statistics is a complete nub and has no right to be anywhere near the top of the ladder, so pls make sure u noobs dont lose to him, he clearly is teh suxors.. want proof? here is a quote from our game chat after he loses a lvl 4 DL to creeps and just before he leaves the game... (solo-No0b)"Noob, you have no skill" (Me) "then please explain why u are the one that lost your hero to creeps?" Enjoy teh games whores.

Tuesday, August 3: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
Okay no replays today, just more on the Angel Prank Saga, here we have Re-Dic-U-Russ on his crusade of both terrorizing the Angel family and also attempting to clear up a little misunderstanding and whilst doing so making me crack up laughing........
Here is the 2nd prank call verifying the newb accusations that he is in North Carolina and named James. He is in fact named Joey Morgenstern and lives in Florida. If you don't believe me, ANGELOFLIGHT V2 prank call is attached. This time when you post it, please give credit where it is due, Re-Dic-You-Russ, not that newb Garg.abuse. Angeloflight = gg your life. This is indeed his mother, Linda, and she even said he is "addicted to it." Let me know if you want the Undertaker voice to be brought back, this time I tried out my AngeiofLight voice.
- Re Dic U Russ AKA BeveragesMother

Here we go again! ANGEL OF LIGHT PRANK CALL VERSION 2 by Beverages Mother AKA Re-Dic-U-Russ (not GarG.abuse) Big thanks to RTFM for hosting this :D

Not as good as the first but still his closing comment of the phone call conversation was seriously hoping (for ReDicURuss's sake) that he has got the right house, if someone kept ringin me up askin for AngelOfLight id say "fuck off! i dont play that cheesy orc race, bye" .......If anyone has got any comments on this prank, be sure to check out the PubSIut forums and throw your 2 cents in, or just flame the shit out of some poor noob.
In Related News: Uber_Wh0re aka The Mouth Of The South is working on a new commentary......well atleast we hope so.

Sunday, August 1: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
Shitload of games hangin around in the inbox so i thought i'd post every single one of them.....

  • 16 game replay pack from ZiBoT - up against some decent names
  • ImassTier-1 in a fat 2v1 after his ally drops
  • 4 Game Hacker Exposure by P.I. IceVVind
  • Team Green SSGoku/Angel vs Hackers!!!1
  • AngelOfLight vs Some Poor Bastard
  • Ken[CotN] vs SSlasher
  • 7 game JF-DeathKnight Replay Pack
  • Can He Fix It? 3 game replay pack from BobTheBuilder.
  • Couple of games from JF-InsaneDK-JF
  • 3 game replay pack of RTFM
  • 3v3 Goetz_WG + BiO-Reggin + Dyce) VS CaLCuLuS.X- + ATU.alnus + ATU.gneko
  • JustLeaveNerdz vs R_U_SAVED - aura lover
  • Allied vs e9-iNC - mass necros on an elf
  • Noob Of The Week 4: Trogon vs Syrinx - i dont need to chose a skill

    In Other News: If you havent already, go check out the Audio Commentary done by forum member Uber_Wh0re...its funny as hell and can be found in the General Chat section of our forums.

    Sunday 1st August: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, 4 games up today, from, they in the RoC replay section, highly reccomended is the Zero + Anuity 2v2 AT game, most of you should love that, if you dont, your gonna hate it, and ima laugh at you noobs. GG, Enjoy teh reps ho's OH!!.. on a side note, for any of you noobs that arnt signed up for our forums.. there is a Audio commentary done by no other than Uber Wh0re, our resident forum spammer to be found there under the general forum section in tha topic "audio commentary" its well made and im sure you will like it, so to those of you who havnt seen a audio since warcraftreplays shut down.. go check that one out.

    Thursday 29th July: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Omgee 2 updates today again! this times its teh Hax Pax extravaganza! and whut sorta pack would it be if it didnt have MarkymarkReborn, and SuperAllHax! Also kicking the doors off teh Haxor fag closet is US-West's very own ranked #2 solo fagosaurus WOOT. Teh gooder news is they all get buttFuxed really hard, so enjoy

    Thursday 29th July: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Just wanted to clear out my "to post" folder before i watch a bunch more replays, so there is 5 games in the RoC replay section. They all pretty cool, CHeck the flying DH, weird shit, he gets cloned and keeps moving while cloned just like he is still walking, strange.. anyways enjoy teh games nubs.

    Wednesday 28th July: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, just quickly updating one more game cos i got 10 minutes to spare, its a 2v2 AT game in teh RoC replay section, enjoy nubs.

    Wednesday 28th July: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, got 3 games for ya, including Beverage, OsamaWill-Ownyou's hackin ass, Sslasher, Swift-Death, Teh.Joeywheeler and AngelOfLight. all 1v1's and all in the RoC replay section. another update will be done tomorrow, so stfu and stop asking me. Also, I got my Thrall icon, u all know its me now anyways .. so take a look at that right here... Gooder icon.

    Sunday 25th July: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, got 3 games for ya noobs tonight all got something to offer. I got a bunch more replays i wanna post up, but .. i aint got muh dick sucked yet. so ima go get that done now, so go grab those replays from teh RoC replay section and watch em while im off gettin head. at ease noobs.

    Saturday, July 24: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Only a couple of replays for everyone, featuring a couple of rangecraft r@ping replays from the "STDBOYs" who managed to become rank #1 US West 2v2 AT, but soon lost the title due to the 2nd place noobs who they have punished about 5 times playing about 20 games just to get ahead of the STDBOYS...also a couple of nice solo's, including a replay where DADDY_FAT_SACKS gets knocked off his purch....check them out

  • 52YEAROLDVIRGIN + RoketCatcha vs Bryong and NoAH.cOm - overpowered demon hunter
  • DADDY_FAT_SACKS vs SHiFT-mY-uNiT - rofl everything was thrown at this elf including a kitchen sink
  • L33t_hax0r_69 vs STEAMTANKYOAZZ - down to a couple of buildings
  • STDBOYS vs Mod-Raiders unique crypt fiend focus, coil nova strategy
  • STDBOYS vs more rangecraft newbs - just quit and dont bother ever playin this game please

    In Warcraft News: Not only did STDBOYS get #1, we also would like to congratulate GarG.aBuse on massing gargolyes along the way to his 1500th win...attaining the coverted clown icon. After investigations by blizzard and suggestions by myself, they decided to give him a gargolye icon.
    In Unrelated News: I had the worst driving day of my life yesterday, i got cut off wickedly by some c0ck stain and ran off the road straight into the median strip/island, blowing my front tyre out, causing one of my front mags to become completely flat and bucked on one side, then to make things worse my car jack was rooted, so i had to go door knocking and borrow one, then it rains on me, so i change the tyre, start driving again, and the spare tyre goes flat and every wanker is lookin at me on THE busiest road in my state, so i go into the petrol station, and the air compressors are out of order, then cos i was blasting shit out of people on my mobile and left my lights on, my battery went flat, then to top things off some bitch reverses into me whilst i was at the petrol station and does a runner and drives off ! ! ! :/ please send me money donations (that was a piss poor beg i know, i will ask M[e]RLiN for lessons)

    Thursday 22st July: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, no time to talk trash, i got 65 more nihor replays to get thru and you got 6 of the best of them in the RoC replay section. best orc on east ladies, get em while we got bandwidth!

    Wednesday 21st July: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Guess whut i got for you ho-bags? 7 solo ladder replays of Nihor, Ranked #1 vs Solo-statistics who is ranked #3. there should be a stack more replays to come from nihor as soon as we fix our bandwidth issues :) Enjoy ho-sIutters. they in the RoC replay section.

    Monday, July 19: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    HILARIOUS! no replays today 'dudes', we need to save the PubSIut bandwidth for this very special PubSIut exclusive prank call:

    ROFL QUOTES: "I powne you, i Powne you dude." hahahaha "I've gotta go to bed soon, i just worked out, im gonna be big gonna be huge dude" LOL DOWNLOAD NOW 'DUDES' BEFORE I 'POWNE' YOU OTHERWISE 'ILL STOMP ON YOUR FACE'

    Sunday, July 18: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Okay heres my last pimp slap in the face to the guys who emailed me saying all i ever do is post team games.......

  • JF-DeathKnight vs NkHPark
  • AngelOfLight vs GarG.AbuSE
  • Teh.Hyper vs RTFMish
  • Stupid1 vs GarG.aBuSE
  • MindControl vs Hu-Practise
  • HerpeLuv4aLL vs STupiD1
  • Teh.Hyper vs KillUforAdOLLA
  • Solo-Statistics vs ButtPlugs
  • MegaLo vs HH_ARE_IMBA
  • BluePinkPanther vs Solo-Statistics
  • AngelOfOMGUHACK's guide to beating Steam Tank Noobs

    In Unrelated Knews: Roket managed to escape from the wife and get in a good 10 games today, only 25 to go till Thrall!!.... :D

    Sunday 18th July: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Just dropping of some replays tonight, a 3 game replay pack sent in by Beverage. All are 1v1 ladder games so go grab those from his section under "Top of ladder replays" enjoy noobs. In totally unrelated news: next person to ask me about replays gets shot right in teh nuts, just send em in!!! Also we passed 20,000 hits afew days ago, w00t!
    At ease noobs.

    Friday, July 16: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Hey guys, had a few emails requesting more solo's and less answer to that is a 5 solo replay update with each and every one of these games featuring a shitload of trash talking, especially from the the badmannered capslock warrior - DADDY_FAT_SACKS games.....

  • DADDY_FAT_SACKS vs Znebi
  • JF-DeathKnight vs Abuse_
  • HerpeLuv4aLL vs AngelOfOMGuHACK
  • RTFM vs Hookups

    In Unrelated News: Roketcatcha is NEVER going to get his Thrall icon cos he is pussy-whipped!!!11 :D

    Monday, July 12: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Damn this has become a full time job and i aint even getting paid :( ....Anyway in this replay update we got a couple of hacker busts, couple of newbs, bit of rangecraft....just the usual shit that goes on.....

  • Sslasher vs Abuse_
  • Porco + Ps.ZiO vs AngelOfLight + SuperSaiyinGoku
  • Teh.Hyper vs Porco
  • CPO + WarC vs Zling + GGnorekthxnewB
  • DemonicSorcerer (NE) + Ramius (NE) vs Madcore_Lafting (ORC) + Patty_Melt (HU)
  • Fate[nC] + NinDragonZ + nEMER vs GarG.AbuSE + Goetz_WG + GGNOrethxNEWB
  • HACKER EXPOSE: Micro-My-Units + Red-My-Man GG
  • CrazyGay (UD) + Schway (ORC) vs KidHavocLp (ORC) + Stupid1 (UD)
  • ANGELOFOMGUHACK (R-NE) vs Kronic-Chieftan (UD)
  • Pro-Loser + BobTheBuilder vs HellHound and Take[A]Card
  • NOTW3: Lich-Nova + SuckieBamBou vs MassNothing + Tripping_Tauren

    In Unrelated News: My comp just shuts down whenever it feels like it and its really beginning to pi$S me off....

    Sunday 11th July: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Just dropping of some replays, a 4 game replay pack sent in by porco, with some 1v1 and 2v2 ladder games go grab those from his section under "Top of ladder replays" All are quality games vs quality opponents so go grab those. enjoy. At ease noobs.

    Friday, July 9: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    WHICH ONE OF YOU BITCHES CALLED FOR DOWN TOWN CLOWNY BROWN? STDBOYs hit front page west 2s in 1 days play thanks to Zer0.Co0L, Teh.Nightfury and Roket and therefore there is quite a few GG replays to be posted........whatever you do, make sure you check out the beg game, found in the begging section under 'Other PubSIuttin'..............FIVE O, FIVE O, CLOWNS, SCATTER! THEY CANT CATCH ALL OF US AT ONCE...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCHES CLOWNY'S GONE...

  • GaRG.AbUSe 13 game replay pack
  • STDBOYS vs Rapist[BM] + RTnoo13
  • AngelOfLight + SuperSaiyinGoku vs EdmO + ToTheLimit
  • Q)UeeN(S + at(newb) vs Eleor + Maximum-P0wNzor
  • STDBOYS vs RangeCraft Noobs
  • Fate[nC] + Troubled vs AngelOfLight + SuperSaiyinGoku
  • STDBOYS vs Chewy- + Jewse-
  • ToTheLimit vs WarC
  • BEG STDBOYS vs TooFast4You + Roc2-TitsNaSS

    In Unrelated News: I dont think 350w power supplies handle 9600XT video cards and lots of LED's and big fans on my comp very well.......

    Thursday, July 8: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    WOOT broke Chinese's 11 post update streak......This quality replay update comes after me ripping out my hair from having jubs spamming me on both during games and also via email to update....the following people are "UPDATE THE SITE" spammers: StarCrafT-, BEATMEPLZ......that is all. :D well now my new comps finally back up and running i can do what i love doing most......Humiliating Beggars, exposing hackers and laughing at Pimpery losing.....

  • SICKEST RT GAME EVER: Teh.NightFury vs 120 food of orc cheese VGG
  • WooKets- + MeGa.ReBeL vs NX.SkeeT + MafiaChild- - more Hippos than a low level RT game
  • GarG.AbUsE vs PORCO - ouch ouch ouch
  • HerPeLuV4aLL vs AngeLOFLight AKA Inspector Hack - The Merc Abuse Documentary
  • STDBOYS vs West Trash Talkers - owned in under 10 after talking shit
  • PORCO + RINOA vs M[e]RLiN + EvilTool
  • NotUS / WARPER REPLAY PACK - 5 games
  • Cord-X vs TheWhiteHawk - tower me this, tower me bitch
  • BobTheBUilder. + WooKie- NO CHEESE
  • BobTheBUilder. + WooKie- Raiders owning RangeCraft Noobs
  • BEG teaMRice- vs lame Level 25 begging european fiend massing "nab" ( PURE GOLD )
  • BEG fearsome- VS Fry-My-Bacon (noob swapped his soundcard for a win)

    In Unrelated News: this is related ho-bag now stop reading and start downloading, start with the Fury game its the fukking bizz.

    Monday 5th July: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Just dropping some replays, 2 custom games wth Rotan and AngelOfLight so go grab em in teh RoC replay section nubs...... thats all bitches... go get em already!!.

    Saturday 3rd July: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Just dropped off some games to tide you over till more come in, havnt watched em yet, so there is no description, but go grab em in teh RoC replay section.

    Friday 2nd July: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, No replays just yet. Patch 1.16 has been released to Bnet, making all 1.15 replays useless, so please dont send anymore of those. But please feel free to spam us with 1.16 replays. Would you like fries with that?: Hack sweep with our new patch please, as it stands now, hackin ass centurL0n(t.t)l and MarkyMarkReborn are sitting in the top 10 Solo, Clan Teh is currently top 5 solo and #1 in AT 2s ^^. You might not care, but i do :) GJ boys.

