My South Sea Adventure - Mir deorbit over South Pacific Ocean and my visit to Wellington, Nelson and Palmerston North to visit 'old' places and meet new friend.
This is the experimental site for me to post my Southern Sea Adventure abroad (March 18 - March 30)
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ASF streaming video - Hear - See -Watch

   ** '
One-shot deal no 2nd trial..' say Rick Citron.  ( June 10 01) added

Flight plan discussion

* April 01 - Latest News -  BOTH aircrafts saw nothing of Mir.  Tape analysis indicated the images are nothing more than Jupiter, Saturn Aldebaran and Taurus stars!
* March 24 - Front Seat
View to the Mir pyro display IS NOT  29,000 ft  in the air but right outside the Hotel I was at. At that time we were 2,000 km from here,  trying to catch the passing debris but ...
March 31 - fragments seen over FIJI are thought to be solar panels and batteries, not the main modules, so who had seen the module destruction...
* Mir
broke up much earlier than predicted.  At least seven pieces ( the ids of these pieces were not known but presumbly follow the general configuration of the module in sequence?) were seen from  Sheraton Fiji Resort afternoon sky by the general public and the press people.  The breakups streaming across the sky, like jets  flying in 'formation'  with debris trails  much to the  astonishment of the awaiting media camp-out here.  The Russians visit and the Prime Minister welcoming visit  and his successful view of Mir passage a few days earl;ier on the sandy beach nearby  certainly had attracted a lot of media attention.  In the end ,  Josh Citron - a 14 yrs onboard on e of the two  chartered aircrafts managed to capture the larger piece debris with a US$500 video camera.  There were NO  visual contacts on the other larger aircraft - 600 km+  from Tongo.  I was on the larger 'No SHOW' aircraft. Notheless it was a wonderful experience - the team work, the excitement,  publicity and probably a  glimpse of  the 'frantic'-world of press reporting.    [ ykChia  updated and revised 3/26 NZ Wellington using their JetStream internet connection. Cool]  

Mir is HISTORY .
yK's South Seas Travel Update
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-3/24/2001  Bye-bye Fiji & Tonga
-3/26  2nd day stay in Windy City,
-3/27  Palmeston North -
Massey U / Square
Nelson - star gazing with Albert Jones
-3/30  I am back.  Greeted by  Singapore infamous weather - heavy downpour, a sharp contrast to Nelson blue sky and a possible Southern Light display the day I left - Damn!
Expired NOTAM ( Notice to Airmen) issued - DANGER ( no fly zone - but will fly if the pilot agreed ) ZONE -  ( did this on the nite before departure)
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WHAT IS  neXt? ( future links will be posted here -please stayed tuned )
Detail trip reporting - of special interest is debris fragment Identification and what Went Wrong?
* No answer.
Planning for the CENTURY'S BIGGEST meteor shower storm November 2001. At least this event is reasonably 'predictable' and more 'risk-free'.[ After a great success of 1999 Jordan's Leonids Storm, this time whole sky video taping will be attempted.]
Intented to capture a falling sat and do some southern sky star gazing so I brought along this list of equipment. but Mir eluded us.... so near and so close.
April - 30 2001  ( Report - Version 2.0  Out )

- Final version of this 
travel report

Looking back ...
Indeed it was fun to do uploading news cast from abroad w/o bringing any laptop - despite problems of slow connections and sometimes no connections..

My NEXT for on-line web cast  will be for the  Leonid Meteor Stormy Night Watch November 2001 somewhere in the East Asia.

Thanks for you visit  - yKChia April 30 2001  If you have any comments etc pls contact me.

* KEEP Looking UP !