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Current News:

20 March 2003

It would appear that over half of the egold payments did not make it through the egold server. This is quite becoming annoying, as egold's server has been getting worse by the day. We are currently making missed payments, and should finish within the next 48 hours (egold willing).

24 Oct 2003

There's been very few updates in the past two months. In fact, so few that some might even say zero. And they may be right. We have received several emails asking why, and so have decided to give a little summary of the last two months. For starters, nothing has really happened. How's that for a summary? Seriously, though, you've noticed no delay in your payments, nor have you not been able to email us and receive a reply. We made a change or two internally in that we picked up a new swing trader whom we are testing. Having started back in July, results have been promising thus far. He should be receiving a full load of funds shortly. We also dropped a forex trader that, though he was able to produce, did not do so in a timely nor cost-efficient matter. Mainly, however, our online silence has been attributed to an increase in offline investors. More information on that issue and others can be found in the newsletter that you may or may not have subscribed to.

12 Aug 2003

Apparently, there is some confusion when capital is returned to users at the end of their term. It is quite simple, really. After you receive your sixth payment, later that day (usually within minutes), you will receive your capital spent back to your originating account. The confusion, however, lies in this spend. It does not come from the same egold account we use to make monthly interest payouts. It instead comes from an account setup as a gateway to an exchange service where your capital is held. If there is still confusion on this matter, email the administrator and ask for clarification -- although I am not sure how much more clear this can get.

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