The band 'Johnny Fist' (named after the singer, who was named after the mountains he was discovered in) was formed during the 90's in the Fistovian Mountains in the mythical land of Jaggerstan. They are an unlikely union of lost souls that came together purely by chance under what would seem to be the guidance of some sort of unnatural force. Knowing that their style of music would never be accepted in their homeland, they set sail for the distant shores of an unknown southern land that they had learnt of through an old local shaman. He told them that according to the stars and planets, this faraway land would be the origin of the next 'Rock n Roll' revolution and that it would emerge from an ancient swamp near a mighty river. 'Johnny Fist' knew they were destined to be part of this new revolution when the old shaman told them that this new music would have caveman-like qualities, which was exactly the style they had, due to their music having been born in the caves of the Fistovian mountain range of Jaggerstan.
That is how 'Johnny Fist' came to be based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Mr. Johnny Fist VOCALS
No-one knows where this man originated, not even himself. Although he was found wandering in a daze through the Fistovian mountains of Jaggerstan in search of what he called "the Sparkling Mushroom", he was obviously not from this land. He spoke a different language. A strange tongue not heard before in those parts.
He soon gained noteriety throughout the land because of his voice, often heard booming down the valleys as he would spontaneously burst into song at any given moment. The people always knew of his approach and would set about preparing food and drink.
He vowed that one day he would rediscover his name and from whence he came, and would then return home to his roots. But in the meantime his name is Mr. Johnny Fist and his game is
Rock n Roll.

Mr. Otto Kretchzmer BASS
Son of Otto Kretschmer the great U-Boat Kapitan who with precision firing and carefully calculated risks made every torpedo count. "One torpedo, one ship", attacking only at night, always from the surface. It was this method that led him to achieve far more sunken vessels than any of his contemporaries could ever have hoped to attain.
At a loss with the closing of the war, with his heart hung low he made for the Black Sea where he knew of a sub-aquatic tunnel that existed beneath the Caucasus mountains that would take him into the Caspian Sea. On reaching the eastern shores of the Caspian he opened the hatch and let the sea take his boat to a watery grave, and for the first time in many moons, he stepped onto dry land.
Totally lost in his mind, he wandered through the deserts and mountains for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually he found himself in the land of Jaggerstan. It was here in the mighty Fistovian Ranges that he finally regained his wits and decided to settle. And it was here in the rugged mountains that young Otto was born.
He inherited his fathers cold and calculated precision and applied it to his love of Rock n Roll and the bass guitar. After years of lone jamming at home in the cave, he finally met up with a newly formed bassless Rock n Roll band playing in a dusty old wind-swept desert bar in the foot-hills of the Fistovian mountains.
From this moment on, 'Johnny Fist' were destined to rock the world.

Legend has it that as a child, 'the T man' was left in a cave by the Sky People, somewhere in the mountains of Jaggerstan. He was later found by a traveling group of Gypsies who adopted him and raised him as their own.
As he grew up it was said that he was often to be found standing on hill-tops and mountain-peaks with his arms stretched out from his sides, like the letter 'T', calling out to the Sky.
This is how he came to be called the "T man".

The knife was born and raised in the rugged war torn mountain kingdom of Jaggerstan, nestled in the valleys of the Fistovian ranges, south-east of the Caspian Sea. Here in the midst of sometimes continuous heavy fighting, he learnt that a guitar speaks louder than guns, that strings can be played faster than a speeding bullet, and that sound can pierce a mans heart deeper than any sword. He thus made a pact with the rocks of the Jaggerstani Mountains, that the axe would be his weapon of choice.