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10.10.05I forgot about this until today, then I felt bad when I saw that some people still visit this site, barely. So, yep. I don't really know what else to say, if you want to talk to me, my screen name is Switchfooter09, my email is

8.27.05Wow. I don't really know why I still have this. Myspace is a million times better, because people actually talk back (proof that people were reading what I had to say). Before it was just like talking to myself. Plus I can post pictures there.

6.14.05Just checking in. I'm keeping a journal and writing a story. I've been pretty indifferent to stuff. I think way too much about things.

5.26.05I've been on myspace a lot. it's addicting. MyFace

5.10.05So I'm grounded for a week, no computer or skating. I don't feel like skating anyways. My parents were watching footy of me skate and I was really having a bad day so I used the f-word twice. God forgave me but they were really mad and said I didn't believe in Jesus anymore, which is crazy because I love him more than words can describe and I have so much proof he does exist and I spend time with him every day in prayer. So yeah.

3.26.05Today was a great skate day. Me, Thomas, and Johnny went to the Kings Glen 5 stair, which is perfect and fun. I got a pop shove, Thomas got a boardslide and a backside 180, and Johnny got a nollie in a line with a switch backside heelflip.

There was this group of gangstas (only one of them was black, the rest were 12 year old white or mexican kids) and every time one of us would try a trick they would scream at us to fall. It doesn't matter that someone could get hurt on the stairs or the handrail, every time they would scream like girls. We asked them nicely about 5 times, "Could you please not do that? We haven't done anything to you, and we know you're trying to be cool, but it's not, in case you didn't know that. Thanks, we appreciate it." No exaggeration. We tried to ignore them. They stole Johnny's board (pretty cool I suppose) and were all around putting on tough facades. When the oldest kid (10th grader) would say something, the rest would all chime in and repeat what he said several times, in the same tone of voice.

Near the end me and Thomas started screaming in mock hysterics, "Whee! I'm a faggot! Hey guys let's be gangsta!" I was just like, "How gangsta is that? You're 12 year olds playing on a jungle gym saying that we have nothing better to do?" As soon as they started shouting "G-UNIT!" I remembered a Chapelle's Show where a kid from the suburbs living with his mom decked out in thug garb shouted that and Chapelle dropped him off in the projects or something like that. They wanted to be filmed. Why would we film you? "Because you're fat?" They're thinking to themselves, "How clever are we? We're totally messing with these guys' heads!" I whipped out my camera and started filming them, and found a classic example of "can-deal-it-but-can't-take-it". This pissed them off so much, having the camera pointed in their direction. "Man what the f*ck is your problem? DON'T FILM ME! I know I'm beautiful but I'm not like that. HAHA I made a funny! Are you a gay? LOLZ! Why do you dye your hair, pretty cool- NOT! Are you Asian? Where do you come from?" Now you know what it's like to be annoyed, even if it's mild in comparison. They were like, "How absurd! You can't do this to us! It's just not right! Well I never!" getting all huffy tuffy. It was a great skate day though. Thomas gave me and Johnny a pair of shoes.

3.9.05Today is the worst day in a really long time. I'm sooo tired and yesterday it was a blizzard and I didn't dress warm because the day before I dressed warm and it was hot. Today I had an embarassing incident that was the most ridiculous thing to ever happen to anyone. I tried to vent by skating and I was wearing boxers, gloves, and gay pants and of course I sucked terribly because a) I was by myself and b) it was freezing. I can't skate in boxers, gloves, and gay pants because I'm soooo uncomfortable and I feel like screaming and crying at the same time. I cracked my board by stomping on it. A car would drive by seriously every other try so I'd have to move out of the street. I was on the other half of the street and a car was on the other side and he honked at me with his hands up to say, "Get out of the road! MY ROAD!" I couldn't 360 flip, or even ollie. When I came in I banged my hand on the stair railing just to make myself more miserable and I have to get up super early for Precal tomorrow. What a gay.

2.14.05I'm totally at school right now in Computer Graphics. I've been making a lot of wicked shirts. I bleached my hair red. I didn't want it to be red because it's what all the asians do, so maybe I'll bleach it again, if that'll work. Check out the shirts section and buy a shirt. I also updated the reviews section. I also need to buy the Thrasher S.O.T.Y. video. This weekend I want to have a get-together and watch "Saw" with Chelsea since we tried to see it in theaters but she wasn't old enough.