    Friday 2nd July: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, no time but quick replay update. 2 games rotanimod vs mega.rebel and afflicted vs porco in the roc section. Sorry, this is rushed.

    Thursday 1st July: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Really got no time for this shit, but here is some replays. 2 from afflicted, in the RoC replay section. no patch today, but new AMM/Exp system is here and after 1 AT game, im lvl 4... wooo

    Wednesday 30th June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Got 3 games up tonight, 2 games from Zero.co0l and a nice 2s game from Beverage. This will most likely be the last 1.15 update as Blizz are expected to make another blunder with the AMM/Exp system tomorrow and introduce 1.16, so get these while u can, to everyone who sent in games, if we didnt get you sorry, send more asap when new patch drops! enjoy em while u can noobs!

    Tuesday 29th June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Got 2 games up tonight, Sslasher vs Beverage and Afflicted vs Beverage, both are great games so grab those from the RoC replay section. Also, with the new patch coming up soon, there is alot of games that i wanna post that might not get posted, so if we dont get to you, try sending us some after the new patch asap and u should get a game posted! In totally unrelated newbs: ITS OPRAH's 150TH BIRTHDAY SPECTACULAR!! to celebrate this fact, we are selling some plastic toy dolls of her, complete with stretch marks and a novelty oversized head... only problem is we cant get it to stand up properly >.<

    Monday 28th June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, im rushed for time, but there is 2 more replays put up today, slowdown vs Teh.Hyper and slowdown vs Suck-your-what, both ggs grab em from teh RoC replay section

    Monday 28th June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats , Got 3 games from Roketcatcha 2 1v1's and a 2v2 game. they in the roc replay section so go grab those you homeless bums. At ease noobs

    Saturday 26th June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats , Got 2 games from Afflicted[tR], the Bad mannered aff (hehe) faces off vs 2 very high quality opponents in custom 1v1's, should keep you happy for the weekend. At ease noobs.

    Friday 25th June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats , Got 3 games for you noobs tonight, its a Norma-Jean replay pack, Not using the usual UD stuff, as you know if u saw his last games. go grab em in the RoC replay section. At ease noobs.

    Thursday, June 24: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Hey jubs whats going on? Havent had much time to check out the shitload of replays that have been sent in lately due to it coming up to the end of mine and Chinese's diploma, but this heap should make up for lost time :D also having watched 1 replay in disgust, i decided that there was no better place to put it in, but in its own new section - Noob Of The Week... which can be found in 'Other PubSIuttin'...Anyway todays replay update =

  • Afflicted[tR] pounding Porco in under 10
  • Afflicted[tR] pounding Davster- in under 20
  • MerlinBegs Peplay Pack up against ZeroCool, PoisinHo, AngelOfLight and NickStylezzz
  • AngelOfLight vs Garg.Abuse......excuses excuses
  • Cool a$S 2v2 TooMuch2Fast + Smokinbones vs Team CHINKANESE
  • Long a$S 2v2 NotUs + Warper vs MiNDCoNTRoLLeR + WADE-WALKER
  • WarC vs GoetZ_wG ....Lightning Shield anyone?
  • AngelOfLight AKA Inspector Hack with his 2 game hack bust arrest on Lady_PinDragon
  • Noob Of The Week Replay: Week 1: PSU_Lush vs 365)

    I dont think we are going to have any shortage of replays for this Noob Of The Week section, especially with people on BNET of Pimpery's callibre. By the way, if you havent already done so, check out the Interview With Beverage, also found in 'Other PubSIuttin'.
    In Unrelated News: The Olsen Twins are legal.

    Wednesday 23nd June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats , Got 2 games for you noobs today and the in the RoC replay section, both sent in by Norma-Jean, very good UD player, and rated highly by Bev (if u read his interview) Not using the usual UD stuff, they well worth the watch, his ghoul use is pretty good, with nice surrounds and he doesnt need a hero to be asleep to do it. so grab those noobs.

    Tuesday, June 2: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Sorry sir, No replays today sir...BUT i did manage to log the threesome cyber sex that Me, Chinese and Beverage had on MSN and i guess you can now call it an interview...


    In Unrelated News: havent had much time for updates as of late due to Chinese and myself smooth talking and fooling this college into giving us a couple of Diploma's mwahar har har would YOU pay us $40 per hour each to come around and fix your business's network? fuck no....

    Tuesday 22nd June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats , Got 3 games for you noobs today and they nice ones too. nR.Gopula vs Bev, angeloflight and merlin. also there is a 2s game posted up there with team green vs Ch(a)os- and SuperAllStar, so go grab those from the RoC replay section. If anyone is interested in seeing a good UD (eg. no sleep, no gargs, no infernal), i got something for that ass next update. In totally unrelated news: They fuxed up now.. gave me a diploma! OH SHIT!!

    Friday 18th June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats , Got 2 games for you noobs tonight and they are both ripper games. 2 of the best UD vs Elf games i seen in a long time, both featuring the same players and both on ladder, as nR.Gopula faces off vs Neve[r]MinD twice, theres like 2 gargs made between both games, meh go watch em, theyre good! Oh, there is alot more games from gopula thats gonna get posted, i just dont have the time tonight to do em all, so this is a warm up! gogog noobs! In totally unrelated news: tonight, i found 4 games real fast!! WTFUX??!?!?

    Fridday, June 11: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Just like Anuity's penis...this update is relatively small.

  • ROKA up against HerpeLuv4aLL's triple lodge casters
  • BIG_BAD_HELGA the Blademaster/Raider specialist 2 game raider exhibition
  • ROKA takes on Peasant-1's mass dryad/bear/fast expo
  • STDBOYS's infamous Double Stomp game
  • StarCrafT- vs Khoi_Tran intense 45 minutes
  • AuG.Lemon vs yOyO) 39 minute undead mirror

    In Unrelated News: Check out our Forums, some guy from Northrend tells us there is a $E200 eurotrash dollar 1v1 tournament featuring the best players from all the RoC realms. Must be level 20+ Solo to enter, which is about 95% of people thanks to the new patch. Lets see who can mass gargs the best.

    Thursday, June 10: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    So anyway, there i was, at a rave again, and Garg.Abuse was picking up transvestites on his Harley Davison. :D Oh! I nearly forgot apart from giving people shit this is also a part time replay site...

  • Hack The Ripper, Inspector Hack, Detective Map Hack, Sargeant No-Fog AKA AngelOfLight throwing the hack accusations around in 2 games vs NotUs and vs LS-Shiva
  • We got AmIaLoser the oil tycoon cowboy straight outta Texas, in his cadillac with the bull horns on the front of the hood he also got a 3 game replay pack vs Rotanimod and Zero.Cool
  • Teh.Nightfurys girlfriend AKA LaddaBuser reminding everyone that Night Elf is STILL the cheesiest race.
  • ZerO.CooL cumming on Teh.Hyper's back for 40 minutes straight...NOW THATS A LOT OF JIZZ
  • M[e]RLiN shows everyone how he can still suck a quarter out a parking meter, doin what he does best.....beggin his a$S off to Zero.COoL

    In Unrelated News: We would just like to congratulate the soon to be newly weds - Anuity and Tercet. It seems Tercet did not want to pop the question until he was reassured that Anuity maphacked. Chinese_PubSIuts previous replay update cemented in the fact that Anuity does enjoy a bit of the ShadowFrench. GL HF and wont Pimpery look gorgeous in that flower girl dress.

    Wednesday 9th June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats and asshatettes, 2 games for you noobs tonight, i know its not much, but its all good noobs! 1st we got Ch(a)os- vs rotanimod in one hell of a game. 2nd we got teh goodest thing i seen all week. This morning i got up around 10 / went str8 past the listerene and went right for teh gin, hit up the inbox and saw "ANUITY BUSTED, GIVE ME TEH CREDIT" (Garg.Abuse) so thx faglar :D. Its short, cos his friend msg's him and says "THERE IS NO FOG U DUMB SH1T, GET OUT!" If you dont think this sh1t is off teh hook, then you can hang up hoes. After teh game anuity whispered me and said, "well im busted again, ill go back to Asia now" then he asked for some free CD'z....... I said CD'Z NUTS

    Tuesday 8th June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, 4 game replay update tonight, just cos we hit 15,000 hits today! 2 games from Jess.Is.Noob, one from ROKA and one from Norma-Jean. And now i gotta go u nubs! In totally unrelated newbs: wtf happened to my screen resoloution?

    Sunday 6th June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, 3 game replay pack from Nikoro, grab those from teh RoC replay section. yup yup, im not here to dribble shit nubs but, in totally unrelated newbs: I came across this on the Bnet forums and thought it summed up teh crappy new AMM system This is a joke right... ?

    Saterday 5th June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Omgee duel update from my fine ass today, get yo ass up off teh couch and go watch some replays nubs, Zling vs Ken[Cotn], Deadman-1 vs herpeLuv4All and Ps.Zio vs Amman. gogogo! in teh RoC replay section nubs.

    Saterday 5th June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Got another replay pack from Beverage This time its 4 games. They in his section under the cheese so go grab em. Games vs Rotanimod, Sslasher, Herpe and some nub i never heard of before, Enjoy teh games nubcakes

    Thursday, June 3: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Tie a belt around your arm let that vein show and stack wacking up these .w3g into that bloodstream......

  • Fu-Noob and Anuitys ass gets stomped in 2s by Oof + UK)GrovE(N
  • Beverage vs Ch(a)os- .....the follow up to the trash talking
  • Garg Abuse vs Porco.....what an accomplishment - not a single garg made
  • War[1G]'s 1500th Orc win....CONGRATS
  • Optix-1 vs DoesDeathRelate....nice nice HU vs ORC game
  • Mr.BigDiq + STF-KenMasters vs Steelix + Chaos_THang
  • STDBOYS get towered.......twice
  • PRO-Loser vs akaIevel.23.soIo ......maphacker?

    In Unrelated News: Teh.Nightfury left australia yesterday and is flying back to Canada via some third world asian country where he will no doubt catch malaria and/or sexually transmitted diseases from the 10 hookers he gets for a dollar fifty.

    Tuesday 2nd June: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Got a 3 game replay pack from Beverage. They in his section under the cheese so go grab those, should keep you nubs busy till next time. Oh and by the way, Snub. is a complete noob!

    Saturday, May 29: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Early christmas present for all you noobs, with a monster replay update so big not even Anuity's momma could deepthroat it.....OH SHIT SON ITS WAYNE BRADY

  • Mega Rebel 8 game 2v2 replay pack...check out the Rathias/Rebel game vs Ch(a)oS-/Servin GG
  • HerpeLuv4aLL vs Sslasher best of 3 game 1v1 obs series
  • ZeR0.CooL abusing the ladder vs Godsent.YES
  • Fat 3v3 too many people to fit here
  • The Great White Hype - Teh.Hyper vs Ch(a)oS- GG
  • 8 Game Porco pack featuring solos against jubs such as Rotanimod, Davster and FaxHuman
  • I_Love Nanna up against ROKA
  • ToTheLIMIT vs 9-1-1.
  • 2v2 ORC/ORC v ORC/ORC mass wyvern anyone?
  • ROKA plundering 4eVeR.GHoST_ 's Anal Isle
  • Lejambon taking Centurion's hacking a$S to the cleaners
  • sTaRcrafT- begging PRO-Loser for the win....sigh....

    In Unrelated News: Nothing new going on with Anuity's momma, so i thought i'd fill you guys in with whats going on around the warcraft community.....Ever wondered what happened to Iian Girdwood AKA TillerMaN seems he hasnt played a single game of warcraft since he lost to Grubby in that human mirror match in the World Cyber Games Quarter Finals......well he has picked up a different game, this one is not played on a computer and it seems he has made quite a bit of cash as well..... What Ever Happened To TillerMaN?

    More Unrelated News: Also would like to say how funny it is how people idolize other people just because they have a big level number next to there name, or because they are ranked #1 in solo..... take BorisTheWeak for instance...would yous sit there and let this guy trash talk you, if you knew that in real life this guy was only 14 years old?....or more importantly Apm70 / Deadman-1 i know not everyone is as gorgeous as myself or Chinese, but i mean this guy got more groupies than N-Sync but DAMN come the fuk on - the ugly stick is fairly heavy, but tell me, who was strong enough to take this many swings? Apm70 / Deadman-1 mini interview + pic

    Tuesday 25th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Got a 5 game replay pack from Sslasher, a well known player on the Us-East realm so go grab that from the roc replays section, should keep you noobs busy for a little while :) In totally unrelated news: tercet is currently seeing a therapist about the denial he is suffering from anuity's hacking!

    Tuesday, May 25: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Some noob spammed the shit out of our inbox asking for us to do another update cos he watched all the replays already so this one goes out to you mr spammer, enjoy and smoke a fat c0ck messenger boy.....

  • We got a 53 minute marathon Beg from M[e]rLins free win begging a$S
  • Another guy pleading for the win so he can sell his account and pay his internet bill LOL
  • Anuity getting pounded in solo by AngeLofLight
  • Fat 2v2 on crucible with Knights fending off Chims featuring KK)Squirrel and Mr.Dala1!!!
  • Garg.Abuse doing what he does best, and all he knows how to do...massing gargoyles.
  • Anuity getting pounded AGAIN this time in AT, at the hands of GGNOREKTHXNEWB and Chaos_THang
  • Elf mirror #1: BTS-PsycoBill up against JF-HaSuneSS ....Westsiiiiiiide!!!
  • Elf mirror #2: Elf.Newb vs GooD_Stuff
  • Elf mirror #3: iamnothere[AFK] vs PRO-Loser
  • STDBOYS bitch slapping #4 USWEST TheLast.W33d and his sidekick
  • HH_ARE_IMBA vs DarK-HadeS comedy zepplin harass LOL

    In unrelated news: Blizzard have released information on the new World Of Warcraft race called the Korean Wh0res. At the moment they have only released information on one character from this race and that is Anuitys_Mother. Although disgustingly overpriced, this mercenary of diseases does anything you want for the small price of $5 gold pieces. English commands that this korean ho understands are "Shave My Back, Cook, Clean, Suck, Lick My A$S and Wash My Car". Her main offensive is the spell Entangling Roots, where she wraps her mile long pubic hair around the necks of her foes, holding them in place for her to whack them with her meter long clitoris-rex.......she sure sounds like a deadly force to be reckoned with, this bitch means business....i cant wait for the figurine!

    Thursday 20th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, No time to stay and talk trash, one replay, its anuity hacking his ass off, its in the roc replays section, go grab it nubs.

    Thursday, May 20: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Ok ok this update is full of blaming......yes thats right, blaming...people blaming things on things....we got porco blaming his ally , lag and wyverns....we got afflicted[tR] for the hundredth time blaming Mega.Rebel...which is always a treat to see :D and last but not least, we got Essence blaming maphacks.......The only real blaming should have been from Zling and Jugger, blaming Pimpery's noob a$S for pulling the team down of course....

