Ken[CotN] Replays

If you wish to seek training from Kenneth Cotton on how to tech to tier 3 and abuse three human heroes and casters :D then please contact us as and we will pass it on to him or Barbie.

Kenneth's 1.14b replays

KenJimuyo vs TCMorgan
Game: 1v1 custom
Version: RoC 1.14b Map: FrostSabre
Description: This is the most impresed by a player as i have been for a long time. I almost hesitate to post this, because any human that watches it, couldnt help but get better. Ken[cotn] Playing on the west server under the name KenJimuyo vs TCMorgan who is 88-0 and holds down a spot on the 2nd page of the solo ladder there. Its an UD vs Human match up, With ken blizzard creeping, seemingly waiting for a cloak of shadows to harass with. He manages to clean out afew aco's, then both players creep for a while, Morgan gets to lvl 6 DK in record time and is using ghouls with necs for unholy vs Kens army of caster/knight 3 heros (and afew pesky steam tanks) So, if this were a ladder game, would that 88-0 run be broken? take a look for yourself ^^

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KenJimuyo Vs Taiwan-Delanpa
Game:Custom 1v1
Version: RoC 1.14b Map: Lost Temple
Description: Ken has his work cut out for him here, with Taiwan being regarded as the best human player on the West server. Taiwan fast builds his altar and grabs afew footies to help him clear his natural expansion for a fast expand, while this is going on, Ken's AM is running around the map looking for some peasants to get wet while he techs to caster/knight and tri-hero. The game is pretty much a micro-wars battle, with hardly any creeping done at all, just long drawn out, micro intense battles. Gotta see this mirror match.
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Version: RoC 1.14b Map:
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