The Yahoo Chat Fakes
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This page is dedicated to those wanting to avoid the phony people out there in the chat world

You will find many tips on how to spot the fakes and how they operate their scams. The fakes are always changing their techniques as well as their screen names so bookmark this page and refer to it often.

There are literally thousands of chatters assuming false identities. The vast majority are older men assuming the roles of teens and pre-teens and spend most of their time in teen oriented chat rooms. It is impossible to know how many of these men are a true danger to others so it is assumed they are all predators and should be avoided.

NEVER EVER give out your name, address, telephone, ect. No matter how much you think you know a person, you really never know who is on the other end of the keyboard. Even if the chatter has a webcam or a microphone. Both of these can be faked individually. At the time of this writing we have not found anyone that can fake both at the same time, but we still recommend caution.

We also recomend that you refrain from using email to correspond or any file transmitting or receiving. The reason being is that both reveals the IP address of your computer. The IP address is like a telephone number but in most cases it changes every time you connect to the internet. Even though it is temporary, a predator can use it to locate the city and state you are calling from. They can also use your IP address to lauch attacks on your computer as long as you're connected to the internet.
How to spot them
None of what follows is written in stone. The purpose of this is to give you general guidelines of what to look for when you are considering chatting with another person.

1) Observe how their screen name is constructed.

Many of the fakes will use wording that is sexually orientated. They also use screen names that has wording such as "angel, baby, hotty, lil, sweet" Screen names that contain age and sex usually end up being fake. Example could be, MyScreenName_12f or LittleBoy9m. Another popular screen name of the fakes is using full names, first and last names. 90%+ of these turn out to be phony.

2) Observe the content of the chatters profile.
Any profile that containes explicit nudity and/or sexually graphic pictures is an instant way to know your are chatting with a fake. Profile picture are no guarantee of the chatters identity. It is extreamly easy to take pictures from anywhere on the net and put them in as profile pictures. Many profile pictures of female fakes come from commercial websites that provide pictures of children. If you see a profile picture that appears to be professionaly taken, you can be sure its fake. Chatters that have one or two pictures only usualy are fake. Chatters with webcam pictures and no webcam is a sure sign of a fake. You can tell a Webcam picture from other pictures because the quality of the photo is usually poor.

Fakes usually don't fill in their age in the appropriate area and opt to say things like "I'm really 13 but yahoo made me put some other age" others will not put any age at all or put ages such as 113 to signify they are 13.

It is popular for fakes to make claims of being Bisexual or Lesbian. These chatters play this role in the hopes of entering into sexual discussion with another female. These kind of fakes are easy to spot as they typically don't act like females

Another technique of the fake is sometimes to pose as overweight with less than desirable appearence. This type of fake uses the scam of low self-esteem to get others to pay attention to them.

3) Observe what people write in chat rooms.
It is very popular for the fakes to employ the use of multiple screen names in a single chat room. Fakes of this type can be difficult to spot but they bring attention to themselves by having a made up conversation that creates the Illusion of popularity. This causes others to fall into the trick.
List Of Known Fakes