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Well... I guess that you came here to learn a little bit about me.

I am Chuck, I am married to Dj and we have a son, John, who is almost 10 years old.

It's a zoo around our house. Really, it is! We have too many dogs. The oldest is a 10 year old Daschund named... well... ummm... Oscar Mayer. Our next dog, Tootie, is a Chihuahua or Miniature Pinscher, we really aren't sure and she wont tell us. Then, we have Rusty, who is a Daschund/Chihuahua mix that we got from my sister-in-law. Rusty was born in April 2004. We ended up with Rusty's little sister. Her name is Gracie.

Well, Rusty and Tootie decided that they wanted to get married and have a family. Tootie had 5 puppies on July 7, 2005. We gave the 2 males away, but we couldn't stand to get rid on the 3 females. So, now we have Cupcake, TT (Tootie Too) and Maggie. TT got her name because she looks just like her Momma Tootie. While Maggie may not be the cutiest of the litter, she is the sweetest puppy that you will ever find.

Now the day that Tootie had her puppies, Rusty decided that he wanted to have puppies with Gracie, so eventually had 2 male puppies. They sure were cute, be gave them away.

As of this writing, we believe that Rusty has done his deed again with both Tootie and Gracie, so it looks as though our family is expanding again...

We also have a cat named Ashley and a Cockatiel named Stuart.

I have repaired offset printing presses for a living for 16 years. It's a good job, but I am getting burned out, so I am trying to learn other equipment other than the presses. Learn more about my job by clicking the "work" button on the left side of the page..

My interests include aviation, playing with PC's, travel, watching NASCAR, going to a local dirt track and watching the sprint cars and playing a little Texas Hold 'Em poker every now and again.

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