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Welcome to Youth For Christ BMHS!

Welcome to this page "Youth For Christ BMHS". Enjoy your stay! Wondering more about us? Are you asking What is this "YOUTH FOR CHRIST?!" Get to know us then! Click the above link about us. So sit back and relax. Enjoy your stay, we've been expecting you. =o)

THe Youth For Christ BMHS belongs to a bigger community called "Youth For Christ" which is world wide. BMHS belongs to the maryland virginia area. Wanna know more info on YFC-Maryland Virginia go the site- here.

Don't know how to navigate through the website? The above links located above the youth for christ banner should take you to wherever your destination lies! Don't Know where to start? Check out the daily updates and start from there. Fun things are in store for you.

Like what you see!? We all wanna hear from you! SoOooo, don't forget to sign the guestbook! DOn't remain voiceless. Cmon and be heard


U p d a t e s !

Looking for a boredom buster? Check out the following pages that have been updated! THink you've got what it takes to make layouts for upcoming new pages? Do you have html / java experience? Are you good a graph design? Have any pictures to get updated to the site? Any ideas to make this hot site even hotter? email eLaine! With your help updates can come frequently!

RECENTLY UPDATED! pictures of thanksgiving party and christmas party memories we all shared!

Moderators notes. Yes with an S. Enter the minds of Mrs. Moleny and Mr. Johnson

Meeting INformation & Upcoming Events

Youth For Christ BMHS Meetings are held...The Two weeks in the middle of the month Room 210 at 3:10 on Tuesdays

J2k2 is being held this friday Dec. 6. Ten dollars to get in from 8 to Midnight at Potomac Knolls in Fort Wash. Want more information? Email Patrick or Elaine.

YFC BMHS Core Group meeting this Saturday at 12:30. This meeting will take place at the Vicente Residence. Do not be late! We have a special Guest!

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