  • Pimpery getting owned in a 3v3 by D3aler
  • Rank #1 2v2AT@EAST Team Green CHeese AKA Essence/Goku vs Shobo/Anuity
  • Porco/NS.Song vs Rank #1 2v2AT @ EAST Team Green CHeese Essence/Goku
  • STDBOYS steamrolling #1 + #12 ranked solo USWEST noobs
  • 52YEAROLDVIRGIN and Dark-Hades in a fat 2v7 against seven noobs!!!
  • Porco + Resent vs BUSHIDO + Blink-182
  • STDBOYS massing mortars against PieLord[R.i.P] and SelectRange
  • Marauder vs 42o-AfterShock 105 styles
  • Blink182 + JF-HaSuNeSS vs MeGa.Rebel. and Afflicted[tR]

    PUBSLUT SHOWGAME #4 PubSIut Champion
    kk since reigning champion Happy420 is currently getting butt-fukked on a submarine somewhere in the south pacific, we decided to get the PubSLut Weekly ShowGame's back up and running. The two challengers fighting for his forfeited title, are JESS.IS.NOOB and SuperSaiyinGoku, giving each other big bitch slaps on everyones favourite map - Ogre Mound. Throw in random races and random first hero and you got as JR would say a slobberknocker.
    PubSIut ShowGame #4 JESS.IS.NOOB. vs SuperSaiyinGoku

    And before i leave you guys, do us a big favour, we aint beggers like s0uthpark and looking for a no no......all we ask is that you do us humble PubSIut's a favour, and please add Anuity to your friends list and then begin to spam verbal slurs at this poor hacker, and maybe even the odd offensive remarks about his grandmother. Thank you.

    Wednesday 19th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Got a gooder update for you tonight. 4 games, 1 solo and 3 2v2 AT's, all vs hackers!! w00t. The next hacker sweep, the guy ima get owned will be Centuri0n(t.t)l so any of u nubs that face his hackin ass, send me reps and ill make a nice replay pack for blizzard! Of corse you are encoraged to spam him non-stop on Bnet (US-East). Anyways, teh replays are in the RoC replay section. In totally unrelated news: Im Ambidextrous, i slap ass with both hands!!

    Tuesday, May 18: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Okillee Dokilee SIutarino's, we got two hot hot Beg's straight off the press, those being the solos, and all we got for you in the normal game department is a couple of 2v2s but nothin to sniff at. A very sad ending in the Jess game, with his ally deciding to do it all He-Man styles and 2v1...sigh....

  • JessIsNoob & HugYou vs Warper & Notus
  • JIZZMASTER & TK-er vs StaRcrafT- & War[1G]
  • BEG: GG-Danger vs Elf-Newb
  • BEG: Vice-ViCer vs Trai3ieSo

    In MapHacking News: Anuity has more visions than a fortune teller...pity the bitch is faker than a psychic with caller iD.....this hacker pushes when you are teching across on big maps like crucible... AND doesnt tech when u are tier 1....and doesnt even bother looking in your town if you have lots of base defense, instead - decides to power creep his lich to d&d....well Ye_Olde the tarot card reader says that your card is up and its the Asian Guy Sucking Cock Card which means my strap-on in your dirty korean, fly infested mouth.

    Sunday May 16th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Got 2 replays up tonight, both in the RoC replay section a 1v1 and a 2v2 both pretty good games, so go grab those u noobs. In totally unrelated news: Teh.Hyper has lucked up and fluked it to lvl 20 solo. But never fear he will soon lose a bunch of games and be back to lvl 19, thus restoring the balance of good and evil.

    Friday, May 14: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    ok 1.15 replay virginity has been lost, but not monogomous - its a damn gang bang...ouch theres discharge and bodily fluids flying left right and need to worry, Anuity's mumma will come lick it all up ooowwwwwwww...On to the replays All of em in the RoC Replays section..

  • Afflicted[tR] + Mega.Rebel. vs poRco + Good_Stuff (garg abuse)
  • zErO.Cool AKA Spirit_Moon vs Return-Of-PwN- (multi-tasking anyone?)
  • GGNOREKTHXNEWB + UK)grove(N vs TBKS + Monkey.Boogie (bloodlust abuse)
  • Blue-Adept Hack Pack (maphack.exe abuse)
  • Jess.Is.Noob and RINOA vs SuperSaiyinGoku and AngelOfLight (the war continues)

    In Unrelated News: Anuity's mother has lost the baby due to the crack wh0re shooting too much dirty H. Please show your support by clicking on the following link RIGHT HERE.

    Thursday, May 13: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Okay most replay sites give everyone a full list of the latest patches changes, not PubSIut, we are going to list the things that HAVENT changed:
  • Lame UD's are still abusing their inferno + gargs
  • Still RangeCraft...even CasterCraft was more fun
  • Ok so slow got nerfed, but does it really mean jack shit with brilliance around?

    These are just a couple on my mind, but anyway on to patch 1.15 replays...or the lack of...who will break 1.15 replay virginity and send some in? as long as your name isnt Anuity or Pimpery and the game is more exciting than two PubSIuts spaghetti wrestling then that shit is gonna get posted..we just deleted all the 1.14b replays so we have a fukload of room for you jubs now send all of them sexy solo's, voluptorous 2v2s and funny a$S begging replays in and ill even have a word to 52YEAROLDVIRGIN about some possible backstabs.
    In unrelated news: We would like to congratulate Anuity's mother of once again being pregnant. At this point in time the father is unknown but resident PubSIut photographer, giggolo and now Detective - Jess.Is.Noob informs us that he has narrowed the father down to about 20 men who the wh0re regularly sleeps with, one of those - being TillerMaN.

    UPDATE: As promised a while back, since there is a drought and shortage of 1.15 replays , thought it might be a good idea to post some good 'ol 1.05 replays...there are two seperate zip files, for all the hazeem haters out there (yeah all 3 of you - crazylim, rice and vvolf). Dont forget for all you noobs out there, to watch these you will either need to patch back to 1.05 via a clean install, OR the easier option is to download Warcraft Zei which is a program designed so that you can patch back very quickly and then restore again to current version. For downloads of Zei, please go to our forums where resident PubSIut Uber Wh0re has a great tutorial on where to find Zei Patches, and how to use the whole program in general all written in a nice step by step for the newbs. The thread can be found here.
    105 Replay Pack #1
  • bunch of spirit moon replays including his moonwell build/cancel set creeps onto town 2 minutes into the game and also his insane multitasking creep/harassing.
  • NiteMare vs Elky CPL Tourney game...omg insane ghouls vs aow's
  • couple of Rex.JYoung replays of him on 40 food of ghouls and pulling the win out his a$S
  • SK.Survivor with level 10 MK and Level 10 Pally vs lots and lots of ghouls, probably my most favourite replay ever
  • Roketcatcha/52YEAROLDVIRGIN beating e9-frOzen and Hibiridi :D
    105 Replay Pack

    1.05 Hazeem Replay Pack
    49 hazeem games in the one big zip file, watch out tho its 3.5mb so its gonna hurt all you dial up users. Some real classic games out there such as his raider push vs CrazyLim, his fast 2 hero tech vs CauthonLuck, Soz.Careless anti-human caster/tauren shit, Mass wyvern/quad expand vs Bei, the list goes on check it out this guy was like light years ahead of his time, best orc ever in my opinion.
    Hazeem Replay Pack

    Tuesday, May 11: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Dunno about anyone else but you gotta check out the Beverage vs Flip game if you havent watched it already...i swear that guys Demon Hunter's name is George Burns that mofo been alive since the prehistoric age....he takes more abuse than Pimpery's mom....he also drinks more health pots than Pimpery's dad drinks sperm.....anyway on to todays updates, we got a bunch of 2v2s and then a 1v1 replay featuring a god of warcraft, i mean this guys stats are insane, probably the greatest player ever to grace this game...... up against the current #1 of frozen throne northrend :D...
  • 52YEAROLDVIRGIN vs Deadman-1 !!!!!!!
  • Beverage + M[e]RLIN vs Resent AKA eX-ReS + eG)Blaze
  • Garg.Abuse + GGNOREKTHXNEWB vs Warper + Notus
  • Sodi_wG + NickNEStyleZ) vs Owns_Hyper + Bosworth

    Okay to end this update i just came up with an get noobs bragging in there profile "BEST KILLS: Rotanimod" etc etc, i was wondering when people were going to start putting in there profile - "I PROUDLY KILLED BEVERAGE'S DEMON HUNTER"

    Friday May 7th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Got 2 replays for you homeless noobs. Both are Beverage replays and are in his section under "top 10 replays", you really gotsta watch the game vs flip, thats some insane sh1t right there, so go grab a ice cold root beer and check those out. In totally unrelated news: losing to newbs is NO THX!!

    Wednesday, May 5: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Okay as if Chinese's update wasnt obese enough we have 6 replays for yous, consisting of 3 begs all happening to take place on LT AKA Begging Temple, a solo and then two ATs...this is probably one of the last replay updates for patch 1.14b , as all that BETA testing on 1.15 has finished so if theres any standard / backstabbing / begging replays you havent watched and want to then nows the time to download that shit gogogo.......
  • Godsent.YES vs Qazzi[cF]
  • NS.SonG and UK)slow(NE vs WispXrush[eS] and e9-illusion
  • War[1G] and StarCrafT- vs AckinatoR and Deal3r
  • funny ass begging replay featuring 2 random jocks...beg baby beg
  • Chaos Thang vs GarG.AbusE......oh beg harder
  • gTe[Stealth] vs VainValdrax...oh yeah thats the spot keep begging

    Would also like to mention that i have just broke the world record for the most amount of willy's sucked, yes thats right as you can see by the hit counter at the bottom of the page its well past 10,000.....ive surpassed previous world record holder Mrs Cum Chin Thanh AKA Anuity's grandmother who held the astonishing landmark of 10,001 salamis in her mouth.
    Also in other news, for those of you who have the program Warcraft Zei which allows you to watch previous versions of warcraft's replays, then soon due to demand on the forums i will be posting up a shitload of 1.05 replays i have found on my comp featuring players such as Hazeem, CrazyAssassin, Spirit Moon, Bei and even TillerMaN's noob ass.

    Wednesday May 5th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Got 2 replays for you bums tonight, both in the RoC replay section. Both are tower games, a 1v1 and a 2v2 so go grab those, oh, and we just passed 10,000 hits!!! U know whut this means!?!?!?!?! It means, your a bunch of sick, sick freaks!!!

    Friday, April 30: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Ok before i start dissing people or bragging about my stretch marks or even begin cracking lame jokes about Chinese_PubSIut's incurable sexually transmitted diseases i would like to give a big thanks to Marauder aka DarK-HadeS...if it wasnt for him yous wouldnt be watching half these replays cos we ran out of space long ago (just like Pimperys mums closet i mean that bitch is bigger than oprah) and he was nice enough to go out and purchase his own domain and let our broke a$S's in on some of his webspace so next time you see this guy in the channel, dont abuse him, ridicule him or laugh at him - give him a slap on the a$S, wiggle your tongue at him and wink. I know this seems a meager thanks, but to people like Marauder who live alone in his trailer in Sydney, Australia - it means the world to him. Ok now on to the replays:
  • First up we got 52YEAROLDVIRGIN against the grandaddy of human - Joey Wheeler
  • ANOTHER beg from the james brown of begging - S0uthpark omg his begging is on fire
  • HeadCheeseOSU owning up a garg massing sleep spamming lamer claiming to be wG)chaos- / ch(a)os-
  • yet another GG from Godsent.YES up against StupidBrazillian's watch towers
  • oh and speaking of watch towers, this guy put Towers back into fashion just like Rotan did to talking about StaRCrafT- , we got a 5 game replay pack of his.

    All of these shits are in the roc replays section except for the beg which is in, of all places, the Begging section. Oh and while im giving directions, my strapon is in Pimpery's fathers buttocks.

    Thursday, April 29: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    whats doing farking, sign up for the forums farking we got some hot hot topics going atm including the friendly emails we are recieving..... anywho got a lot of replays for you jubs today farking:
  • Beverage sent us in some footage of BadFart on his knees beg beg begging
  • ZulX with a lot of watch towers and catapults in his base
  • Frost Machina(UD) and Redman-(HU) up against IOrD_BunniE(NE) and SashimiFatJoe(R-HU)
  • JF-Swiftdeath vs Clan_JF die! gargs die!
  • PIMPERY getting halls of the dead rushed ROFL

    I seriously recommend the Pimpery game, just when you thought this guy couldnt get any more noobery he comes back and suprises you, i really think that the sunlight he got at the seven eleven buying the tissues from the 52 loss affected him for life. Now to take a line out of Chinese PubSIuts book - In totally unrelated news: Pimpery was conceived when his father jacked off in the bath and forgot to pull the plug out and his mum got in.

    Wednesday April 28th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Quick replay update for you slobs tonight, vs some fag who got reset, game starts off pretty normally, but has some pretty cool things about it later on, so check that one out in the roc replay section. In totally unrelated newbs: IS WAYNE BRADY GONNA HAVE TO CHOKE A BICH!!?!?!?!?!

    Tuesday April 27th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, You dont even understand, i aint scared of u muuhfukaz!! Bah, fux it, i dont got time for you noobs, theres a ROKA vs nikoro replay in the RoC replay section, so go get it u wh0res. In totally unrelated news: instead of dribbling crap, ima go watch some replays, u noobs can take care of yourselves!!!

    Sunday April 26th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, before we get into the update, i ask every visitor who comes here to goto our forums and check out the nice email we recieved from a fan of the site, its funny as hell, its in the general section under the topic "Ye Oldes Fanmail". take 2 minutes out your day and check it out, funny sh1t. Onto the replay we got Beverage vs Herpeluv4All which is found in Bev's private stash, so go check that one out, also Teh.Hyper has managed to noob his way to Medivh icon, so congrats to hyper for getting 1500 Human wins, he is officially the 1st noob human to get this icon which can be seen here....No human casters were abused in the making of this icon, we promise :)

    Saturday, April 24: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    you just wanna see a pubslut backwards dont u? hey dad how come you dont have herpes? Post these replays , Im in a van while Chinese in a tour bus? You dont want my stretch marks oh youz a liar, no im Yeolde (oh i thought you were Marauder) and what the hell is wrong with our webspace that shit smaller than Anuity's willy , you see i know how to solo, its simple but all i did was read the Happy420 interview. ok ive busted my daily freestyle just like Pimpery's tryhard toronto a$S so now a replay of just about every type here to fix your addiction:

  • 1v1: JF-Hasuness v Nikoro
  • 2v2 RT: Ch(a)oS- fat 2v1
  • 2v2 AT: Teh.Nightfury and 52
  • BEG: who wants to see russian-king beg like a bitch?
  • RAPIGE: 52 steamrolling Pimpery's rookie a$S in under 10 minutes.

    now all i need is the sites resident photographer and giggolo - Jess.Is.Noob. to get a pic of russian-kings broke out of work win begging hacking a$S.

