My Pets
Abby's Story: She was found at a local sale barn.  Someone had tried to put her and 17 puppies in the Auction Ring.  When they couldn't get rid of them all - they turned her loose.  She and 12 puppies came to my house.  Her and her pups were so infested with fleas and ticks we actually lost a pup due to blood loss.  She never left and is now my daughter's loyal and spoiled companion!
Angels Story: She started out as a foster but I just couldn't let her go.  She was originally found roaming around a school.  This is my baby!  Call her my Snuggle Dog!
Above is Bailey when she first was rescued.  She was found under an overpass and had been injured and also had Parvo.  She was treated and placed up for adoption when we found her.  Now, she'll never sleep under an underpass again!
Bailey's Story: After my beloved, faithful Pete (below) died, I wanted to get a Rat Terrier.  We went to Petsmart to adopt a dog in Houston.  We came home with what thinks she's as small as a Rat Terrier but SO NOT!!  As you can see - she owns the couch now.  (Bailey with Odette in pic)
Brown Dog
Brown Dog's Story: Truly the saddest of all.  He was found almost dead on the interstate.  I had actually passed him up and had to turn around to get him.  I was surprised no one else had stopped in the time it took to turn around.  I picked him up at around a year old - just a pup!  He had brain damage (not permanent) and two broke broke legs.
The hardest decision I had to make was to choose to put him down - I knew I couldn't afford what it would take to save him!  I made the call to the vet to tell them and then went to see my husband (the greatest man in the world, by the way).  I sat down next to him and CRIED!!  It killed me!  My hubby hugged me and told me - "Go Save The Dog!"  Of course, me being the keeper of finances, I said "We Can't Afford It."  He told me to go get the dog and "We'll Just Figure Out How To Pay For It, Later.  It Always Works Out," he said.  So an hour later I hurried up to call the vet, hoping I wasn't too late!  And LUCKILY I wasn't!!!  The vet tech told me, "I knew you would call back."  After 3 months of being in the "hospital" and quite a hefty bill, we "figured" out how to pay for it (Thank God for Credit!)  He's been with us ever since.  Brown Dog has never forgotten his stay at the vet and his wonderful treatment there.  While all the other dogs are scared to be at the vet, he is the only one that can't wait to see all his friends.
Little Man
Little Man's Story: I had always wanted a Rat Terrier and the Good Lord blessed me with one of the finest (and most spoiled).  He actually found me - he just showed up one day.
(Angel and Little Man sleeping on me - pic)
Odette's story: She was given to me by a friend for my baby girl.  She too became an investment!  She was pregnant when we got her and had (unknowingly to me) had some damage to her hips when she was small, rendering her unable to deliver these kittens.  One emergency c-section, 3 kittens and $300 later.  She's fine.
Jake's Story: We adopted Jake from our vet as a kitten.  He enjoys....  sleeping and that's about it.  But he's the COOLESST CAT around.!  He actually comes when you call him - okay and you have to shake the cat food bowl (but he sure comes running)
Sadly had to get rid of becuase of Parish ignorance (laws)!
Monty was rescued from a horse slaughter auction in poor condition.  Paid $400 for him and he turned out to be one of the greatest and most consistent horses EVER!!
Blue Eyes and Chleo are my daughter's barrel /playday horses.
Blue Eyes, Monty and Chleo!  Quite a Trio!  Obviously, close to feeding time!
In Loving Memory
Petey Lexie
Pete: He was one of the most loyal and truest companions!  I miss him dearly!  He was definitely a Momma's dog!  I rescued him from a girl who had him in her truck and was beating him.  He actually jumped out of his vehicle and ran to me.  Guess he also knew it was meant to be.  Pete was part Pit Bull and often would bite to protect - unfortunately he tried to bite my kids friends when they were just running and playing.  Because of this I figured it was best he went to a home without children.  The night I gave him to a family friend about 5 miles away - I got a call about 15 minutes later saying he had run away.  My husband and I looked for hours for him without any luck.  The next morning - HE WAS HOME.  I decided then that he really wanted to stay and he wasn't leaving.  We adjusted our life for him and he, in return, gave me the best 10 years in pet history!
February 1993 - June 12, 2003
Lexie's story: She was given to me by a lady who got tired of her having kittens.  We took her in and got her spayed.  She hated everyone but my daughter!  She was a typical Siamese-type cat.  Moody and very lovable (on her terms!)  Sadly we found her dead one morning.  We believe she was poisened.