Entering The Garage

Welcome, my friend (and potential customer) to Rook's Convention Vehicle Department, also known as the Garage. While our primary purpose is to create BattleMechs, we also cater towards those with need for more easy to maintain and often cheaper conventional vehicles.

Also here, we provide rare Super-Heavy tanks. They cost a lot, but they have enough armor and weapons to stand up to any foe ...except maybe another super heavy tank, that is!

Tracked Vehicles
M-3176A5 Abrams-Since the 20th century, any tank with the name Abrams has been sure to be a fast, well armed tank, with enough armor to take anything they could throw at them. The most modern variant is no exception!

Super Heavy Tracked Vehicles
IRN-4762B Ironsides-A truly massive 150 ton super tank! This massive crawler sports 25 tons of heavy ferro-fibrous armor, has two gauss rifles, an SRM-6, an LRM-15, and three advanced X-pulse lasers! This could be perhaps the most effective defensive vehicle ever!