    Thursday, April 22 AKA National Beggers Day: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    ok wow , this begging shit is on fire it is hot hot hotter than a camels a$S at the moment, look what you started kse]aftershock! dang mang we got 3 more begs for you jubs on this romantic evening....the 3 beggars are M[e]RLiN, Alexander-1. and Intel-Newblar ...When will these guys realise this game is about having fun NOT percentage....anywho they can all be found in the begging section now gogo and laugh your asses off at these lamers.
    Oh while on the topic of lamers, was in XRoC givin s0uthpark shit and he believes that we here at the site "hyped" up his begging..BULLCHIT its right there in the text taken from the replay we didnt blow jack shit out of proportion butt pirate. Oh Southpark also wanted us to give him some more exposure and asked if we could link our site to his own website....sure dude s0uthparks website
    OH holy win beggin batman how on earth did i nearly forget, resident PubSIut Photographer and Giggolo Jess.Is.Noob managed to get a photograph of each of these beggars before they started hassling him for spare change...check out the photos of these beggars in - you guessed it the Begging Section (OF ALL PLACES!)....also please if you wish to discuss (harass) any of these beggars please go sign up in the forums, just be sure to ignore Spike's drunken ramblings :D

    Wednesday, April 21: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    NEW SECTION: ok this sh1t turns me on more than an archer muff diving on a dryad with a strap-on....yes im talking about Free-Win Begging, you know the pleading with another player for them to let you have the win. Well we here at Ye Olde PubSIut have decided to dedicate an entire section to this patheticness. First in our section is the replay posted around a week ago where KSE]AfterShock was on his knees begging for a free win, and the second addition to the Begging section is the newly crowned King of Begging - S0uthpark. In this replay, S0uthpark begs so hard for the win, he not only offers $20 via paypal, but also a World of Warcraft BETA key, op status in channel 'clan xroc' , 2 x of his other accounts , even promising to quit warcraft if Knoxvi11e + Clan-Haji dont give him the win. Please go and download and laugh at misery, lameness and shame in all its glory in Ye_Olde_PubSIut's new Free Win Begging Section, which can be found in 'other pubSIuttin'.

    Tuesday, April 20: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    This update is bigger than Chinese_PubsIut's female 'member', or as the guys down the pub call it: 'Clitosaurus-Rex'.... anywho on to the replays:
  • STDBOYs vs 200 apm'ers (sad ending)
  • Calculus.X and Silverstorm vs Afflicted[tR] & Mega.Rebel (aff calling rebel a noob)
  • Nuke-my-hero and NaiciGAM (level 27 garg massing)
  • SLoWDoWN replay pack (ggz)
  • AngelOfLight and SuperSaiyinGoku replay pack (4 games of pure orcasm)
  • Team Pimp + KTHX vs Team Beg + Hack (hacker getting owned)
  • 2 x JF-NightMare games (nice comebacks in both)
  • The-Swedish-Guy getting owned by Piccolo_BSK (teh.hypers brother)

    Also would like to congratulate both Porco who recently attained his fiend massing a$S a 1500 UD win Clown icon and also to Chaos_Thang who got his broke a$S his SECOND 1500 icon this time the HUMAN wierd crow dude icon. Check back in about 4 years for when Smithy AKA RandomFoo's a$S finally gets his DeathWing. Would also like to congratulate Anuity's 87 year old grandmother who happened to be the 8000th visitor to the site. We believe the visit was for masturbation purposes over the sites logo. Later jubs.

    Tuesday April 20th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, 3 Porco replays for you wh0res tonight, They in porcos replay section under the top 10 solo page. They all ladder games vs Ps.Zio, Deadman-1 and herpeLuv4All. Enjoy teh games fuxtards! In totally unrelated news, we all know that Ken[Cotn] doesnt use map hack, but .. Proof u get banned for NOT using MH on europe server .
    At ease noobs.

    Monday April 19th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, 3 replays tonight, go grab em from the Roc replay section, a 2v2 RT with happy420, a 1v1 ladder and a 1v1 custom. Prolly gonna be a porco update tomorrow too. In totally unrelated newbs: the new D12 albumn was released afew days ago, and id say go grab it and check the song "American Psycho II" good stuff.
    At ease noobs.

    Thursday, April 15th: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    hi bogans whats as of late ive had a lot of shit on my plate as ive been fishing on my lake with your b1tch as the bait so i havent really been able to gain any weight......OR post any of the 2 million replays in the inbox...but i checked it and just opened up a few at random and today for you jubs we have:
  • KSE]AfterBEGGAR beggin for a win so bad he even offers money
  • GodSent and WispRush[eS] play a bit of cat and mouse on tranquil
  • rightbackatcha and the condom in a no fog...someones a hacker :/
  • Cosmar vs Porco on Plunder , neither playing there usual race.
  • a hectic 3v3 for all you jubs featuring SwampTempo and Dyce)
  • a replay from the rank #1 Northrend solo roc player in a wild game
  • 52YEAROLDVIRGIN & Teh.Nightfury vs Shift-My-Hack & Myfirstaka (lots of trash talking)

    Please dont get upset if you sent one in and its not here yet, your replay WILL be posted if its decent, even if it means hiring Teh.Hyper to prep, post and suck.

    Also ima have to ask you jewbs to put better subjects in your email when sending in replays, if its not complimenting either of our sagging mammory glands then we ask that you atleast say what your BNET account name is, who your opponent was, whether it was a 1v1 or 2v2 and even maybe a brief description of the game to help us out. Even a OMFG GG WATCH NOW is better than just a white screen.

    Also gotta remind you butt pirates that we DO have a 2v2 tourney in the process, just kinda sussing out when a good time is to hold it, and yes the prize is still THE original (washed and sterilized) EssenceOfChaos wolf T-Shirt. if you and your partner of crime wanna sign up then click on the forums tab its in the General Discussion sticky'd up the top just like sperm on Chinese's upper lip.

    OH and last but not least 1.15 is comin out soon so we be deletin all these old 114 and 114b replays so if yous want to watch any of them download them before the patch comes out you have been warned jub.

    Tuesday April 13th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Just dropped by to update the hack of fame after the sweep today. Theres afew surprises in there, and afew regulars, go take a look in the "other pubsIuttin" section, feel free to comment or add names we dont have yet to the hacker section in the forums.
    At ease noobs.

    Tuesday April 13th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Got a Beverage update for u nubs today. 3 games uploaded to his section, all solo ladder stuff so go check those out, best of the lot is prolly vs I.C.Shadow, but the other 2 are gg's also. In totally unrelated news: im going to have a smoke now.
    At ease noobs.

    Monday April 12th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, got a 2 game update today with ROKA vs Tercet and wG)Chaos- vs Ps.Zio Enjoy the games nubs, and happy easter to joo all.
    At ease noobs.

    Saterday April 10th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, got a decent update today, a 4 game pack of Rotanimod, 3 customs and a ladder game, the ladder game vs ROKA is great the customs arnt all that close, but if u just gotta have some rotan, this is for you. We also got a ffa game on divide and conquer with half Xroc involved in it. Enjoy At ease noobs.

    Thursday April 9th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, been so busy lately, had no time to update. Firstly, i'd like to point out, that Ye_Olde's post about us shutting down was an April fools day joke :), thing is, he forgot to tell anyone about that part... Anyways, onto the replays, got 2 1v1's and a 2v2 in the Roc replay section. Rotanimod, juzzle and Roka in the 1v1's, go check those out. I will do another update tomorrow for u nubs. In totally unrelated news: The next person who sends me a replay where they mass gargs, will get c0ckslapped into the middle of next week, even if anyone else wants to see that, i dont!. At ease noobs.

    Sunday, April 4th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! Ok noobs, got a 4 game replay pack from Porco updated today, found in Porco's section under the lump of cheese there is some great games in there with something a little different. In other news, Happy420 has left us and has begun his life long dream of being on a boat filled with seamen. This brings the question.. with hachi and happy both gone, who will stay to Abuse UD? We do have afew happy replays we will post up pretty soon as a final goodbye, but in the meantime, i would like to send him of with a verse from his favourite song.. "in the navy"!!! Here is a pic of happy mulletless prepared for bootcamp. We warn that this image might disturb anyone who loves happys mullet. Happy420 all grown up
    At ease noobs.

    Thursdat, April 1 11:59am: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Okay this is some tragic news for fans of the site. Yesterday Chinese and i recieved an email from Geocities Admin claiming they will be shutting the site down in exactly 14 days due to explicit content. We would like to thank everybody who has made this site a success by visiting and those who sent in replays.

    Monday, March 30th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! Got some good news and some bad news for u bums tonight, the bad news first, is that Intel-Hachi has apparently retired. The good news is, he was nice enough to send us a bunch of replays, they are in his own section, under the lump of cheese. There are some real nice games in there too, i personally recommend his game vs Poc-jesus, a custom and a UD mirror match, its a real nice one. The 4 games we got are included in a zip file. So take a spare hour, grab sum munchies and say bye to hachi.
    At ease noobs.

    Tuesday, March 30: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Ok ok been hassled about this a fair bit so its finally going up :D nuts game here, this $hit will prolly blow the bandwidth cap out the water...... i gained a lot of respect for Hachi after watching this..he goes up against none other than FeARFaCT the guy i regard as King of UD, the man who showed me how to beat orc mass caster back in 105, just add frost wyrm ^^....ok youve probably stopped reading this right now and are lookin for the replay its in the hachi section which can be found by clicking on the cheese button up the top...but let me inform you, there is 0 cheese in this game besides a couple of gargs, other than that its pure micro wars...but some of you undead noobs will hopefully realise there is more to the race than fiend/nuke.....this one goes out for all you fiend lamers. So gogo hachi section and check it out.

    AND if that wasnt enough, we got a new addition to the Cheese Department, none other than Big, not Beverly the butch nurse you get your hepatitis shots talking about Beverage, possibly THE cheesiest night elf player out there, you know the one whos demon hunter never dies due to rejuvenation? yep thats him, i know theres gotta be about 5 noobs out there reading this right now who focused that kunt for too damn long...check out his sh1t in the cheese department whilst enjoying a nice cold root beer.....

    PUBSLUT 2v2 TOURNAMENT: aw shit i nearly forgot theres a 2v2 tournament coming soon and if your broke ass wants a part in it go to the forums and put both your-own and your partner in crimes name down in the sign-up thread, its pinned up the top so you cant miss it......gogo to forums for prize/rules/details.

    Monday, March 30th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! Got 4 replays for your broke as$es tonight. 3 1v1's and a 2v2 all found in the RoC replay section. Players involved include..Rotanimod, Roketcatcha, Zling, Mega.Rebel. and ROKA. We are still tryna get this East vs west tournament to happen, but were having some trouble getting the guys from west to give us an awnser right now, dodging noobs that they are. If anyone can help us get a hold of the west guys, leave us a message in the forums or send us a email. would be much appreciated, and u will no doubt be rewarded with a PubSIut T-Shirt or mouse pad..
    At ease noobs.

    Sunday, March 28: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    One thousand more hits and it will be the exact same amount of warts Chinese_PubSIut currently has in the area of skin between her balls and anu$...on a more disgusting note, yet another victim of serial backstabber 52yearoldvirgin has been found...cept its not your ordinary victim...
    this guy had nerves of steel and more patience than a the latest backstab, 52yearoldvirgin chose Farsight as first skill and spammed Lightning Shield all over this guys units and he still didnt get the tinest bit angry!!!? he stayed as cool as a cucumber and didnt get offensive..either it takes a shitload of stuff to pi$S this guy off, or he was Mexican and only knew the words - tequilla, cactus, sombrero and donkey..
    Usually its R.I.P. for the victim that got backstabbed but this time round its congratulations to e9-illusions who fended off a fat 3v1 from 52 and 2 other jubs...if welfare hadnt taken away all 17 of my children then i would have let this guy babysit them for sure, they could have sh1t on this guys great grandmommas wedding dress and he still wouldnt get angry. check out the replay in 52's section yous know where it is.

    Friday, March 26th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! I just noticed today, we have had over 5000 hits! wtfux! thats alot of you weird noobs out there visiting us. *cough* freaks *cough* Anyways, to celebrate the fact that hyper visits us 30 times a day to whack it to Ye_Olde's fine lookin pic, we got afew games from Intel-Hachi to kick off his section in the top 10 ladder players. He was hesitant at first.. but after hearing he could have his own section, he was all for it and sent us his pic. So go see Spock and grab some gooder reps! In totally unrelated news: There is a rumour floating around that FearFact is returning to Roc to play on east, good stuff.... unless you wanna stay at #1, then your fuXed.
    At ease noobs.

    Wednesday, March 24th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! Bit of a treat for you all tonight, with Rotanimod playing afew customs today and we got the replays. 2 games with Rotan vs Ken[cotn]. There was afew others, if anyone has the replays please send them in and we will post them. I cant find one of the games i watched, although im sure i saved it >.< So whoever has that send it in too and we will post that one. Enjoy noobs, In totally unrelated news: i demand sexual favours from all your sisters for these games!!!.
    At ease noobs.

    Monday, March 23rd: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! 2 1v1 games for you noobs tonight. All players are over lvl 20, (or were ^^) 1 ladder, 1 custom. Go grab those from the RoC replay section. Enjoy..
    At ease noobs.

    Friday, March 19th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! You want teh replays? You cant handle teh replays!! erm, yup! 3 games for u homeless bums tonight. 2 games featuring the #1 2s team on East, being SlowBeren and Kse]Aftershock, if you noobs didnt know and a 1v1 custom with Herpes420 and Beverage. All are found in the RoC replays section. so go get em before we run outta bandwidth again!!!.
    At ease noobs.

    Friday, March 19th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! It is late as hell here, but im givin you noobs a replay update anyways. lvl 21 vs lvl 26, orc vs hu solo match up on scorched basin, a map which has always favoured orcs (less drugs pls). Its a pretty cool game, with some weird ass comments from wisp, lol. enjoy..
    At ease noobs.

    Thursday, March 18th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! Got a little something for all u noobs tonight, a 1v1 a 2v2 and a 3v3, all found in teh RoC section. So go check those out asshats. In totally unrealted news: Apparently afew warcraft players met up in toronto after finding out they lived in the same area, UD_Juggernauts, pimpery, pimpedoutpimp, Hotlips and afew more, apparently, by the end of the night, pimpedoutpimp and pimpery had Juggernauts in a miniskirt and were selling his ass for $10 a shot!!!1!.
    At ease noobs.