2.7.05I had the worst fall of possibly my life today skating. I was so pumped to skate stairs today. I watched a skate video, listened to loud music, wore my lucky clothes. Me, John, Johnny, and Sam got to the five. The ONLY place where it had snow was the landing. I ollied this long flat grass gap but I wanted to do it again. By the way, the only place there was sand was the landing, but we sweeped it up. Johnny 180d it, he slammed a few times. You have to get a lot of speed along a sidewalk then quickly pop. On my last attempt I was going fast but my wheels went into the grass, sending me flying into the concrete, dragging my palms and then bouncing me into the muddy grass. My hands were bleeding and I was covered in mud. My neck hurt and I felt mildly sick. The rest of the day I didn't care about anything. I still don't. I felt and still feel angry, sad, and depressed after the fall, and I didn't let it out by throwing my board or screaming.

2.3.05I'm so happy. I ordered another pair of Reynold 2s (black/silver/white leather), but that's not why I'm happy. I just got back from the dentist. It was awesome. For the past four days I was terrified. All I thought about was all the things that could go wrong. I worried so much. "What if I gag? What if I throw up? What if the needle breaks off in my mouth or falls down my throat? What if the drill cuts me or falls down my throat?" I prayed about it, and, as always, the Lord got me through it, easily. I'm so thankful. I just need to trust Him more, because He answered every single one of my prayers. I enjoyed the nitrous oxide. I got three cavities filled and I did so much better than last time. After a while I didn't care about anything. I was so relaxed. At the end, they were like, "We're done," and I was disappointed and surprised. I just wanted that gas. My body was numb and I could've fallen asleep. I remember thinking, "Someone could chop off my legs with an axe and I wouldn't care," and then I tried not to burst out laughing, because I found that so hilarious. Now my mouth is numb though.

1.31.05My mouth is numb. I got a cavity today. It was embarassing, because I was supposed to get two, but it took longer than expected, because I was nervous. It wasn't the needle that made me nervous though. But I did the stupidest thing I've ever done: I grabbed her arm when the needle was in my mouth. I could've gotten surgery if it had broken off in my mouth.

1.22.05I'm getting cavities filled a week from Monday. I'm not looking forward to that but I'll be fine, considering I've done it before. I'm loving Snow Patrol's CD. I got The Spaghetti Bears CD which I can't wait to listen to when I go to bed tonight. I donned my green I Sea YF shirt when I skated today with my spray painted Reynold 2s. It felt so awesome. My kickflips were on, like they were flicked beyond my own belief. Sam's starting skating. I'm going to bed.

1.16.05Today I drove by Sam who was skating these tennis courts. I got out and luckily had my board. We asked these bladers if we could skate their round rail. They busted out the camera and I 50-50d and front boarded to fakie the whole thing and everyone was psyched, it was funny. I think that's the first time I can remember that I skated for people. I ollied a four stair for them and kickflipped into a hill. Nothing special but they had a good time which is what matters. I made THE ANDREW DOLLAR DVD which is a breakthrough, since I'll be able to make skate videos and full length movies. I can also put the old movies from Nebraska and home videos onto a dvd with menus and music and chapters. But this DVD has four skate promos (song length) that I made with skating from Nebraska but mostly skating from Virginia that has not leaked to Nebraska. They've got good music selection too. I also threw in some skate videos and Seinfeld episodes and some other movies that I've made (stopmotion and live action, some with Cory).

