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Yeu-Li's Anime & Manga Page

This page is dedicated to my favorite anime and manga series. As of right now, I only have manga translations available, but I hope to expand this site in the future. Please check back sometime!

Busyness + Procrastination - April 7, 2007
Sorry guys...I've been tied up last year with work and a drama translation project I undertook. The drama is called Anego, and I liked the drama so much I retranslated the episodes and translated the sepcial myself (took 24 hrs for each epidoes, and 100 for the special itself). Then I got lazy. But now I'm supposed to be a translator for in2k2, who is working on releasing scanlations for NV. so maybe I'll get back to work soon. :)

Not really an update...October 4, 2005
I need to sell some of my anime and manga items, as I need to cut down on my collecting. Please check them out at Anime and Manga Items / Stuff for Sale , and email me if you're interested. Thanks!

Latest update - September 5, 2005
Put up Nervous Venus Volume 5 Chapter 2. I'm going to be stuck on the next chapter with the names though. Anyone who has the Japanese volume and wants to help me out, please email me. Thanks!

Latest update - September 3, 2005
Ughh....well, my reorganizing of the site is done. Although it is very rudimentary (hey, I don't have that much time on my hands to learn html), I think it was LOTS better than my previous layout.
But the real point of update is: Volume 5 Chapter 1 is out! Go get it (and email me with your comments).

Latest update - September 1, 2005
Well, I'm in the midst of revamping my site...Woohoo! Right now, I'm only implementing a new layout and cleaning some of my old translations. But don't worry, I have lovely new translations lined up already. ^^
In other news, I graduated from Cornell this spring. Yep, I finally own a $ 120,000 piece of paper. Unfortunately, graduating has only made me feel older, as I watch all the other young whippersnappers go off to college. -sighs- Oh yeah, I'm currently unemployed. Anyone wanna hire me? >_<

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