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Consulting Services

Network Design & Implementation
SGS Partners specializes in site evaluations, plan development and infrastructure implementation.  We understand the security, cost, reliability, and scalability issues that companies face and are experienced at finding the right solution that will grow with your company and provide you the reliability your clients demand.

Network Management & Monitoring
            We can take over the day to day management of your network infrastructure allowing your team to focus on your core business and on new initiatives.  We can provide 24x7 management and monitoring of your network, servers, and web sites.

Server Virtualization & Consolidation
            One of the latest trends in IT is server consolidation through virtualization.  By consolidating several underutilized servers onto a virtual host you reduce the amount of equipment that needs to be supported, reduce overhead and support costs, while decreasing energy requirements.

Environmental Impact Analysis
            Are you concerned about rising energy costs or about being environmentally friendly?  We can assist you in finding paths to energy savings, environmentally friendly equipment decommissioning plans, and other creative cost reducing initiatives.

Voice over IP (VoIP)
            VoIP provides many cost benefits but if not implemented properly can cost far more than the savings.  Dropped calls, poor call quality, and echoing are just a few problems that can be caused by an improper implementation or poor network design.  Our engineers have been well trained are highly experienced to provide you with a seemless transition to cost savings.

Business Continuation & Disaster Recovery
            Every business needs to have a plan.  When most people think of Disaster Recovery they think major events related to Mother Nature like hurricanes, tornados and earth quakes.  But simpler disaster’s like fires, water main breaks, and utility damage are far more likely to impact you and cause an outage.  We can help you with a simple Disaster Recovery plan that hardens your technology and tests your data recovery or we can assist you in developing a full Business Continuation plan

Strategic Technology Planning
            Do you need a CIO but can’t afford one full time?  Do you need C level IT experience without the overhead of a full time FTE?  We excel in developing strategic technology plans, budgeting, and forecasting.  Our experienced staff has experience at the CIO/CTO level at Fortune 100 and startup companies so we can assist you in planning at any level you require.

Staff Augmentation & Training
            If you need to quickly ramp up staff for a short term project or just require expertise or training in a new technology we can assist you.  Our experienced and well trained personnel can provide staff support and training in many technical areas.

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