Now Entering the 'Mech Bay!

Image by Jim Hood II. Copyright 1997 Jim Hood II
Welcome to Rooks' 'Mech Works LTD.'s 'MECH BAY! The highly intelligent Warrior-Scientists at Rooks' place have put together some serious hardware for you! Also, some freelance engineers have submitted thier own designs to put in our showcase!

Inner Sphere 'Mechs
The BAD-11919 Badger-This contract we landed for the Solaris games. It's 60-ton close-range brawler. Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. Also avalible is the BAD-A136, it's most common variant.
The COM-8DRL Comet- A tiny 15-ton scout. Lightly armed and armored, but really damn quick!
The FORT-10K Fortress-A monster 100-ton command 'Mech. Also avalible is the FORT-12K, it's most common variant.
The GREM-4R Gremlin-A light, 30-ton fire support 'Mech with a nasty bite to it. The Gremlin is temporaraly unavalible due to faculty retooling difficulties
The RAT-39 Rattler and RAT-39A Rattler-A heavy scout with advanced ECM and targeting equipment, and it's most common variant.
LCT-4000 NeoLocust-Sure, it looks like the Locust we all know, but let's just say its not a medium laser this thing's packing!
MTS-5-784 Mantis-a medium weight scout hunter, and with a competent pilot it can be very good at it's job!.
MSK-7R Mackie II-This sucker we're building for the Word of Blake's new army. It's pretty cool, a Level 2 upgrade of the first 'Mech in existance!.
The EMANC-01 Emancipator-A little something that we cooked up for the Free Rasalhauge Republic to help them beat back the Clans off some of their worlds. It's a medium-weight strike 'Mech with a unique low-profile armless design, and sports such level-3 innovations as XXL Engines, compact gyros, Light Ferro Fibrous armor, X-pulse lasers, and an Angel ECM Suite!
The LBR-01A Liberator- The Emancipator's big brother, featuring the same low, armless design, hardened armor, and more X-pulse lasers. (Be careful, this mech is not for novice pilots! Due to it's heavy armor and the fact it has no arms, if the mech falls it can be impossible for less experienced pilots to stand!)
The GABE-AO Gabriel- Named after the Archangel, this is truly an assault mech of *ahem* biblical proportions. 100 tons of state-of-the-art jump capable metal death. And it has a reeeeealllyyy big sword.

Clan 'Mechs
The Longshot- A Level 2 Clan OmniMech used for long range assaults. We're building this puppy for the Clan Wolf-in-Exile and the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon. But just because we gotta sell most of them to the ARDC doesn't mean we can't sell one to you, no?
The Gnu-A cheap, but quite effective, medium second-line clan mech.
The Basilisk- A midweight, fast, jump capable Omni-Mech, sporting such new equipment as ER Pulse lasers and Streak-LRMs.
The Olympian-My personal favorite! A giant humanoid that lives up to it's namesake! This is 75 tons of fire and destruction! Any one of it's configurations could possibly level a backwater planet single handedly!
The Oberon-Named after the mythical being in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, this heavy Omni-Mech is a blend of speed, armor, and firepower.

The BLHM-01 Black Hammer-Rook's MechWorks LTD.'s first attempt at manufacturing the advanced Proto-Mechs. Strictly a prototype production run, but if you want to buy a few...

SDE-00 Suicide, O-MY-GOD Lunatic, and HLY-SHT Insanity -You want speed? You got it! These are the fastest Mechs in creation...But are you crazy enough to step into the cockpit?
SKY-7X Skyhawk-The First Land-Air 'Mech to be put into production in years, this is a workable blend of a medium 'Mech and Aerospace Fighter.
STO-195 Stonewall-A Clan BattleMech that we created to test a concept Omni of the same name, this beauty sports hardened armor and enough firepower to flatten a small city.