back home fool to the Ye_Olde_PubSIut Daily Times *sniff* *sniff* mmmm do i smell high level cheese? reign of chaos replays recognise get up out yo trailer and go talk about the pubsIuttin community interviews, backstabbing and pubsluttin tips

PubSIuts Friends From The Pub

ok the following are affiliated sites which either paid the PubSIuts a lot of cash or sucked there way onto the links page ! :)

Yes RoTaNiMoD is one of Ye_Olde_PubSIuts regular drinking pals from the pub with testicles the size of billiard balls. This orc player is currently ranked on the front ladder pages of US East Solo/2v2 AT and US West Solo simultaneously! has posted every single one of his replays which took him to the top. Definately worth checking out as this site contains excellent content. If any orcs out there are struggling with ladder against any of the races, screw your strategy guides, just your a$$es over to the above link as RoTaNiMoD shows how to effortlessly rape any race.