    Wednesday, March 17th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! Killer update for u noobs tonight, 2 1v1 games sent in my the man who has abused his way to lvl 30 on US-East.. Eugene aka. Happy420. Both these games are damn good and i say u gotsta watch em! They can be found in Happy's private section under the big ass lump of cheese. Oh, and in totally unrelated news, this is one damn funny ass profile, take 2 secs to read it and see if your interested ^^.. helgas pick up line.
    At ease noobs.

    Tuesday, March 16th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! Just 1 replay tonight cos i dont have much time. its a 1v1 ladder game on Plunder Isle. Elf vs UD match up and has afew pretty cool things about it. Should be a bigger update tomorrow.
    At ease noobs.

    Monday, March 15: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    ok noobs i cant really nag you enough to watch this game..there was shit going on right left and centre all game, but to wrap it up ill just summarize it a you want to see:
  • 52 minutes of 52YEAROLDVIRGIN + marauder?
  • 28 hero kills in 1 game?
  • a level 9 Lich casting Death and Decay actually being used well in a fight owning like 5 griffs and an expo at the same time?
  • not one, not two but THREE infernos getting dropped in the same fight
  • a Doom Guard killing 2 heroes with stomp?
  • Steam tanks smashing expos
  • the most evil level 9 Mountain King youve ever seen - with 15 armour being surrounded by 6 knights and winning......twice!!
  • a nasty ass level 8 Death Knight with 18 armour stacked with pots being focused?
  • Masks of Death being sold for 1000 gold to expo

    .....All this along with enough Archmage death screams to make any human player cringe. The game was played on Asia Kalimdor server featuring two of Easts favourites 52yearOldVirgin and the man of a thousand accounts - Hadez[CotN] aka Aries, Marauder too many AKAs to name actually you know who he is......who in the previous game to this defeated one half of the Kalimdor rank #1 2v2AT team....ok so when you get a spare 52 minutes of your life take the time out and watch this awesome replay definately one of the, if not the best 2v2 game ive seen..
    its all in the one replay right here

    Monday, March 15th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! Got afew replays tonight. A 1v1 solo ladder and a 2s AT game. Both worth checkin for, and both are in the RoC section. If i can be serious for a minute... as it looks right now, i think our plans will go ahead, so i will tell you noobs what they are. As it stands, Blizzard have no plans at all to make tournaments for RoC, so we are planning to hold our own Tournament on Roc between the best 5 from east and the best 5 from west. So far the plan is a best of 3 1v1 game for each player. East has pretty much decided its team of 5, and were waiting on afew names from west to sign up and we will make the brackets. Replays will be posted here of corse, but if you would like an observer spot, send $10 and a topless photo of your sister and your in ^_o. In somewhat related news: We were thinking of doing a east vs asia, but they all got reset! lol.
    At ease noobs.

    Sunday, March 14th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! Got a nice update for you noobs tonight. 2 Ken[cotn] games played on west. Both very nice games. 1 human mirror match and one human vs UD. They both in kens section under that big lump of cheese, but u gonna have to get past Barbie first. We have some big plans in the near future, which we cant give you guys details on just yet, but, it will be huge if we can get it to happen. Enjoy the replays for now noobs. In totally unrelated news: IM RICK JAMES BIAATCH!!
    At ease noobs.

    Saterday, March 13th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! First update for our new section. A top 5 ladder game with BorisTheWeak vs Float-My-Boat. It can be found by hitting the cheese button above and going into Boris's section. Enjoy. At ease noobs.

    Friday, March 12: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    SITE UPDATE: Hi buttocks baseball caps! As you can see there is a little piece of cheese up the top now...due to inpopularity (and quality) in frozen throne replays we have decided to axe that and having spoken to Chinese PubSIut and BorisTheWeak, thought it would be a good idea to have a section dedicated purely to abuse at the top of the ladder.....this is a break to the majority of 2v2s posted in the RoC Replays section and along with 52s backstabs should prove to be a nice alround mix....just another little bit of gossip, rumour has it that EssenceOfChaos willingly allowed us to interview him, when confonted with these allegations Essence was heard saying "Fuk man thats just Propaganda".....Look out for that sh1t soon jubs. oh and i nearly forgot.............

    Eugene is still champ 3 weeks running PubSIut Champion HappY420
    Eugene continued his warpath swinging his mullet around, this time claiming his 3rd victim in Zling....yes thats right this matchup completely favouring the Autocast Angel AKA Zling in that it was a timewarp back to patch 1.02 and nothing but shaman could be made.....Zlings best friend mr. bloodlust makes more than an appearance and even that wh0re Miss Purge comes around but to everyones dismay there were a big lack of lightning shields :( ....some really nice timing of attack by Eugene ended this game a little short tho...
    HappY will defend his title next week to a player whos name will be randomly drawn out of one of chinese's used rubbers. :D
    PubSIut Champion Game #3 Eugene Mulletron vs AutoCast Angel AKA Zling

    Thursday, March 11th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! Got 2 games sent in to us by ROKA. Both ladder solo ladder games, so go check those out. You all got no idea how many people said to me today "thx for adding me to the hack list" lol. We are working on a new section at the moment. So far its looking pretty good, but we keep it under wraps for abit till its done :) In totally unrelated newbs: 6 out of the top 10 players on Asia (roc) got reset for hacking and 15 out of the top 20. LOL!!! At ease noobs.

    Wednesday, March 10th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! After the recent hacker sweep we have updated the "Hack of fame" (found in "other PubsIutting") with its newest inductees.. these include such asshats as .. Fantom, russian-king. and Avatar-Rj. It doesnt stop there, we got like 50 of these idiots that just wont learn, if you got any we missed, email us or put them in the forums and we will add the noobs. In somewhat related news ... : After hearing that Russian-King. and fantom were reset, Teh.Hyper was heard saying "IM CUMMING, IM CUMMING!" and FantomFreak was apparently sending blizzard a Email with his usual excuse "I dont hack, you do!". Some how i dont see it working.. At ease noobs.

    Sunday, March 7th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! Chinese here to dump off a huuuuge load on your head! and i got some replays too. 4 games 3 1v1's and a 2v2. We got Intel-Hachi, Happy420, Roketcatcha and some other noobs which we wont mention here ^^. They all Roc games, so if u dunno where to look for them, here is $15, go buy a clue. In totally unrelated news: Steve Irwin the croc hunter has been seen getting around with that tramp Maury Pauvich, Friends close to Jerry Springer say he is devastated at the news, but still loves steve. The croc hunter was unavailable for comments, but issued this statment: CRIKEY!! That is all, at ease noobs.

    Saterday, March 6th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! Got 2 1v1 games tonight. 1 ladder and 1 custom, Garg.Abuse vs Slayer(ud) and Roketcatcha vs FLoat-My-Boat. Something abit different in both of these games and they both worth checkin out. In totally unrelated news... The fued between Aries[cotn] and BorisTheWeak continues, a custom game between the 2 with Boris Orc and Aries UD was played to settle their differences with the loser being Sh1tlisted from Xroc till April 1st. After the game happy420 was heard saying.. "`Sh1tadd BorisTheWeak" LOL

    Thursday, March 4: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    HappY420 keeps his PubSIut CHampion crown (as seen to the right :D ) PubSIut Champion HappY420
    Eugene whipped that unwashed mullet around in the air, waving it like his name was Billy Ray Cyrus thus keeping the PubSIut title once again, and accidently whipped Fate[nC] in the eyes, throwing him off balance where fates hero Zann the Defender died to creeps....dont take my words for it, you have to go watch the replay..rules were 80%, human v human, gnoll wood, nothing but miltia/gyro and single hero pimp , i mean paladin.....
    HappY will defend his title next week to a player whos name will be randomly drawn out of one of chinese's used rubbers. :D
    PubSIut Champion Game #2 Eugene Mulletron vs Zann The Defender AKA FaTe[nC]

    Wednesday, March 3rd: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats! Had my good Pub buddy Steve Irwin in teh place, and i showed him these replays, he said .. "CRIKEY!!" Yup thats right, then a massive snake bit him flush on teh sack. 2 Roc games for u hobags tonight a 1v1 and a 2v2, both are pretty damn good and both have pretty unexpected endings. You noobs know where to find em.... In totally unrelated newbs: Looks like RoC tournaments are about to start happening.. or why else would they have this... roc tourney page

    Monday, March 1st: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! 2 nice games for u dirty, dirty ho's today. A Orc vs UD and a UD vs UD. Both have more action than any of you will see in your entire life, so go grab em from the roc section. In totally unrelated news: Cubers are teh gayzor.

    Friday, Febuary 28th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! Got 3 games for u hobags tonight. a custom 1v1 between dagreatjuzzle and Frost-Machina and a couple of 2v2 AT's. They all pretty good ones. Im sure u all know how machina do.. everything is gay and everyone hacks :D good stuff. Btw, wtf is with the showgames crown pic?!? lol!? i think Ye_olde musta bumped her head when she made that pic .... In totally unrelated news: EssenceOfChaos has had his account stolen and has offered a reward of 1 vial of his private stash for its safe return. For real tho... thats gotta suck >.< Peace all, enjoy the games.

    Monday, February 23: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    HappY420 aka Eugene becomes PubSIut CHampion PubSIut Champion
    Ok father fukkers new regular segment we will be running is a weekly showgame style matchup where by the contestants 1v1 with obs to become the PubSIut Champion, where the winner stays on and fights a different challenger each week....these arent any ordinary stock standard matchups...take PubSIut Champion game #1 for example between Eugene aka HappY420 and the "washington Discoqueen" aka DiscoMasta....1v1 Lost Temple 50% handicap each and rules were nothing but footmen and heroes could be made...just a little hint level 3 bolt is pretty much like a gun to the heroes head and level 3 blizzard could be compared to raaaape in a can just add gold line peons.
    PubSIut Champion Game #1 Eugene Mulletron vs Washington DiscoQueen

    Wednesday, Febuary 25th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! Got 3 1v1 Roc games tonight. We got: Float-My-Boat, Ken[Cotn], Boristheweak and DaGreatJuzzle in some real nice games. In totally unrelated news: EssenseOfChaos apparently kicked over some trash cans and ran off after having a relapse, but is now safe and back in rehab with his family. Witnesses were heard saying.... "i almost caught him, but he ran" "oh, u aint gonna catch no crack head" Peace all.

    Tuesday, Febuary 24th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! We got 2 solo ladder games for you noobs tonight, both include happy420, and both are damn gg's. UD vs elf and a UD vs Orc. Both in the RoC section. In totally unrelated news: after watching the anuity vs songster game, Teh.Hyper was heard saying "So vs mass wyverns i make 3 heros and mass footies?". lol, Peace all, enjoy the games.

    Monday, Febuary 23rd: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! Got 3 roc games for u ho's. 2 1v1's and a 3v3, they in The Roc section, go check em out. We here at Ye_Olde would like to take the time to kick EssenceOfChaos flush in the sack and laugh while he rolls on the floor in pain. In totally unrelated news : Tupac Shakur has released yet another Double albumn, despite the obvious handicap of being dead since 1996. RIP. Peace all.

    Monday, February 23: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    BIG BOUNCING BEAUTIFUL BULGING BOOBIES!!!! ok now that i have got your attention, the long awaited interview is here...yes thats right, the cheesiest elf player ever to grace the US East server - Teh.Nightfury. This ravishing young man goes deep into his private life, even discussing who he would prefer over hillary clinton or monica lewinsky. :D check it out in 'Other pubSIuttin.' HRMM or for you slack noobs you can just click right here to check the interview out.
    also just wanted to let you jubs know that The Arranged Team Avenger made an appearance on recently and shockingly ended up with two seperate 0-1 records in his AT history now what on earth would i be talking about!? :O
  • 52yearOldVirgin puts down the knife and rolls a fat one up with Bluntmasta
  • 52yearOldVirgin does a bit of police work and locks up a farseer, whos now doin life in the 'Pen.
    You can check out both of them backstabs by going to the backstab page which can be found in 'other pubsIuttin'.

    Saterday, Febuary 21st: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! A couple of Roc games for u lucky noobs, was gonna goto bed, and saw we had like 100 hits today, and i havnt posted anything .. so here u asshats go, 1 game sent in to us by Teh.Hyper (not really, he doesnt want this posted at all), so thanks hyper for that and a solo ladder game which is pretty damn good. In totally unrelated news : I had me a game of micro wars with Ken[cotn] yesterday, *cough* i won *cough* and after he said.. " why dont we play a real micro wars game, which is a 1v1 with fog of war turned off" i got to thinking.. Damn Russian-King must REALLY OWN at micro wars. Oh, sign up for our forums noobs, and feel free to insult our other members there, they love it. Peace all

    Thursday, Febuary 19th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! 2 games for you noobs, both RoC games from the tournament the other day, got the semi final between Kenji and gO-King (aka Ken[cotn] and Russian-king) and we got the final between Kenji and BorisTheWeak, go grab em from the roc section. Also i hear whispers there is a new interview to be posted soon.. If you havnt read the last one, go do it now, its in the "Other PubsIuttin" section and is highly recomended by Happy420!

    Tuesday, Febuary 17th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! Just dropped by to give all u hobo's this game.. its a must see, seriously, if u dont go download it RIGHT NOW, i will send ye_olde around and tell her you like having your ass spanked with 55 year old saggy boobs. This game is one of the most unpredictable games i have seen in the longest, i dropped by just to give you this one.. so go get it!

    Tuesday, Febuary 17th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, got a bunch of games today, 5 Roc replays, One custom game between nikoro and Hadez[cotn] aka the man of 1000 aka's, one 2v2 with x-Nikoro and Boristheweak. Also we got a couple of games from the 32 player tournament played yesterday, including Roketcatcha, VietNegro, Anuity and Russian-King on his new aka. We are still trying to get any nice games from the tournament, so if anyone has anymore send them in u jewbs! Peace all.

    Saterday, Febuary 14th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, got 2 roc games for you noobs tonight, a 2v2 with Intel-Hachi and the-insane-frog. Also we got a nice 1v1 game between The very smart assed player Oorc_The_Magus, amd Peasant-1 This game is funny as hell, u gotsta see this one, pretty damn good game too asides from Magus making a complete ass out of himself. Check em out in the Roc section. Peace all

    Thursday, Febuary 12th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, got 2 roc games for you noobs tonight, a 2v2 with mega.rebel and Afflicted vs The-Insane-Fr0g and Intel.Hatchi who is ranked #1 solo atm. and a special treat for all you noobtards a 1v1 game between the hacker we all know and hate Fantom vs WorldOfHack, this is fantoms 1st loss on his new account and is a pretty nice game too. Oh and be sure to check this out .. Hackass LOL!!1!