12.31.04Happy New Year! Tonight was probably the best skate session I've ever had. I'll always remember it because it was New Year's Eve. I went to the commuter lot with John and Johnny and met up with Aaron, Peter K, Peter Foster, and Sean Gregoire. Nothing serious went down by me, but I had so much fun. Skating should always be this much fun. I had my dog eared hat so as not to get muh ears cold, but other than that it was nice out. The parking lot was well lit. I had my tan courdoroys on with muh Brussels shirt and the brown Es Eos's Chris gave me the first year I went back to Nebraska. By the way, Chris, they're the sickest looking shoes ever. They're so chill and make you want to just ride along and pop little shifties on the ground, no worries. I also gave up skating in boxers cus they were killing me, and no more painful belt either. Got the shoelace and briefs instead. And my new board and bearings. For the record, new stuff always gets me out of a slump, and tonight, everything was new. My kickflips were on, and shove it reverts, and ollies. Just riding really fast and launching off the kicker over overturned trash cans was so fun. I got a line and to my surprise everything looked really smooth on film. Peter Foster is a lot better than I thought he was, and Johnny is able to skate anything and do anything. I finished the Postal Service promo and started the Elliott Smith promo.

12.31.04I'm in the process of overhauling my site, basically cleaning it up and deleting a bunch of stuff before I add mountains of new footage on.

12.26.04I'm in ATL at my grandma's house listening to Explosions in the Sky's epic rock vocal-less "Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die". It's...amazing. If you like Sigur Ros, then you have to buy this. The 12-hour drive here was the most boring 12 hours of my life. The DVD player and CD player didn't work, and I didn't bring anything to read, so I sat there the whole time. I couldn't fall asleep either. It's about as much fun as sitting in a chair for 12 hours can get, except you're allowed to take breaks every few hours, eat, drink, and close your eyes, and move your head to the side. It's me, Dan, Mom, Dad, Aunt Jenny, Uncle Mike, Grandma, and Aunt Karen here. For Christmas I also got Pedro the Lion's "Achilles Heel", which sucks, the Kikujiro soundtrack (good), Modest Mouse "Building Nothing Out of Something" (okay), and Built to Spill "Keep it like a secret" (not bad). And I got Kikujiro, which is a good movie. And these warm loafers for my feet that are soft and warm. And a sweater. And $100. And three best buy gift cards. And a leather Bible with my name on it. And some Andes mints. Yesterday we watched Home Alone, Shrek 2, Chasing Liberty, and Master and Commander. When I get home I'm buying a new board, bearings, and some skate videos. I've tried skating here but my setup makes me feel like I just started skating. There's an eenie weenie tail and it stops every push. I am content with my kickflips though. Chris will have to wait till I get back on Tuesday to send him Stupid Cool Skate Summer Again and Stupid Cool Skate Fall (which is finished). I guess I'll do homework when I get back, too, since I go back the following Monday, that's almost a week to do it. The only skate video I brought was the Kids in Emerica DVD and I fell in love with it. Before I thought it was disappointing, but then I found the bonus bonus video. Not the bonus footy in the scene selection, but the footy of just the whole team hanging out, which is something all skate videos should have. It's like the This is Skateboarding DVD, except funnier. Go to

12.18.04The most amazing coincidence happened just now. I bought the Sunny Day Real Estate CD "Rising Tide" after listening to a few clips that I liked, and the whole time I was listening to it on the way home with Dan was how much it sounds like "Tearing in my Heart," that song in Transworld "I.E." skate video, with the 16mm. I love that song. If you've seen the video, it's the montage where Chad Fernandez switch boardslides Hollywood High 16 at the end. Then, all of the sudden, the song comes on three-fourths of the way through! I got chills. I was so excited. I'd listened to clips of it and I knew the song titles so I have no idea how I didn't know. Pure coincidence. It was awesome. That video also showed me Built to Spill and The Shins and Modest Mouse. Also me and Dan agreed it sounds like The Shins, although he likes this new band more, although the Shins vocals are better. I got Dan Elliott Smith's "Figure 8" and he got me Explosions in the Sky's "Those who tell the truth shall die, those who tell the truth shall live." Chris, if you're reading this, can I get a copy of the Sparklehorse CD? I was freaking out at the mall. Maybe it's because I felt a little carsick because there were so many people out and a lot of traffic. I was nervous. Maybe it's the crowds. I just wanted to go home. On the way home I felt perfectly fine and relaxed though, so maybe I'm just weird.

