Rook's Research and Development

Welcome to Rook's Mech Works LTD. R&D,
the Cutting Edge of Combat!

Note that these items are not and most likely never will be used officially by FASA Corperation as legal rules, but they're cool anyway.
For game purposes, consider this "Level 4 Technology."

New Particle Projection Weapons-Light PPC's, Heavy PPC's and Pulse PPC's.
Particle Assault Cannon (PAC)-A huge, area effect particle weapon...Think of it as a snubnosed Sniper cannon with no ammo limits.

High Density Armor-Armor that's great for the mech with lots of criticals, but not a lot of tonnage.
More New Armors-Polymeric, Crystal Lattice, and Ceramic Plate armors.
Quintuple Heatsinks- Heatsinks that dissapate five times as much heat as standard heatsinks.
Double Thrust Jump Jets-Go farther!

Image by Jim Hood II. Copyright 1997 Jim Hood II.