    Wednesday, February 11: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    ok ok monster update here we have quite a few ggz most of which featuring everyones favourite 52 year old...yup thats right 'The AT Avenger ' himself......
  • 52yearOldVirgin & Starez vs Zling + 51)Snowblind / Puffy + AznPrincess / and a couple of hackers.
  • 52yearOldVirgin & Poseidon[CotN] vs necro noobs AKA 51)snowblind & ix.wasabi.
  • Happy420 & 52yearOldVirgin kiss and makeup match - first game since the infamous backstab.
  • DiscoMasta vs Poseidon[CotN] 1v1 Booty Bay, Random Hero, Random Races. Random ROFL.
  • Chinese PubSIut up on r@pe charge!! See the footage (replay) here first.
  • And last but not least for good measure we have yet another backstab from the arranged team avenger...but be warned, this stab will make you possibly cry....i was very sad after watching this game and a tear rolled down my cheek. Backstabbing can be found by clicking on 'Other PubSIutting'....

    Wednseday, Febuary 11th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, Hot hot hot update for you noobs tonight, 3 roc replays a kickass AT 2's and a game between Float-my-Boat and Shotacon which goes for around 45 minutes, and there have been afew requests for this game.. Keep in mind it goes for almost 3 hours so grab some pop-corn if u are interested. Its a 3's game where some noobholes do what is called "Cubing". Check em out. peace all

    Tuesday, Febuary 10th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, Killer update for you ho's today, 3 1v1 matches, all kickass games and all in the Roc section. Thanks to everyone that sent me replays, still havnt watched em all. All these 3 posted are must see games so go get em now maggots!! On a sidenote, Ye_Olde said that after she has the last few moles burnt off her wide-load-ass she will be doing a interview with whoever hasnt signed up for the forums yet, id sign up now if i were you .. peace all.

    Sunday, Febuary 8th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, Small update for u noobs today, a 1v1 custom and a 2v2 AT. we got ... Mega.Rebel., Black-Russian., Good_StuffGood_Stuff , nVs and Afflicted[tr]. All Roc games here, go check them out. Oh on a side note, go check this out .... account for sale. To give u a snippet, this is Russian-King. selling his account, lemme just quote abit for you.. "This is a very famous account on azeroth and everyone will want to AT with you" yeah right... oh and this one .."If the price goes over 100$ i will give 5 hours of training and if it goes over 200$ if will teach you what i know over 1 week of training".. wow.. everything he knows i can see it now "this is how you mass wyvern and here is where you download maphack". If anybody actually buys this account ill throw in a gobby, gotta give them something right? because the account will be reset soon anyway. Peace all.

    Thursday, Febuary 5th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, Got a nice replay update for u ho's, 4 games all Roc games, they include ...Osg-darkchild, Russian-hacker, porco, teh.nightfury, i also would like to thank Mega.Rebel for sending in a bunch of replays vs top players, but could you send me ones where u dont just r@pe them? try get a close on eeh? damn u hurtin em girl :)

    Thursday, Febuary 5th: Scrubzor
    Hi Boys!!! its scrubZor the gay noob back again! Got a 2 game hacker update here, these 2 guys are more gay than me! Grab em in the roc section noobs. Its a damn shame to see Ye_olde back.. that means less men for me :/

    Wednesday 4 February: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, noobs of all ages... '' proudly brings to you, the 2v2 champions of the wooooooorld..... "the cubicle SIut" Ye_Olde and " The SIut who is on her knees more than her feet", Chinese_PubSIut. Yah okayish game featuring both of us from last night - wont say too much, theres already a description of it... Yup yup gogo to the RoC section and watch it like miss parker bendin over.
    Oh yah second replay in that a$S is the one who bears the chastity belt, 52yearoldvirgin, who stuck a $2.95 kitchen knife straight into the back of yet another unsuspecting AT "ally"...pity he didnt feel it until 5 minutes into the game LOL...check it out in the stab section which can be found by clickin on 'other pubsIuttin'. OR click here to check out the stab wounds
    EDIT: Ooops how rude of me. all this replay talk and i forgot no greeting.....whats cracking , long time no see, and ya prolly wonderin where i been all this time, but you try getting a hundred and twenty warts burnt off your genetalia and lets see your recovery.

    Monday, Febuary 2nd: Scrubzor
    Hi Boys!!! its scrubZor the gay noob back again! Who is all excited about the new Queer eye for the str8 guy? i know i am. Got another back door map hacker for you all, Im sure everyone already knows about Russian-king. The amazing Russian-king who with wyvern, map hacks and a apm under 60 has made it to the front page of solo ladder along with his trusty sidekick prophecy-1 vs. resent and thumpy.v0, itís a very nice game even though Russian is even gayer than I am. Please feel free to leave my gay noob a$s a msg on the forums men!

    Saterday, January 31st: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, just got 1 game for u guys today, posted it because it is something abit different and abit fun oh, and the players get some good smack talk going :) Check it out in the RoC section, oh and assboy was meant to tell you guys, when u watch fantomfreaks games vs sushi and slow-fake vs teddy_luv use the warcraft3 chart in the "otherpubsiuttin" section to check their APM's. hacker noobs think they just need to mass wyvs and hack, lets work on getting that apm over 25 shall we? I will zip the hacker games, so take em all at once, or pick what ones u wanna watch. New poll in the forums concerning FantomFreak too.

    Saterday, January 31st: Scrubzor
    Hello men!! ScrubZor here, i am a gay noob. I have some very gay games too! a 4 game update of hackers, i get so excited watching them hit hard from behind. I am so gay. The accounts that will be reset soon are...FantomFreak, Teddy_Luv, Optix[v1.1]. Thats it for me, i gotta go now, a friend of mine is having a YMCA party!!

    Thursday, January 29th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, Got a nice replay update for you guys today, 3 top games for u noobs, all RoC games. We got Porco, Slow-my-Flow, Zio, im sure we got something for all u hobo's! go grab em now pillow munchers! Oh and props to assboy scrubzor on his 1st update, we welcome his dumb reset accnt ass here at ye_olde, and im sure we can find plenty of toilets for him to clean, should be good practice for him for his adult life.

    Wednesday, January 28th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, Quick update before i goto sleep, 1 RoC game, its a pretty decent match. Grab it from the RoC section. If you have any replays to submit, use the email link on the bottom of the page, and feel free to spam/flame on our boards.

    Sunday, January 25th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, Got a 4 Game update for u noobs tonight, all FT games, players included in this update are: UC-, sabre[kCc], Ideal-Axslav, Genji, Akhen and Legendary-ne All these games include players around or over lvl 30 on the east realm. All high quality games, even got games where the player that sent them, lost. must be good ^^ in the TFT section noobs.

    Friday, January 23st: Scrubzor
    Hello men!! My name is ScrubZor, i am a gay noob and am the newest pubsiut, and i like long walks down Plunder Isle with lots of men, and i enjoy letting the dragons watch, sometimes i have to be carefull, because the dragon likes to swallow people and i couldnt let him swallow my "friend" before i do. Anyways i have been enlisted to post hacker games, to bring light to these ass-lovers, i think i was considered for the Job because i also love ass. I have posted a game between Happy420 + vs Russian-King. and his also hacks ally, watch the game in russians view pls. I hope i can be of use here, and try to .. ahem .. "Plug up some gaps" *Edit: see the forums for the reason this noob is here.

    Wednesday, January 21st: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, got a nice replay update for you all, 2 games sent in by resent the lvl 23 solo elf player, both these games are vs lvl 20 + players, but i highly reccomend the game vs Zling. go check em out in the roc section noobs!

    Tuesday, January 20th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, got a nice little game for u jewbs tonight, its a 2v2 AT game including resent, bust-my-chops, sorix and afflicted[tr] . This one got a whole lotta smack talk, and u guys know u love that stuff, or u wouldnt be here :) gogo to the roc section and check it out.

    Sunday, January 18th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, Oh boy do i have a tripple treat for u noobs! and no, its not me, ye_olde and Polish all at once!!1 i got 3 nice solo games. Rinoa-x vs nO-remorse, Teh.Hyper vs nS-Volrath and happy420 vs Herpeluv4All, they all RoC games and they all in the RoC section!, go get em noobhats!

    Friday, January 16th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, Chinese here with another replay update, got 2 RoC games for u hobags. Marauder[cotn] vs Nikoro- in a ORGY of smack talk custom game!!! and a 2v2 sent in to us by Resent of a 2v2 he had. Both are in the RoC section. So stop wastin time pervin at muh fine picture and gogo DL sum games noobs!!

    Thursday, January 15th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, Chinese here demanding a pay raise!! Got 2 games for u noobs today, a FT game Between Showtime.Werra and Cherry_Farseer and a 2v2 AT from RoC sent in by Fear[1g], both great games here noobs, go check em out, in the Roc and FT sections, please feel free to spam our boards!! Go on with your big ass!!, pls note: i am a dumbass, if u profile the asian players, u will get a not found, just hit the search button at the bottom, and it will find it.

    Wednesday, January 14th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, just thought id do one more update before i get some sleep, its a Roc game 2v2, some of clan cotn vs hyper and NS.RadyZyk. The description is in the RoC section, so im not givin u noobs one here, just go get it!!. Go on with your big ass!!

    Wednesday, January 14th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, just thought id drop off a replay update for all u cheesers out there, these are FT games, 2 of em, check em out in the FT section, feel free to spam our boards too, oh, on a side note, u will see that R(y)O has made the switch to FT but fear not, he still abuses as hard as always. Go on with your big ass!!

    Tuesday, January 13: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    First off i would like to start off by saying that Bacon_Fiend has performed sexual intercourse with more men than Elton John. Anyway nubs, 3 new & excellent replays up in the RoC section........a 3v3 against the above stated noob, a 2v2 with Teh.Nightfury and a 1v1 with smurfsaway. Gogo check them out.
    Also i must make mention, that the lucky 1000th visitor to the site, who happened to be none other than Teh.Hyper has recieved the grand prize consisting of an AT Game and 30 minute lesson with 52yearOldVirgin free of charge and also a fat sucky sukky from Chinese_PubSIut!
    UPDATE: some nub just told me that Teh.Hyper has this site as his set home page in internet explorer! and therefore recieves the jackpot prize of a bonus sucky sukky from Chinese_PubSIut redeemable at any time, not to be used in conjunction with any other Chinese gobby offer. 1 suck, per Person per day!!1

    Monday, January 13th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, just thought id mention, we have reached 1000 hits on the site, were pretty happy about this, and would like to thank Teh.Hyper for visiting every 5 minutes since the site was up ^^, gonna play a sh1tload of games today and try to get afew good replays for u homos. we startin to put up Mc'donalds numbers people, over 6 million served!!! hmm, i think ima go fishin on my lake, with your chick as the bait. Go on with your big ass !!

    Sunday, January 12: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    (insert tryhard bragging teenybopper voice here): yoyo yeolde here recovering from a hard night on the pis$ for his seemed no matter what period during the night there was always something in my hand; be it a glass of fine tenessee whiskey or the other thing i hold when going to the toilet.:D
    mmmmm not much really going on, patch 1.14b did fuk all but at the same time it did a lot i guess..
    - PATCH 1.14b

    - Fixed an issue with recalling control groups and quickly pressing 'TAB'
    to change your selected subgroup.
    hmmmm well i had a few people complain about the bug so that should shut them up...oh also i was sent a RoC replay by a couple of unknown jubs featuring your usual trash talking, hacking accusations and what not. Be sure to check it out and learn from this jubs mistake with the attempted Ken[cotn] / r(y)o tri hero cheese tech. If you enjoy hearing trash talking only to have the jub not be able to back it up then check this one out...he woulda feeled about as stupid as a streaker through a nudist camp.

    Friday, January 9th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, ass u noobs all know, the new patch is out 1.14 and while it has cut the sack off the beastmaster, it has also fuXored the Tab key for regular ladder play. Oh well, i got a 1.14 replay update for you undeserving noobs, game one is Porco vs UND, lots of hacker chat here, and a nice 2v2 on golems in the midst where Ken[cotn] loses, always good to see :) Check em out in the roc section asshats.

    Sunday, January 4: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Making Recent headlines:
  • Paris Hilton $ex video download status: 9722kb / 29334kb
  • evilsmurf accepts an Arranged Team invitation from 52yearOldVirgin then cancels out of it 30 seconds later of searching, remembering that he visited the site and watched some backstab replays LOL
  • its my 21st birtday in 2 days and i will be accepting money donations thru pay pal
  • on the weekend a friend of mine has an ingrown hair in his aS$ and headed to a massage parlour and recieves an aS$ massage for $35 bucks and included in the price he also recieved a wristy (aka handj0b for all u nubs that dont understand PubSIut slang).......true story
  • Chinese_PubSIut is a cheating ho who unpaused a 1v1 lost temple game between us at a LAN at my joint when my girlfriend was ringin up, resulting in like all my footman dead or in the red.
  • Brittney Spears apparently got married in some cheap and nasty Las Vegas wedding none other than childhood sweetheart Teh.Hyper
  • UPDATE:Paris Hiltons $ex video is the fukn business yo
    also would just like to let people know if you want some exposure then i would just like to let you know that i am conducting interviews of regular roc players, if interested email myself at the bottom link. Depending on the PubSIuts thoughts towards you will result in the amount of photo mutilation or interview speech editing, twisting shit around errrrrrrr did i say or think that btw i dont wanna do them on cos its too hard to capture text and im not taking a million screenshots so you mofo's better have MSN or mIRC.....

    Sunday, January 4th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, OMG what a game i have for u newbs tonight. Its a 2v2 AT sent to us by roketcatcha. Dont sit here perving at my picture like u bums normally do, gogogogo and DL it, its in the roc section.

    Sunday, January 4th: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, got a nice 4 game replay update here for all j00 hobags. R(y)O has sent in a 2v2 vs that noob everyone knows and hates, essenceofchaos, some nice bad manners in this one. One of the most entertaining 3v3's i have ever seen, sent into us by Shobo, who also sent in a kickass 2v2 and Fear[1g] has sent in a 3v3. check em out in the roc replays section u jewbs, leave us some comments in the forums u hobo's.

    Thursday, January 1st: Chinese_PubSIut
    Happy newb year asshats!!, i sure hope u all got as much action as i did on this occasion, oh man, i got tossed around like a fresh maccas salad, by girls and guys alike. Most were all old and crusty, so i sent em over to ye_olde's place to stick it to her, i know she wont touch a guy unless they have as many stretch marks on their *ahem*.... REPLAY UPDATE!!! 4 games for u undeserving noobs tonight, Teh.Nightfury has sent in afew games of him, and Happy420 has sent in a very nice solo game he had, highly rated game this one, vs a nice little hacker on Gnoll wood, Ye_Olde has informed me that happy started playing this game at 11:50 on new years eve, thus proving that happy is somewhat of a nerd. great game none the less asshats, check em out, all in the RoC section.

