Lesson: How to be an Active member of YFC?
June 13 2001
To be an active member is very simple.
all you you have to do is to participate in all YFC activities! [ex. Unit,Cluster,Sector meetings, attend every year International Leaders Conferenece (ILC), Cluster or Unit Outing, Power Camps, etc. etc.]
Keys to be active:

1.) Unite the UNIT!
     by simply FELLOWSHIPS.
2.) Don't be shy to your fellow brothers and sisters.
3.) Make your Household,Unit or Cluster
     as one Big Barkada. (to be comfortable).
     Para umattend ka lagi! dahil gusto mo makasama ang           barkada.
4.) Read "In his steps"
5.) Participate in Worship, sing, dance, raise your hand         with the holy spirit. (don't be shy, coz everyones doing     it! OP ka sige.) so you can absorb the fun worship.          remember, Worship is twice a prayer.
6.) Pray to GOD everyday, before meals (kahit nasa Mcdo ka),     before and after Sleep.

"Bonding is the best policy" (wag lang sobra)
article from E.F. Garcia
+For God's Greater Glory!...+