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Most of my life has been filled with family and music. At the age of three, I began singing in a church choir, and later studied piano, violin, and vocal lessons. Later in life, I became a music instructor teaching piano, violin, vocal, and theory lessons. In addition, I have been a music director, organist, and instructor for technical and private schools. For about 31 years, I have sung in various chorales.

It all began when I was born in Newark, Ohio and lived there until I went to college in Columbus, Ohio. After I was married, I lived in Canton, Ohio and later Akron, Ohio. In the meantime, I had three babies within three and one-half years. Jack, Jr., Douglas, and Holly.

Shortly after Holly was born, we moved to Noblesville, Indiana, and we were there for a couple years before moving down to Lumberton, North Carolina. We lived there for twenty-three years. We made many new discoveries there. Winters didn't have to include snow all season. We had a tri-racial area, which oferred an economical place to live. There was a strong interest in learning and obtaining culture there. For us, original Northerners, having pecan trees in our back yard was a huge commodity.

All three kids were educated in North Carolina. Their elementary school through high school classes were all in Lumberton, North Carolina. Each graduated from different colleges though. Jack went to North Carolina State University and then completed two masters degrees shortly afterwards. Doug went to Lees McRae and completed many courses afterwards. Holly graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and later from East Carolina for her Master's.

We moved to Lewisburg, West Virginia. It is a lovely area, and found my interest in music to to be appreciated. However, circumstances, caused me alot of grief, and I left my hub of thirty years.

Two of the three kids have been married, and yes, I am a grandmother. My oldest, Jack, married Jennifer Capps, who happened to be in his high school class. Jen is a graduate from Chapel Hill and George Mason for her master's. They now have two girls--Emily and Meghan. Holly was married to Bill Culton, a gourmet chef from Chapel Hill, and they have a new daughter, Dawn.

Shortly after starting my new life away from Lewisburg, West Virginia, while I was living with my older son, I met a neat guy, Blood555, or George Ward, on the Internet. We both were active at Chathouse Yes, we fell in love, and we were one of the early on-line romances. We have been together happily for over six years. We lived in Norfolk, Virginia for nearly two years. Jobs were scarce, and the economy was not good either. We moved down to Raleigh, North Carolina for work, and to be near my kids.

We recently went on a vacation of a lifetime and you can see the trip.

In the meantime, I have made a major change for a career. For many years, I have enjoyed taking various online courses at Virtual University. Virtual University and HP Learning Center Now, I help other people who need typing and dictation. My business email is: scurtin@capband.net. Since June, 2004, I have been working for Gilbane Building Company as an office manager/administrative assistant. It has been an extraordinary job, but will probably only last till early summer.

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