12.12.04Skateboarding is not fun for me. Wow, they can say the "s" word on TBS. My boxers ride up on me EVERY time I try a trick so I have to spend a minute adjusting them before each trick, I want to scream, and I've tried briefs, they don't help much. I skated the five stair today expecting to kikflip it, at least half cab it or pop shove it it too. I ollied it after like fifteen tries after John and Johnny did it first try. To "warm up" I kickflipped the two stair in the most frustrating thirty minutes of my life. I was throwing my board and screaming. I know, it's only thirty minutes, but it's a KICKFLIP DOWN A TWO STAIR. It was cold out but I can't skate with a hat or gloves or hoodie. My board and shoes were so muddy too, this happens EVERY time I skate stairs, and John and Johnny's were DEVOID COMPLETELY of mud and they fell in it just as much as me. Everything feels uncomfortable, it rains too much. My hair, my glasses, I just want to tear it out and break my glasses. Johnny kickflipped it in a few tries. Then we went to these tennis courts with benches and a ramp. I ollied off the ramp over a trashcan on its side. We put it standing up and Cory had a hard time trying to ollie it, a trick he really wanted to get. John ollied it and Johnny frontside 180d it and kickflipped it, then put a rounded top on it and ollied over it. I think he should get sponsored by a shop. I sucked at flip tricks and bench tricks too. I landed a crappy 50-50 and a boardslide that I actually liked but was filmed crappily. That's another thing. I'm the only one that can film decently, so I spend most of the time filming, except John did too today, but like whenever someone else films, it's just not fair. I actually try to make it look good. All this stuff makes me feel like I should take a break from skating.

Yesterday we went to Vans and Johnny back lipped and front smithed the handrail. Sean Gregoire and Bill Dias were there and they killed the rail and the gap next to the rail first try almost every trick. Sean: nollie noseblunt, cab back lip, half cab 5050, nollie front board, switch frontside heel, nollie bs flip, fs half cab flip, switch heel, switch flip. Bill: switch lip, fakie back lip, front nose, switch front board, tre flip. I did a frontside ollie on the bank. Wow.

11.30.04Do you ever scream at the top of your lungs in your mind at yourself? I seriously think way too much. I hate it. Sometimes I'm just so filled with stress and worry and overanalyzing. Other times I don't have a care in the world and I feel fantastic. Today was my dad's promotion ceremony. He's a lieutenant colonel. Wayne and Mr. Atkins and my grandma were there. I got a $30 gift card to Asylum skate shop. Dad's a great guy.

11.19.04Wow, I thought I hadn't updated in forever, but it's only been five days. Weird. So a lot of stuff has been going down at school, but I've been writing these events in a notebook and then typing it up for a story or script or something. Basically there's this guy that punched John in the face last year, I think I talked about it here. Well he's been bullying everybody. He spit in this kid's face after German for bumping into him. Same reason John got punched in the face. Dan is here today. I've been listening to Dan Band. Sam's coming over tonight and tomorrow I'm seeing Spongebob Movie with Chelsea, who I saw Shark Tale with. By the way, the way my kickflips look are improving. I'll put a pic up. I've got like three thousand. I've gotta clean up this site so I can upload all these pictures.

11.14.04I figure it's time for me to do some whining since I never do (just kidding). And I know people have it way worse than me, but this weekend sucked. Friday night I went to Vans with Cory, which was fun. Saturday I skated commuter, which was hilariously freezing. I really want perfect kickflips. I've GOT to learn! How does everyone do it? Alright, put my front foot at an angle, flick off the side of the nose parallel to the board and bring it back horizontal over the board, without making the foot go everywhere, just a small motion with the front foot, that's all. Anyways, I didn't really wanna skate commuter, but other people did and Cory didn't come and I froze to death. So I had to go see Napoleon Dynamite for the third time (don't get me wrong, I love it, for the most part) but I really wanted my friends to see it since the only people that have are my friends at youth group. Cory, John, Johnny, and Sam were down. Then as we're leaving they call and say they can't. Sam is AT my house and then he changes his mind. I got up at 6:20 Saturday and Sunday to take care of the neighbor's dogs, who DO NOT know how to go to the bathroom outside or on newspaper, so they decide to poop more than any normal dog would all over the floor, missing the newspaper, probably on purpose. Today I went in with my mom and the floor was COVERED in vomit, puddles everywhere of different colors, textures, and smells. My mom is tough. I guess you have to be to be a parent. Maybe I'm just a wuss. Picking up poo and wiping up pee is easy, but this is different. She cleaned up everything while I handed her paper towels. She's awesome. She said if i had told her it was this much bodily fluid every time I came in she would've helped me sooner. They paid me $45, which I asked Dad if I should give some to Mom, and he said she didn't do it for the money. Oh yeah, it's 9 pm and I have more homo-work than humanly possible. As Sam Waltemeyer once said, "You have the worst life." I don't think so, but this weekend blew, even though other people are dying and stuff.