    Tuesday, December 30: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    MMMMkay whats happening nublets, just wanted to let everybody know that due to popular demand from xrockers ala Fate[nC], that the w3chart.exe program is up an running..the link used to be fukd but now we are cooking with suggestion is ogogogogo to 'other pubsIuttin' section and download it...its worth the 86kb so u can find out if you can keep up with my rally point spamming....MMMMkay peoples too lazy to click on buttons, you can get it from HERE :D
    UPDATE: ok i just spammed the fuk outta this game and the best i could do was 218apm in a 22 minute ladder game, plz tell me how the koreans somehow get five actions per second...personally i reckon they use like "auto-fire" keyboard...bah 4am bye

    Monday 29th December: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! Chinese here with a replay update. just one game tonight, its a 2v2 AT game on Lost temple with porco and War-IceCold vs my new personal hero's Shobo and fajita. This is a very highly recommended game here newbhats, i dont know who they are unfortunatly, but im glad they sent this to me. The orc player gets wyverns, later grabbing afew hh's when the gyro's and dott appear to wipe the wyvern out. both elf do a similar build with archer + dott while icecold fast expands and makes a mix of footies, casters gyro's and knights. Porco has been promising some replays for a long time without delivering any to us, we finally got one, but i dont think he wants this posted, ALOT of bad manners towards our young hero's. no respect shown at all and quite a close game in the end. Lots of " Die noob" comments and of corse the official stamp that it belongs here.. accusations of map hacking. Very highly recommended, i loved this game, u will to, or ye_olde will fart on your face while u sleep! Check this one out in the roc replays section newbhats.

    Sunday 28th December: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! Chinese here with a replay update. just one game tonight, its a 2v2 AT game on crucible with Roketcatcha and Fate[nC] vs SloWKill and 7.62. Roket gets wyvern assuming slowkill will do that same, which he does, fate gest dryads + riderless Hippo's, 7.62 grabs archers, riderless hippos and chims. The hippos basically draw the line to victory here, whoever's line falls first will expose the powerfull but fragile wyverns. Check out this tense game in the roc replays section newbhats.

    Friday 26th December: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! Chinese here with a replay update. 4 games to be found in the RoC section asshats. Roketcatcha has sent us 2, r(y)o has sent us one and there is one of a suspected map hacker, dl it to see for yourself, feel free to leave ur thoughts in the forums! This update has 2 games with Anuity, also has nubsauce-1 and Happy420 again! check em out newbhats.

    Wednesday, December 24: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    yo 3 Frozen Throne replays posted up featuring my stretch marks..
  • My broke a$S and Chinese teamin up against a couple of tryhards in 2s..dont ask me how these noobs are level 7 in team!?? Chinese and myself both get into a freestyle battle with these nubs...lots of trash talking check it out
  • Hmmm level 10 Tauren Chieftan anybody? i was in a RT game late at night and decided to have a bit of fun and went the big cow first..lets work work something out shall we.....Lots of archers in big long straight lines + TC with level 3 shockwave and 2 mana pots = well i think the answer is pretty much self explanitory, you work it out but ill give you a hint there was lots of screaming going on and it sounded like archers
  • Third game was myself in a RT game not playin so well getting my base trashed..with a Sh1tload of hero nuking...very funny game with the enemys Archmage lasting for about 3 seconds into the final rumble..i must remind people that the only orc i have played in Frozen Throne on this account has been from backstabbing and i am just learning, nonetheless these are still wild games.

    24th December: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! Chinese here with a replay update 1 excellent Roc gamefor u jewbhats. Its a 2v2 AT and comes highly reccomended, even tho the boss got afew more wrinkles when i even brought up the idea of posting a Happy420 game, he is partnered by Rathias. A truly great game here people, Happy's partner calls him a noob and leaves, the game is about halfway through at this point... Watch to see the rest asshats!!! It can be found in the RoC section. Feel free to send me any replays u think i might post. the email addy is on the bottom of tha page. Also u can ask Roketcatcha on US-East server and he will get them to me, if u have any trouble with the email.

    Late as hell on saterday night 20th December: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! Chinese here with a replay update Roc games this time people. i got 3 games here for u jewbhats, one is a very bad mannered 3v3 AT with Rathias An0maly.and Azmon. vs 3 lesser known players but they still are very good. The match up is orc, UD, Hu vs UD, random, random. Both random players draw Human, early harassment deals quite alot of damage to the human town. Each race makes their stock standard cheese. Speaking of cheese we have a replay of our resident Abuser R(Y)O vs An undead player named S[i]lence. This game isnt close, but its great for any humans who have problems vs UD who want tips, also the chat log is funny as hell as our UD friend succumbs to ryo's cheese. The 3rd game is another Hu vs UD vs DiscoMasta who is currently level 24 solo player on Azeroth and PETRIFIED aka everyones favourite Spammer in Xroc ... RlNOA each player gets lvl 6 primary hero's and uses their ultimates well to basically rape the others army. check em out in the roc section ashats!!.

    Late as hell on friday night 19th December: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! Chinese here with a replay update Frozen throne style!. 2 games here, one is a very bad mannered 2v2 AT with Jaden-Craft and Eggz. and rathis and sum nub i dont know. They basically bad manner their opponents the whole game. The game is ud + UD vs UD and Human. Eggs surprisingly doesnt use any Aoe vs all the fiends, instead using the Banish/Bolt option, which is the proper, non-newb way to use the BloodMage. The 2nd game is of me on a newb name playing some low level solo to get back into FT, using TC 1st and with no build order what so ever, The game has hardly any creeping, its basically a big push on my base, im Single hero TC with beserkers, while my cheesy NE opponent gets hunts/archers and dryads. He seems to find it pretty funny that he is in my town all game long, But the bonus 20% exp from teir 3 for a single hero user, quikly levels my TC to level 5 and at this stage i pretty much begin laughing myself. Check it out, its worth watching for the chat log alone. They are to be found in the FT section noobhats.

    Thursday 18th December: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! Chinese here with a replay update games for all types of noobs like you. 1 solo 1 2v2 AT and 1 3v3 AT Our resident human abuser has been hard at it on no doubt the best game of the 3 watch as R(y)O abuses his way through this human vs NE match up vs Black-Russian. Roketcatcha has sent us a nice tight 3v3 game he had. While the very talented orc player UD-Juggernauts has send us in a 2v2. Juggernauts sent this replay before he saw the site, upon taking a look at it, he said to me "OMFG your site is weird, the girl on the front is SOOO UGLY!!! ima go look at some les porn to get it out of my mind" LOL!! To this i say GG YE_OLDE_PUBSIUT!!!!!! u jewb, go home and put some make up on that mug before u post it on the front page. Replays can be found in the RoC section noobhats. Be sure to leave us some feed back in the forums nubhats.

    Thursday 18th December: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! Chinese here to let u guys know there is a Big fat juicy pole (poll) to umm.. vote on in the forums, click the link and head to the hackers section to be a part of it!!! Im more than likely gonna do a replay update later tonight, so check back later.

    Wednesday, December 17: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    guess whos back in the pubsIuttin house, with some saggy tits for yo mofo mouf..yup as you have probably already noticed there is a PubSIut Forum up and running for ppl who wanna discuss various issues going on in the warcraft community....just another note, that if there is difficulty displaying the forums at anytime hold down SHIFT- and click REFRESH....its buggy as fuk but that seems to work for me...hack of fame is now in other pubsIuttin btw.....
    would just like to also make a note that ALL happy420 harassment is welcome anywhere on the boards! :) get yo ass up out of them trailers nubs and start posting!

    Wednesday 17th December: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! Hmm, the post below doesnt seem like something i would have said .. Regardless asshats, we welcome you noobhats and hope you like the new site layout, and as promised, 1.13 has been released and we will bring you the heat on the new style of game play that comes from it. Asides from human of corse, who can now freely tech to rifle/sorc without getting harassed by orc. I think players like R(y)O, our resident human abuser will like this. I know you are all itching for some gooder replays for the new patch. Our resident GOSU!! orc player Roketcatcha has sent us in a nice replay of him and an elf partner, this is a little different from ur usual Orc/ne game. Check it out in the RoC section asshats!!

    Wednesday 17th December: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats! my name is chinese and i have herpes. By the way in recent news HAPPY420 unfortunately has only recieved one email from a prospective lover, following his controversial interview. although this would usually be deemed confidential, it must be announced that SLoWFLoW expressed a lot of interest in HAPPY420s mullett. i will be sure to keep everyone up to date on any hot gossip between these two noobs.

    Wednesday, December 17: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Whats up fellow pubsIutters, as you have probably noticed with the arrival of patch 1.13, the site has had a bit of a overhaul with lots of large content being stuffed into it (a lot like Chinese_PubSIut's snatch since them bikies got thru with her).
    Anyway, there are now 2 sections for replays, for each type of warcraft, the Hack of Fame is still in the same place but the most different addition is the 'other pubsIuttin' tab. This is where miscellaneous stuff is kept as well as old sh1t, for example the HAPPY420 interview and The Arranged Team Avenger AKA 52yearOldVirgin's backstabbing fetishes...mmm.
    One thing that hasnt changed tho is the email to reach any of the
    :( oh by the way some information from the 1.13 patch change, which may be disturbing to readers, ie. R(Y)O and other human abusers :
    "Classic - Reign of Chaos
    - (2)Plunder Isle - Added some ground-based anti-air units to the Dragon camps; also added some trees to the top start location.
    - (4)Lost Temple - Adjusted item drop in center area. Expansion gold mines should be a bit tougher. Each player's expansion gold mine now has one melee creep. The Goblin Merchant camp is now tougher and has anti-air."
    ok ok now you might be wondering what relevance this has to anything BUT....omfg im screwed no more fast expand on lost temple (insert crying noises here) im ruined...what on earth will my cheesy ass do now when i draw human!? :)

    Tudsday 16th December: Chinese_PubSIut

    Sup asshats!! A nice 5 replay update for u nubs today!!11ONE!! One game sent in to us from Roketcatcha, and Fate[nC] has sent in a afew replays too. Players included in this replay update include... Nubsauce-1, Chaos_Thang, The_OneMarauder, DarkChild-, Zio. , Sorix, Anuity, Puffy, Gte[Eeyore], fu-noob, RlNOA and SlowWar. There are some very gg's here asshats, Ye_olde said to give it the 2 Thumbs up!!! But you all know how chinese do, i personally give it my official 2 Fingers up!! right up actually.. damn thats good.. ermm, umm, go watch some replays asshats, i have to go and .. umm.. sleep, yes, i must sleep.... GG's NOOBS!! Please be sure to check out the very informative interview with East's own Happy420 posted below, i think Ye_Olde has a good career ahead with interviews, i think he could even get some info outta saddam about his Weapons of mass DikStruction. oh, on a side note.. Saddam has accused the US military of using Map hack and wall hack to catch his outta work ass. to this all the pubsIuts have this to say...ALL YOUR SADDAM ARE BELONG TO US!!!!

    Monday, December 15: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Ball breaking news just in!!!!1 Chinese_PubSIut has mouth herpes!!!!.........and in less important news, i have brought a new addition to the site..with the first of many Interviews! And how better to top it off, than to make my interview debut, by interoggating none other than the 420 pound tryhard himself, HAPPY420

    Interview with HAPPY420

    Monday 15th December: Chinese_PubSIut

    Hehe, well well, its chinese here, waiting on my dumbass lecturer at college, who said be here at 9 and its 10, im still waiting. I think he is gonna stand me up!! Even with the promise of some action, i guess chinese cant PULL THEM like she used to when she was younger ><.Anyways i was looking at afew profiles to fill in some time, i was EXTREMLY pleased to see a total asshat get his account reset, this is his FT accnt. Man i hate this noob. his name is Iks.Janumaz and this is his RoC account LordOfThel33t. GG FAG!!11oneone!!1 To celebrate such a joyfull occasion, i have updated the hack of fame with about 10 more names, all from the top 100 2v2 AT GG HAXOR NUBS!!

    Sunday, December 14: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Holy Wh0re House batman!, damn i feel like a noob with this whole site thing. Just like to appologise to site viewers, as me and geocities have been going through a little rough patch as of late. It seems the administrator of geocities kept deny'ing Ye_Olde_PubSIut access to the server (cos Chinese was deny'ing him the booty) and got some bullshit ass I/O Error message.
    Chinese seemed to rectify the problem, as although no knowledge in the HTML department, it was soon made up for with her 'willy sucking ability' and yes she did eventually give the admin all of da booty and so lived the replay community happily ever after.
    Aaaanywho if youve checked out the sags up the top and the fat SlowFlow hacker pack posted by chinese below, then you may want to check out the replay posted in the wannabes section. This is a human vs undead matchup containing what i believe to be the greatest and gosuest surround ever pulled off in the history of....well on Plunder Isle atleast. THIS IS A MUST....CHECK IT OUT. oh by the way, also added SLoWFLow to the Hack Of Fame.

    Sunday 14th December: Chinese_PubSIut

    OMG ANOTHER UPDATE!! U asshats must be some lucky mofo's, tonight i have for you, our resident Human abuser(player) R(Y)O. He has been kinda enough to send us 2 of his abuse(action) packed games, one a solo, the other an AT. He comes up against some very mouthy players in SacroSanctSage. and Chaos_Thang. Both these players get a little mouthy at him. Probably because of his continual abuse (high skill) with human. Check em out in the wannabe section asshats. EDIT:(yeolde) chinese u nub if you had r(Y)o's ping you would be cheesing it up two. dialup dont stop for h0es :D

    Sunday 14th December: Chinese_PubSIut

    Sup asshats, after a breif hiatas, your favourite pubsIuts are back in action, and what better way to celebrate this than with a nice replay update!!, Enjoy asshats, reps are in the wannabe section. 3 games today, and more coming tomorrow. The first game is from everybody's favourite Ops abuser in Clan Xroc.. GG-Fear-Rebel. after this game she accused these guys of hacking and banned them from Clan Xroc, watching the replay it is clear they dont hack, check it out for yourself. The other 2 games are from Beverage and DoUlikeScheide both vs SlowFlow and both sharing the same views of his creepjacking, enjoy the games asshats.

    Friday 5th December: Chinese_PubSIut

    OMG ASSHATS!! what a replay update (asides the one from hyper, we just post his nub ass to humour him :D) I got games from.. Roketcatcha, R(Y)O and That nub hyper I highly reccomend Rokets 2v2 game, this is one of the best comebacks i seen, him and his ally were fuXored, lotsa fiends in Nightfurys town, fury got nothing, all heros nuked, Roket sends in 1 grunt and 2 docs... watch the rest. Ryo's game is chock fullo human abuse goodness, and his opponent knows it and ABSOLOUTLY BAD MANNERS HIM TO HELL AND BACK!! ROFL check it out. Hypers game has sum funny as fuk moments too, which should keep u amused during the looooong ass periods of no-micro :D Check em out in the WANNABE section asshats!!

    Wednesday 3rd December: Chinese_PubSIut

    Sup asshats Roketcatcha has sent us a 2 replay pack of games. Check em out in the wanna be section. Players involved include iKaRi-, nlgger-llps, I.C.Shadow, Stats_and_Quit,. Both games are worth checking out. both are around the 30 minute mark, with lotsa action and lotsa high level hero's check em out asshats!!.

