All panties I will wear doing whatever you would like making sure they get wet! Once you get a taste and smell of my pantiesYour dick will cum so good baby it will just be thanking you! I will do almost anything in these panties for you! Dont miss out get a pair!
Give me at least 2 colors you would choose from.
Thong or Full Panties whatever you would like!
Will be delivered in a brown envelope, So no one knows!
Combo Panties..
Me n Mandy $30.00
Both Of Us Masturbated in

Cotton Panties =       $17.50
Worn n/Or Masturbated in

Silk Panties =       $20.00
Worn  n/or  Masturbated in   

Cotton Bra's =       $28.00
Worn  With My perfume

Socks =                  $6.00
Worn all day and slept in

Silk Bras =              $30.00
Worn with My Perfume   

Bra n PantySet =    $45.00

Puss Pops =           $4.00
Cherry Blue Orange Choclate and Masturbated with

6 Puss Pops            $20.00
Sale! 10 Pops for     $20.00    
All Masturbated with

6 Twizzlers =             $6.00

Masturbated with
Panties                      $1.50

Bra's                          $2.00

Socks                         $1.50

Set                             $3.50

Puss Pops                  $1.00

6 Puss Pops               $2.50
Yahoo Name:   YevettesPanties
Yahoo Email:
AOL Name:       WorknNoPlayy
AOL Email:
Web Cam Coming Soon!!
Remember if you Want an item thats not on my list? Ask me I am very open minded! Willing to try New Things!!!!
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