11.3.04Ren & Stimpy is my favorite show. It's so ridiculously hilarious, you have no idea. Why was I allowed to watch it? Everyone thinks it's gross, but I think there's lots of worse stuff out there. It's sadistic and sad. Dawn of the Dead is one of my favorite horror movies, if not my favorite. Acoustic Down with the sickness? I'm down! "If you're feeling sinister" only has a few good songs on it, real disappointing. "We have the facts and we're voting yes" is really good, especially "405", but it's nowhere near as good as Death Cab for Cutie's other CDs.

10.31.04John is over and we're watching Dawn of the Dead 2004. He says he didn't call me when I was at "The Grudge" because I was in the movie, which makes sense, but I swear Jasmine and him said they called before the movie started. Oh well, he apologized so it's no big deal. Apparently Jasmine feels bad, although it's not her fault, or John's, he got faulty directions. It's all good. I just talked to Kate on the phone. Good times. My party was smashing. Jessie and Chelsea didn't come, but Sam, John, Jasmine, Cory, Andy Ehrhardt, Johnny, Arja, Dan, and Aaron Cooper did. We rented "Angus". I got cordouroys from my mom, a Quagmire shirt from Jasmine, a broom from Sam that he keeps in his locker that I always hit people with, Tony Hawk Underground 2 from my mom, money from family, relatives, and Arja, Eternal Sunshine from Dan, a card from Kate, a Hollywood gift card from John, and some other stuff probably. I went to Tower Records and Barnes and Noble with Dan and I got "If You're Feeling Sinister" by Belle & Sebastian, "We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes" by Death Cab for Cutie, and the Ren & Stimpy DVDs, which are hilarious, disturbing, cute, cruel, and hard to watch. Dawn of the Dead is crazy awesome, it's violent and has awesome special effects and style. The intro is the best intro I've seen, it's creepy and has an awesome acoustic song. It's funny too and much better than the original. So far it's the best horror movie.

10.29.04"White Out" by Sleep is a good song. I haven't listened to the other one yet. The Bright Eyes "Blue" single is good too. I got my new shoes in the mail, Emerica black seude Reynold 2s, which is eerie, because they weren't supposed to come until tomorrow, but somehow "they" knew it was my birthday. Also, the new Thrasher came. Coincidence? Probably. I found out Chelsea isn't coming to my party. People should start coming in an hour. I gotta send Chris's present and Kate's present.

10.29.04Happy Birthday To Me! The other day I walked outside and there were these two people standing in front of my house staring at me. It freaked me out. Then I realized they were waiting for their dog to catch up to them. Today I was driving home from school and I was looking in the rearview mirror and a balloon jumped into my vision and freaked me out. I thought it was a person's head. By the way, Aaron Cooper and Jasmine got me balloons and I tied them to each hand so in English class they were all over the place. It was funny. This girl kept trying to talk and I'd turn my attention to her and the balloons would hit her in the face. Sam said they kept hitting people when I was walking in the hall. English is a fun class. It's got the cool kids. So I had this great idea to become attracted to two girls at the same time! You know what else I did? I invited them both to my party! How stupid was that? It was kind of like, if one person didn't come, then at least the other person would, but they both said they're coming, which hopefully works out and doesn't end up being retarded. I invited quite a few people. It's just at my house and we're gonna have pizza and watch movies. Hopefully my new shoes come tomorrow. Buy Belle & Sebastian.

10.24.04Another crappy day.