    Tuesday, December 2: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    ok nublets, a decent replay site is getting about as rare as Chinese_PubSIut actually using a contraceptive.....or as rare as Happy420s nerd ass seeing sunlight.........thats why you should bookmark this as your homepage! yup yup.... anywho today we have a couple of replays sent in by some regular RoC'ers in DisCoMasTa and Teh.HyPeR. The game featuring backstab victim DisCoMasTa shows him beating a high 90% fiend lamer rather convincingly, displaying the importance of not massing shaved rats AKA crypt fiends. And in the other replay we have, the following description by hyper himself pretty much sums up his game against EMiNeM( aka Eminoob:
    "Visibility is on during this game yet eminoob scouts and accuses me of hacking.....wut can i say cept when he doesn't have his hack advantage he aint in the same league as noob"
    be sure to check out both of these games, which can be found by clicking on that little button up the top which says "Wannabe PubSIut Replays". also just a reminder to anyone else, if you have a decent game and you are not a noob and your name is not Happy420, and you would like to it be posted, send it in! (email link is down the very bottom of the page) - Ye ye

    Friday 28 Novemeber: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    as regular visitors have probably already noticed, in a deal with affiliate and replay submitter 52yearOldVirgin we have made a world first and dedicated an entire page to Arranged Team backstabbing. PubSIuts fans do not stress, we have only booted Chinese and Polish's quest to #1 2v2 over to the wannabes section riiight down the bottom, it is not gone.
    The backstabbing page will continue to be updated as often as people AT with 52 who, at 52's personal discrepitency do not fit his "requirements" as to if they come under the category of AT whore. translating that into english, if 52 thinks you are a noob who thinks he is good then you have a loss coming noob thx. For those of you too lazy to click on the above button, Ye_Olde is nice enough to let you also get to that sh1t by clickin right >here here here!!!1

    Wednesday 26th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup Asshats, im just here to point out what a Gosu WebAsster our very own Ye_Olde is ... One of the PubSIuts... me.. got posted in the Wannabe section. Hrmm. This breaks Ye_olde's own personal record of fukn things up, her previous best was handin out the crabs to 7 blokes at a pub in one night. As u all might be able to tell, i am a litle upset. About what you rightfully ask?
    I recently busted Ye_Olde cutting my lunch by getting with my elderly college programming lecturer in the mens crapper. Oh, please also note in the replay posted below, that My ally did get a heroic 16 kills in total. that 86APM is really paying off eh ?

    Tuesday 26 Novemeber: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    yoyo this is the b1tch at the top of the page lettin erryboddy know that there is a historic 2v2 game in the wannabes section...historic in that Chinese_PubSIut has broken his personal best of 0 hero kills in a 2v2. Actually his personal best got more broken (than frozen throne is at the moment) and racked up 9 hero kills.....quite an effort for an orc player.(including 2 x Level 1 shockwave hero kills in a span of 30 seconds)
    oh i also wanna let ppl know that you can feel free to send in a replay to and we will post it...thats providing it meets the two PubSIut Replay Rules:
  • [a] you are not a noob (sorry HAPPY420 you need not apply as you fall under this category)
  • [b] the game has more action than 2 PubSIuts spaghetti wrestling a butch barmaid.

    Saterday 22th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup Asshats, Replay sent in to us by 52yearoldvirgin again, this time a solo game vs the lvl 19 orc player GoZa-4eVeR(BoD)(who just happens to have his account reset now btw)check it out in the wanna be section.

    Friday 21 Novemeber: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    goddddddddddddddamn! REPLAY PACK SO GOOD YOU'LL WANNA SLAP YO' MAMMA! ok you gotta check this out, 52yearOldVirgin has sent us in another replay pack of 5 games that i think is worthy of tatooing on your aS$. replay pack #2 from 52 in the 'Wannabe Replays' section includes:
  • 52 vs RlNOA - aka 44 MINUTE GG CITY
  • 52 vs RoTaNiMoD - aka LAG CITY1
  • 52 vs HaTeFrozen2 - aka LAG CITY2
  • 52 vs some random human noob - aka NUKE CITY
  • 52 / Hyper vs FuSiON[CotN] / Cosmar. - aka 90 CLAPPIN ROAD, CLAP CITY, CLAPPVILLE, CLAPISSIPPI.

    Oh and another thing that must get a mention, Chinese_PubSIut happened to turn 25 a few days ago and celebrated it by performing sexual intercourse on his elderly college programming lecturer. Congratulations Chinese_PubSIut!!!!11

    Sunday 16th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup Asshats, Chinese here with another update today, this time ive updated the hackers section with afew that got owned from last hacker sweep, there are afew impressive names in there, have a good laugh :)

    Sunday 16th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup Asshats, Chinese here with a replay update, this one sent to us by Rlnoa a solo ladder game vs UnitShifter a lvl 17 cheese player (NE) a nice game with afew early skirmishes, some creeping and a climactic battle at the end, with a lvl 7 DH that will never die. Check it out in the wannabe section asshats!

    Saterday 15th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup Asshats, Chinese here with a 3 game replay pack sent in to us by Roketcatcha This replay update includes games vs some more than qualified players including the lvl 25 solo CorD-1 & PropheteOfDoom (Thrall Icon) Fate[nC] lvl 19 solo Lich iKon, gTe[Eeyore] and Hello.MoTo , some gg's here asshats, grab em from the wannabe section, enjoy guys.

    Thursday 13th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup Asshats, Chinese here, on my 25th b'day bringin ur broke asses an update, including the latest and greatest from the man himself.. Mr G.Frazier..

    A number of additional accounts and CD keys have been tied to the use of a hack or cheat program while playing StarCraft or Warcraft III on In keeping with our aggressive stance against cheating, we have permanently closed 200,000 StarCraft accounts and 7,000 Warcraft III accounts. We have documented all of the CD keys that were used with these accounts. 4,000 of the Warcraft III CD keys used with the now-closed accounts have been banned from ladder play for one month and 300 more have been banned from ladder play permanently. Source :

    Thx guys for owning Bl00d for me too :)

    Also had a good Game myself vs 2 very well known players on Azeroth. MoD-Raider and RlNOA I had some trouble with lag and my mouse playing up a little, but we still managed to get over them, of corse, what game would be complete without bad manners and me being called a hacker, when he was sitting right on my sentry ward mind you. Check it out guys, in the Wannabe section. I will update again probably tonight, with any hackers i find that were reset for you guys.
    Tuesday 11th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup Asshats, chinese here with a quick replay update. a 2v2 Game sent to us by Roketcatcha of a 2v2 AT he had, he is ranked 13th on east, and came up against the very respected level 12 AT team of DoUlikeScheide and gTe[Eeyore] The game is a 2v2 AT played between UD/Orc and NE/Orc and is a nice example of early hunting and pressure (naturally being followed by accusations of map hacking) GG none-the-less, check it out in the wanna be section.

    Thursday 6th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    OMG Asshats!! we have a special treat for u today!! b1tches and gentlemen pls prepare yourself to meet (drum roll please) the WORLDS DUMBEST HACKER!! Thats right asshats, the hacker we all know and hate Bl00d, has done it to more of this site friends, again he got owned like the noob he is, along with his also hacking ally death-blood . Omg funny as hell, when being acused of being a hacker, he replies with " yeah sure, i love to hack" At this EXACT TIME u will see red circles around 52's Buildings. so smart this guy eh? Replay is posted in the wannabe section. His profile really is funny too, somehow he thinks he will soon reach 80%, i say better chance of being back to 0% where this hacker belongs.

    Wednesday 5th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup asshats, chinese here with an update for the Wannabees section, some shameless boootch sent us this replay of his sad (but funny) tower creep on Scorched basin with AP's. This is a game between a lvl 21 NE in Teh.Nightfury and some guy called lIlIllIIlI it is quite the match. goto wannabe section to DL it nubcakes!!
    UPDATE: oh it seems Nightfury was also involved in yet another awesome comeback, this time against 2 norwegian hackers AKA The Norway Noobs. Please note the red circles all over Fury's buildings at the start. check it out in the Wannabe PubSIut section. (10 STARS! MUST SEE!) + check out 52yearOldVirgins Arranged Team Backstabbing Replay Pack!! yes you read correct, AT!!!

    Thursday 30 October: Polish_PubSIut
    hi everybody, im very sad to break this news but it is becoming very hard for me and chinese_pubSIut to find a game of 2v2 AT. so there i was recently pretty thrashed out (literally) from the pub and decided to releive some red and sore roodeys by winning some games on unfortunately this was not the case and i was pretty much dragged into a cave like a piece of prey where i was clubbed by the caveman. the cavemans name happened to be Teh.Nightfury, a level 20 night elf player whos 4 inch club was more of a annoyance than anything, similar to a mosquito bite if you will. i was unable to save the replay but i did manage to save a screenshot which can be found here.

    Tuesday 28 October: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    ok it may have seen like a long time since yours truly has updated, but its hard work sIutting down the pub. Just wanted to inform fans that Ye_Olde_PubSIut:

  • has put Frozen Throne ladder games on a hold until the next patch is released. Im quite sick of all these little noobs who think they are io. running around massing hunts, (not necessarily with a beastmaster, warden is just as fucked) and cruising into your town leaving you with 0 workers, requiring zero micro from the noob, just attack ground.

  • is open to comments about my sags and stretch marks. ill even accept some replays if they are good enough, and post them. any of the above comments or replays, even money orders can be sent to

  • has created a new section especially for fans of the PubSIuts and other misc replays found that are worth a watch. it can be either found by clicking on the wannabe button above or by following this link.

    Friday 24 October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup ass hats, chinese here, letting you all know we got a hacker replay posted in the RoC section, watch it in Bl00d view and watch top middle town for the pretty red circles to appear, pls spam this busted ass hacker on Bnet, btw u will all be happy to know, even with hacking he lost. GG NOOB!! now, ill just send a quik email to thx. Speaking of hacks, ive linked most of the hacker page to their now deleted profiles, i hope someone uses it cos staring at code hurts my eyes.

    Thursday 23 October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup Ass hats!?! Chinese sIutter here, Small replay update sent to us by Teh.Nightfury of a 2v2 he had, RoC 1.12 nubs. Quik reminder the hackers and noobs section has been updated lately, feel free to check it out and have a good laugh. Btw Ass hats, any hackers u know of, just Email us their names and we will post them even if u have absoloutly no sorts of proof ^^. Any kickass replays u got, send em in to Ho's, lvl 4 RT nubs need not apply. I pack a strap when im visiting muh Grandmumma. also 1 more raping, i mean replay of me and polish in action.

    Wednesday 22 October: Polish_PubSIut
    omg i dont know whats happening but Chinese and i are absolutely rap1ng the Arranged Team division of US East. Sure there are a few losses to your average joe noob, all up in our Kool-ade not knowin our flavour, there was even a disconnect from Chinese, but you have to feel sorry for the following noobs in particular, who have been absolutely pounded at the hands of the Chinese and Polish PubSIuts:
  • 4K.TillerMaN lvl 20 - 92-12 solo
  • Vlux 1500 orc Thrall icon

    currently the PubSIuts are ranked #971 and moving up quickly.

    Tuesday 21 October: by Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    yup as predicted, Chinese_PubSIut was dragged away from her RoC AT partner Polish, and teamed up with me to come through with the win at the tourney. In a Orc/Undead mirror match on the original Lost Temple, Chinese and myself had no trouble whatsoever pounding the snot out of a couple of nubs. Jacking the UD player creeping making him teleport, hence Smashing every single one of the orcs burrows as the UD had no scroll, in the first 10 minutes of the game played a major role. replay up soon. Stingy ass comp runners, could only reward the PubSIuts with there rap1ing by giving them a couple of vouchers cheaper than a cask of wine... :( pity the CamperStrike shooter comp an hour earlier had a prize of $500.....

    Thursday 16 October: by Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    okay, me and one of my fellow collegues who i work the bars with AKA ChinesePubSIut, will both be attending a local Frozen Throne 2v2 Tournament. The prize on offer im led to believe will be a couple of GeForce4 Ti cards. i will be playing my preferred race of UD with a stock standard cheese build, whilst my ally is doing a fast tech to tier 3 to pulverize some noobs. replays should be up next week.

    Eat a fat d1ck TillerMaN, you are out of the WCG. thats right, the 4th best orc player in the world, (behind Chinese_PubSIut, Polish_PubSIut and ai16.Hazeem) 4K.Grubby told me that: "you got knocked the fuk out man" *EDIT* Grubby played Human btw ..

    Also there are rumours circulating that the PubSIuts may be recruiting a level 20 night elf player who only goes by the name of FurySIut. The only information we have about this woman is that by day, she is a secretary answering phones, but at night she is a devastating cheesy elf player who sends her foes running due to her extreme stretch marks. Not only will #1 RoC 2v2 AT be in the hands of the PubSIuts, but also rank #1 3v3AT with the help of FurySIut's lone hippogryph flying at the front of the army.

    Thursday 16 October: by ChinesePubSIut
    New Update today!! Kickass replay from 2 of our younger pubsIuts unfortunatly they do lose, but it is an amazing game vs Players of very high calibur(even if they do like to be known as Ass Hats) One with over 1500 wins as a player on the east realm, how could such a replay be submitted without a little bad manners from all parties. This is a RoC replay from our resident 2v2 team.
    EDIT:The news is not good, apparently, ima fawkin noob and cannot upload files on Geocities !!! loll, ill speak to the head PubSIut about this. yup i got it workin its in the 2v2 section where its a$S belongs

    Wednesday 15 October: by Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    NEW SECTION!!!check out the next #1 2v2 AT Reign of Chaos team here.

    Wednesday 8 October: by Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    awesome frozen throne replays, both serious and backstabbing games check em out, i dont post bullshit replays, you wont find any here. ----) pubsIuts gosu replays

    Tuesday 7 October: by Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    UPDATE!!!!!!111: yes well many fans of the pubsIut have been requesting an opportunity to look on in awe at my beauty and finese, below the neck, as the site logo does not show. sorry but at the moment i am in the process of aquiring a scanner with DPI capabilities of scanning my sagging breasts. although i do have a picture of my most recent "customer" i met at a pub near the train station....

    nitharn bondi one. nitharn bondi two. nitharn bondi chree.
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    Current PubSIuts:

  • Ye_Olde_PubSIut Chieftan and Webmaster
  • Korean_PubSIut
  • Chinese_PubSIut & Polish_PubSIut 2v2 Specialists
  • African_PubSIut b1tch who gets ganged up on in FFA's
  • LagTest_PubSIut new newbie noob human sIut who we found passed out in the female toilets

    PubSIuts motto: If at first you do not succeed......apply more makeup

    PubSIuts other motto: I own your a$S like a level 4 RT newbie.

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