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Captain Leroy Gilliland Lesley’s Company "C"


Captain Leroy G. Lesley
Captain William Washington Wall (succeeded Lesley as Captain)
1st Lt. Washington Thompson Mayo
2nd Lt. David Hope
2nd Lt. Joel Knight


Alderman, William   (transferred to J. T. Lesley's Company)
Ashby, Sam
Baker, Wesley
Barker, Alpheus
Barker, Riley
Bassett, John F.
Bishop, Jacob
Black, Moses
Blocker, Stephen W.   (transferred to J. T. Lesley's Company)
Clarke, Stephen Right   (transferred to J. T. Lesley's Company)
Crum, William C.
Curry, King
Davis, Andrew
Davis, Archer
Decatur, A. P.
Dyning, Jerry
Ferrell, Edward
Ferrell, D.   (This may be David Ferrell in J. T. Lesley's Company)
Fewhawks, Robert
Filman, Washington
Filman, John E.
Flint, William
Fountain, Dave
Fountain, Green
Freeman, John
Frierson, James E.
Gidden, Seth Hamilton
Goss, Frank [Dad?]
Green, James
Green, Joseph Fleming
Hale, John J.
Hall, Isaiah
Hand, James A.
Hay, Isaac
Herndon, Harris
Hooker, James N.
Hope, William Maxey
Johnson, Kiver
Keen, Britton   (transferred to J. T. Lesley's Company)
Knight, S.B.
Lanier, Lem
Law, Josiah B.
Lewis, John
Mansfield, Alexander
McKay, Donald Stroble
McKnight, Prince
McNatt, William James
Merideth, Jack
Moody, Miller
Moody, Nathaniel   (transferred to J. T. Lesley's Company)
Nettles, William   (transferred to J. T. Lesley's Company)
Patterson, Martin
Phelps, Fletcher
Prine, Henry   (transferred to J. T. Lesley's Company)
Prine, Jack   (transferred to J. T. Lesley's Company)
Rawls, L.A.
Robles, Joseph Paul “Uncle Dick,” Jr.
Ryals, Aaron
Saxon, Benjamin
Shipp, W.
Smith, James
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Seborn
Smith, W. Hop
Summerall, Elhannon   (transferred to J. T. Lesley's Company)
Summerall, Henry   (transferred to J. T. Lesley's Company)
Townsend, L.D.
Trantham, John C.
Tucker, E.D.
Tucker, J.W.
Tucker, P. T.
Wall, Joseph Baisden
Weir, Henry
Whitehurst, George Willard
Whitehurst, Walter
Wiggins, R.C
Wilkerson, Abe
Williams, George
Williams, Hiram
Williams, Thomas
Wilson, Dock
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Pleasant
Wilson, Thomas
Wingate, R.

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