Photo Gallery of the 1st Florida Special Cavalry Battalion
Battalion Commissioned Officers
Lt. Col. Charles J. Munnerlyn
Quartermaster, Captain James McKay, Jr.
Captain John T. Lesley, Co. B
Captain Francis A. Hendry, Co. A
Captain Leroy G. Lesley, Co. C
Captain William W. Wall, Co. C
Succeeded L.G. Lesley as Captain
1st Lt. William B. Henderson, Co. B Interim Captain after John T. Lesley
was wounded in July 1864
2nd Lt. George Washington Hendry, Co. A
2nd Lt. James P. McMullen, Co. D
2nd Lt. Joel Knight, Co. C
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Florida Commissary Officers
Major Pleasants W. White
Florida Chief Commissary Officer
Captain James McKay, Sr.
5th Florida Commissary District
Capt. F.A. Hendry's Company
1st Lt. Francis Calvin Morgan Boggess, Co. A
1st Lt. William Marion Hendry, Capt. J. Parsons' Company; served in
Capt. W. Wall's Company; served in Capt. F.A. Hendry's Company as 3rd Sgt.
Jehu Jacob "John" Blount, Co. A
Photo Courtesy of Kate E. English
William M. Lang
Photo courtesy of Jim Lang
4th Sgt. Edward Gross Wilder, Co. B
Abel Miranda, Co. B
Benjamin F.  Blount, Co. A
Benjamin Moody, Co. B
Berrian Platt, Co. B
Edward A. Clarke, Co. B
Edward C. Summerlin, Co. D
Jacob Summerlin, Co. A
John Curry, Co. A
Francis Hagan, Co. A
Willoughby Tillis, Co. A
John Collier, Co. A
William Alderman, Co. B
Stephen T. Hollingsworth, Co. B
Ezekiel Glazier, Co. B
Joseph P. Robles, Jr., Co. C
John L. McClelland, Co. A
John H. Hollingsworth, Co. B
John Collins, Co. B
Riley R. Blount, Co. A
John M. Pearce, Co. A
Shadrach M. Chandler, Co. A
Photo Courtesy of William F. LaMartin
Noel R. Raulerson, Sr., Co. B
William Underhill, Co. A
Photo courtesy of William F. LaMartin
Streaty Parker, Co. A
James T. Hancock, Co. B
Photo courtesy of Ken Hancock
Solomon Osteen
Photo courtesy of Ty Starkey
James N. Hooker, Co. C
William W. Willingham, Co. A
John Levi Skipper, Co. A
Photo Courtesy of Dorothy Skipper Brown
James Osgood Andrew Moody, Co. A
Photo Courtesy of John B. Moody, III
Albert James Hendry, Co. A
Photo Courtesy of Kate E. English
Capt. J. T. Lesley's Company
Capt. L.G. Lesley's Company
Capt. W.B. Watson's Company
Capt. E.J. Lutterloh's Company
Capt. J. McKay, Jr.'s Company
Simpson Singletary, Co. A
Photo Courtesy of Kate E. English
John Hill Townsend
Photo courtesy of Paula Marczynski
Robert A. Ivey, Co. D
Photo courtesy of Sue Sellers
Thomas B. Ellis
A.C. Turner, Co. B
p. 21, from a photo cited as courtesy of Pinellas County Heritage Village
Dr. Bethel McMullen, Co. B
from Sanders p. 142, from a photo courtesy of Heritage Village