ikonboard - Full Moderation features, Forum control, Full Category control, Member Group control, Administrative control, and Many Board Features
Snitz Forum - Not much onfo given, but looks worth it to check it out. The board itself is very nice.
BBmatic BBS For The WEB - Adds and retrives users' threaded posts, Downlaod Board, Multiple forums can be run from one script & more.
PHPBB - PhpBB is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable forums package. phpBB has a user-friendly interface, simply and straight-forward administration panel, and helpfull FAQ

Blaze Board - New Smiley System - Smiley CP - Dynamic Smiley FAQ Hide category's to guests, Male/Female Indicator, Timezone Selector, Password Protect Forums, and more.

Super Board Gold - User registeration, Profiles, Cookie support, Banning, Edit and deletion of posts, Open/close topics, Delete topics, Ranking system, Spam control, Time offset, and more.
2N-com Bulletin Board -Unlimited Forums, User Profiles, Avatars Browser, Smilie Library, Fast View Counters, Complete Web Admin, and more.

ezboard - Very easy to use, include your own custom signature with graphics, various font styles, etc. at the bottom of every post, Check your messages before posting them, Post a Poll as a topic, and more.
Forumco - Set the forum title, copyright, your own image, your homepage url, your admin email Unlimited Categories and Forums. Private Forum Setup Icon Support Hot Topics Search Feature Member Profiles Support for ICQ, Yahoo Instant Messenger, AIM. Moderator Setup, I.P. logging Member, Timezone Adjust, Complete forum colour and table colour cusomisation. Bad word filter. Member User List.
Aboriors - You can use the free version, which is lacking more powerful features of the full version.

AreaBoard Lite - Up to 10 message areas, Area-based summary which links to each area, Message summary lists replies indented under each message thread start, HTML tags detected and filtered from new messages and replies.

Bazaar -Highly customizable, Fine grained access control, Comprehensive User Profile support, API Multiple language support, Abililty to restrict users,
Themes support, Profanity filter, Username filter, & Lots more.
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