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EZ Web Builder 150 mb Banner or
Yes FTP,
unlimited bandwidth, Sub-Domain, Page Builder
MegSpace 50mb No pop-up
Yes Upload Manager Site Builder, Form Mailer, Unlimited Bandwidth
GeoCities 10mb sm. Banner
in corner
Yes FTP PageBuilder, HTML editing
Esmart 20mb Banner ? FTP Quick 'n Easy Templates
Tripod 50mb Banner,popup Yes FTP, Browser, FrontPage FormMail, SiteSearch, More
Hypermart 20mb Banner, popup Yes FTP Counter, FormMail, Guestbook, Whois, Password, News, More
WebSpawner       page in 5 min. HTML reference guide
Fortunecity 25mb Banners & Pop-Up ? FTP Web site build tool
Freeyellow 50mb banner yes ? Toll-free Customer Support
Dreamwater 50mb no pop ups yes NA Page Builder, Templates, Clip art, email form, unlimited hits
Storm Loader 50mb banner yes ? page builder,unlimited bandwidth,guest book, etc.
100 Megs Free 100 Add or popup yes FTP,
Form mail, Forum, Guest book,
online templates
Get-2 10mb banner yes FTP URL & Email Forwarding,
FreeMerchant unlimit-
Frame no Browser (images only) SSL; Shopping Cart; Statistics; Email
Free Home Pages 50mb no pop ups yes NA Page Builder, Guest bookTemplates, email
Free Servers 12mb Banner top no FTP, Browser, FrontPage, SiteCopy Web-based Email (; Statistics; Multiple accounts allowed
World Zone 50mg Banner top ? Browser Games, polls, forum

Netfirms 25mb Banner top yes FTP, FrontPage Email Forwarding; Can offer email at your domain; Multiple accounts
Home Page Tools 12mb Banner NA FTP Templates, email,File manager & subdomaine
Bravenet 100 Banner ? FTP Web page templates,Site Copier utility
Webhostme 20mb banner yes Front page
Free Support,web based email, unlimited hits
101 Hosting 10mb none yes ? Build-in web editor,
Virtual Avenue 50mb ? ? FTP Frontpage CGI access, Domain transfer
Technical support
Freesite4life 20mb     FTP Free Email, Plug-In CGI scripts, Site Mover, Online Site Builder
WebProvider 10mb pop up yes FTP Telnet; Email Forwarding
Psend 10mb Banner top yes FTP, Browser, FrontPage Web-based Email & Forwarding; Can setup email service
Portland 15mb no no FTP POP3 Email & Email forwarding; MySQL database; 100MB/month Traffic Limit
IsaMillionaire 15mb no yes FTP Counter, FormMail, Guestbook, MailingList, Msgboard, SiteSearch, More
DotEasy 20mb no yes FTP Sends daily email ads. Unlimited web-based (10 MB each) or POP3 Email & Forwarding
1HWY 12mb banner top no Browser, SiteCopy Web-based Email (; Statistics, Multiple accounts allowed
BootBox 10mb no yes FTP SSL, Shopping Cart, Web-based Email, MySQL & MSQL database
OHost 15mb no yes FTP Unlimited Web-based Email, POP3, or Forwarding, 2 MB MySQL database, 100 MB/month Traffic Limit, Statistics 15mb no yes FTP Counter, FormMail, Guestbook, Whois, Password,Email Forwarding, POP3 Email; 100 MB/month Traffic Limit
MicroWorld 50mb no yes FTP Unlimited Email aliases, Daily backups, Statistics, Subdomains
OneCommerce unlimit
no no FTP, Browser SSL, database, Shopping Cart, Sales Statistics,Site manager
Nerd Cities 100mb Popup Ad Yes FTP No Bandwidth Limits
Unlimited File Size
SSiHost Free Webspace 50 MB Occasional
Yes FTP,Browser Free Templates, 24/7 tech help, Java support, page builder, and more.
PoPoGo 150mb no unknown unknown 100 gigs of Bandwidth, No file size limit, Message Board,SSi, CGI-BIN, &more
Our Family 20mb       web site tools for families
e-mail ,Store up to 20 megabytes,
Host Cabin 200mb no yes Frontpage 2000/FTP Not Free, but very cheap for business, with alot to offer
Freewebsites 50mb yes yes FTP Unlimited E-mail,Server Side Include, support Web Based File Manager, Unlimited hits
Catalog 20mb Yes Yes FTP 500 MB Transfer Per Month, Register Domain Name, E-mail, up grade features

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