Haze or just another cloudy day. I can't differentiate which is which anymore. It is making a lot of people fall sick. *cough* *cough* Take care! Picture taken from apartment. By the way this the view of Sri Hartamas and Bukit Damansara. There was a water cut in most regions here in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor which started last Saturday but it seems that most part of the region's water has been restored. Is it true?

Masako's favourite site about what's happening in Malaysia -- Asian Square (http://www.junmas.com/wwwboard/) - Japanese only.

Hong Kong trip made recently - 07.2001

Sumiko, Ikuko, mum, baby (don't know who) & Masako - Masako's mum and Sumiko came down to Malaysia for the first time.
Parents meeting for the first time.

Court House - Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Orchard Road - Singapore

I am building my 'learn nihongo section'. Please join me as we learn Japanese together. Learn Nihongo here
... sakura

Pearl Circle homepage - http://www25.freeweb.ne.jp/feminine/pearlkai/index.html - Japanese only

in June - Japan School Sports Day - Japanese kindergarden children showing their stuff.

I am moving out of the consulting business to Document Solutions - Fuji Xerox. It is tough, I like consulting but ... long story - shall not go into that.

Masako's still in Japan - currently at her parents place.
oh Princess Masako is three months pregnant. What good news..!

Masako in Ipoh - Jocelyn and Chong Jin's wedding. Sumiko and Ikuko in Singapore

It has been quite some time since I last wrote. I wonder why I bother writing in this homepage but it is good to keep a milestone in our lives. Some
day I may look back and laugh at the things I have written.

Masako went back to Japan for 3 weeks today. The apartment felt empty without her around.

I miss Japan. It is a beautiful place to be. Sometimes I wonder how a country so technologically advance is able to maintain such beauty.

A lot of my friends think that it is expensive to travel to Japan. Yes it is - some of it.

Flight ticket to Osaka by Northwestern Airlines - RM1639.00. It used to be RM1280 - I hope they dun hike it up further.
Food? - McDonalds is about 500 Yen a meal - that's about RM20.00 for a set Big Mac meal.
Accomodation? It is a killer unless you have some pals in Japan and can bunk with them. I do not know much about cheap accomodations but I know
living in a hotel can come up to RM500-RM1000 a night.

Well I am not very well versed about Japan's cost so I should be the last person to talk to but if you need help from Masako, she will gladly tell you
how much things cost in Japan.

The fall of Estrada, Indonesia unrest's political situation.... sometimes I wonder if there is any person these days who is honest?

My wife's favourite polictical leader - Alberto Fujimori - why I dunno...

My compilation of Fujimori can be found here. hahaha... I hope this doesn't turn out to be a political web site of I will be arrested by the ISA. *laughs*

Last night we watched the movie Billy Eliott. I wouldn't recommend it to a child as all the "fooks" words came out. But then again children these days
will hear it from someone else anyway. She cried at the ending. *sigh* OK'lah' movie.

Contributed by: Billy Elliot - Universal Studio

After so many years of developing & consulting for other businesses' web site, I finally decided I should start on my own homepage.
Lately I feel burned out. After putting in so much energy and time into what I presumed to like doing, I finally feel that I do not have the
passion for it anymore.

My passion? It is my wife -- Masako. She brightens my day all the time and I adore her with all my heart. She is everything to me.
We live together in the heart of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in a comfortable 3 room condo called "Menara Hartamas".

From today onwards, I wish to write the events of my life that took place in this unknown homepage.