The CFC Youth for Christ (YFC) is for the young adults, those with ages 12 to 21 years. The Lord imbued YFC with a string missionary spirit. The youth can be effective partners in mission and are in fact crucial to the future of Couples for Christ, the church and the country. To spread the good news more effectively, by creating an environment in the campus and the community that is appealing and life giving to young adults. thus the need  to organize sportfest, praisefest, songfest and other social activities exciting to the youth, by focusing on the need to grom in holiness and to view their body asthe temple of the Holy Spirit - stressing not just purify for women, but for the men as well. in IFC, we talk about virginity for men, particularly since they initiate sexual activities and often lead teh girls in sin. As CFC expands its ministry in depressed areas. YFC is a major component in its work since the youth oftentimes are the hardest hit victims of poverty leading many of them to gangs and a life of crime.

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Upon joining the YFC and dedicating to its vision, mission and way of life, we recieved an ID bearing the logo, motto, and covenant of Youth for Christ

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Our Philosphy is a statement of victory for Christ's youth. It is a declaration of submission to the will of God-primarily believing that the true purpose in life is to serve God above all things.

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The Logo:
The Youth for Christ logo includes three different symbols:
The Cross, The dove, and the letters Y and A.

The cross symbolizes Christ being the center of our lives whom the members live for and acknowledge as Lord.

The dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit referring to our call to live in the power of the Holy Spirit renewing the face of the earth.

The Letter Y and A stands for Young Adult, the term that identifies the age group or stage of the members.

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