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Captain Francis Asbury Hendry’s Company "A"


Captain Francis Asbury Hendry
1st Lt. Francis Calvin Morgan Boggess
2nd Lt. John Edward Fewell
2nd Lt. George Washington Hendry


3rd Sgt. William Marion Hendry (transferred to Captain John Parsons' company)


Altman, John
Altman, William
Altman, William H.
Bellott, J.R.
Blount, Benjamin Franklin
Blount, Jehu Jacob
Blount, John Churchill
Blount, Owen R.
Blount, Riley Readding
Brooker, Edward
Brown, Peter
Bullock, A. J.
Carney, William
Carson, Robert A.
Chandler, Shadrach M.
Clark, Henry A.
Collier, John
Collier, William Green
Crews, Isham K.
Curry, John William
Curry, Zorra J.
Dampier, William T.
Davis, M.
Durrance, John Rufus
Durrance, William Hutto
English, Eli
Flint, Martin
Flint, William R.
Garrison, Richard Lafayette
Godwin, Aaron Elijah
Godwin, Solomon M.
Goodbread, Thomas S.
Green, James
Guy, Joseph Ryan
Hendry, Albert J.
Hagan, Francis B.
Hollingsworth, Jacob Simeon
Hollingsworth, William Right
Johnson, William A.
Jones, Thomas
Keen, Elias B.
Lanier, David Sloan
McClelland, John Lane
McClelland, Moses A.
McKinney, Charles G.
McKinney, Robert C.
Mitchell, George W.
Moody, James Osgood Andrew
Morgan, Sam
O’Hara, William W.
Parker, Everett S.
Parker, Streaty
Pearce, John Mizell
Pearce, Peyton S.
Pool, John
Prescott, Nelson
Prine, Jackson
Rainey, Joseph
Raulerson, William
Rooker, Henry
Sanchez, Francis X.
Sapp, John
Singletary, Simpson
Skipper, John Levi
Smith, James Jeremiah
Smith, Seborn A.
Smith, William
Snow, Morgan Marcus
Stanfield, James M.
Summeralls, John Henry
Summerlin, Jacob
Summerlin, Jasper
Tillis, Willoughby
Townsend, Joseph
Underhill, Matthew
Underhill, William
Vanderipe, William Harvey
Varn, Frederick Newton
Varn, William Baker
Ware, Henry A.
Wiggins, R.C.
Williams, George W.
Willingham, William W.
Wilson, Francis James
Zipprer,  Aaron Gideon

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