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museum of contemporary art, chicago

This site is safe for kids

kids health:

-This site is not only for kids but also for teens and parents.  This site is from experts about  the best way to raise your child  and how to deal importat, really important, issues.  Fun for all and you will learn from it.

amnestyusa - org

do it yourself

crash test

new england aquarium:

museum of web art

-Most people enjoy going to the beach.  It is fun.  But ever you wonder what is under this big big sea!?
-You will have the opportunity to
discover what's beneath the ocean!  In this site you can take virtual tours to the aquarium.

ripley's believe it or not

sea world

arabic peoms

the why file:

find sounds

-An educational site gives explanations for so many things in our lives.  This site break the parior between us and scince.
- This site is rich of
graphic representations that ease understanding.  Also, this site help student to gain knowledge.

family games



ghost watcher

biology for kids