The YFC EAST A3 Leaders and Couple Coordinators
Standing Left - Right > R.J., Phoebe,Patchoy, Te Leah, Te Dianne, Te Tricia, Tto Thoni, Tto Francis, Tta Beth, Tta Rhoda, Tta Daisy, Tto Albert
Nasa Baba - Left = Kuya Mark, Right = Allaine
EAST A SECTOR HEADS = Kuya Pauland Dumlao & Te Leah Oriel
East A3 Cluster Heads = Mitch Mina & Dianne Piralta
Couple Coordinators = Tito Anthony & Tita Rhoda Miranda
East A-3A Unit Head = Kuya Bboy
Couple Coordinators = Tito Ernie & Tita Connie Cordino
East A-3B Unit Heads = Patchoy Teodoro & Tricia Oriel
Couple Coordinators = Tito Albert & Tita Daisy Monis
East A-3C Unit Heads = Luan Cubacub & J.A. Barrientos
Couple Coordinators =  Tito George & Tita Odette Lardizabal
East A-3D Unit Heads = Ryan Jay Jimenez & Allaine Dumlao
Couple Coordinators = Tito Kenneth & Tita Ludy Favila
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All members of East A3 will be listed with their phone numbers,address and E-mails
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