The position of captain to be shared between three people:
*          Emma Thompson: Team Coordinator Emma is responsible for arranging teams for Saturday matches
*          Gavin: Umpire Coordinator Gavin is responsible for arranging umpires for Saturday matches
*          Louis: Captain on the Pitch Louis is responsible for allocating playing positions, coordinating substitutes and filling in the match card

          Carolyn will continue to collect monies. She will also register teams and players and will go to the Monday League meetings.

Social Secretary:
          Ali will arrange social events for the club.

Web site Coordinator
          Matthew to continue updating the web site.

Registration and Match Fees:
Agreed that each player, at the start of the season, should pay 50 for player registration and match fees.

Also decided that Emma Thompson would not pay the 50 fee in recognition of the fact that she is team co-ordinator. Also reminded that under 16s and those in full time education would receive a 50% discount.

Training would not be continued next season. extra hockey sessions will occasionally be arranged.

At present, the club has enough players to put out a full team every week so it was decided that a recruitment drive for new players was unnecessary. We do not, however, want to discourage new players from joining so if you know of anyone who is interested, please do encourage them to contact Emma.

Ian and Darren to share the season 50/50 in nets

Maximum of 2 female and 2 male substitues per match

Cup matches:
For cup games only, the club would put out its strongest team.

After-match drinks:
Encouraged that people to partake in a small drink, where possible after each match to improve social aspect!

Start of the Season:
The season is scheduled to start on 11th September. Fixtures will be provided when available.

New Kit:
A New Kit is to be looked in to with a suggestion of Black & White Quarters