10.23.04What a miserable, miserable day. The whole week I was planning on seeing "The Grudge", and I told a lot of people to come. I seriously, made like a list of all the possible times and theaters to see it at, and narrowed it down so it would be perfect. I couldn't wait for all of this thinking and effort to pay off. I invited Aaron Cooper. He had work, and I regret not picking a different time so I could've seen it with him. I invited Cory. He doesn't do horror movies, understandable. I invited Sam W. He had prior obligations with his dad. Maybe his girlfriend? I asked if she was going:

"I wasn't invited..."

"Do you want to come?"

"No. I don't do horror movies." Alright, so I ask Chelsea from my English class.

"Maybe..." I ask Jessie.

"I'm grounded, but give me your number so I can ask and then I'll call you. If I don't reach you and I can go, then I'll meet you at your locker." And then John and Jasmine were definitely going. I made it clear several times what time, what theater, and what day. If John got lost, he'd call my cell phone (which I would leave on vibrate) number which I gave to him.

"Remember, it's Fairfax Corner by Chipotle." So I go to Spartanfest at school from 9am-noon. That was fun. I hung out with Aaron and talked to girls. Dan, when I asked what they thought of me cutting my hair, they said at the same time:

"NO." Jessie didn't call Friday. Oh well, I'll meet her at her locker, maybe she can go but couldn't reach me. Nope. Maybe she left a message. Nope. Well, at least John and Jasmine are going. I talked to them at Spartanfest. John had a map and directions from his mom.

"I'll go to too." So my mom takes me to the theater and goes shopping. I sit and wait in the empty theater by myself. About ten other people come in, and John and Jasmine don't. Nobody calls. I sit through this terrible, idiotic movie. Unless you've seen a movie by yourself you don't know how depressing it can be, especially when you've realized all your planning and hyping up was a waste. When I'm walking out, I see Chelsea! She's going to the showing right after mine! We both laugh about it. It was close, at least. At least she came, since I was expecting her to be the least likely person to come. So I go to the mall to try and jeans with my mom. They don't have the ones I want. I go to try on shoes for my birthday. They don't have the ones I want. I go to the skate shop. They have the shoes I want, but not in my size. When I get home, John calls me.

"Thanks for standing me up at the movies. Real cool."

"Sorry. I got lost. My mom gave me wrong directions."

"You could've called."

"I did."

"I checked my incoming calls. You didn't."

"What??? Nooo, I called!" I remember thinking as I sat there alone how John and Jasmine had no reason not to be here, unless they got in a car crash, or John decided to hang out with Jasmine alone. Hopefully people will come to my birthday on Friday, or call or something. I feel bad for not calling Chris on his birthday. So that's my day in a nutshell. On a lighter note, I can kickflip the way I want to, good flick and catch, just like the people I admire. That's the only trick I can do, though.

10.22.04You know how people always complain about their skate spots? Well, I'm one of them. You have several enticing options: the box, the flat, the wet, or the rail on chunky gravel. It's pretty depressing. I was just so T.O.'d today when I saw this freshman (or sophomore) wearing MY orange Ren & Stimpy shirt. What gives this guy the right to go online and order the same shirt? I'm not gonna stop wearing it. I was born before him, and have had it longer than him. The nerve of some people...I could go on and on about how cool freshmen and sophomores aren't. Freshman are obnoxious and loud, and sophomores are repulsive jerks. I know you're thinking, who's this guy to talk? He was a sophomore AND a freshman! And my reply simply is...You're wrong. Of course there are always exceptions. I know many cool freshmen and sophomores. What's with "T.O."? It's a euphemism for a euphemism? Instead of saying "pissed off" you'd say "P.O.'d" or "ticked off," so why is there "T.O."? When did "ticked off" become vulgar? Idiots. Well, there's my negative ranting for the day. I'm gonna listen to Belle and Sebastian since no one will skate and when I tried to handboard it kept falling apart and spilling Coke on the floor. Maybe that will cheer me up. Actually I'm not gonna listen to it, I just wanted to say that I really like Belle and Sebastian.

10.17.04My birthday is in 12 days. Dan got me "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" on DVD. It's 9:42 pm and I'm exhausted and I'm doing homework. I'll update with pictures later. Basically I got a bunch of new stuff that I'll have to review later. I went to College For A Weekend at Liberty University in Lynchburg and I stayed with Dan and his roomies Kyle and Keith. It was a lot of fun. We saw Jars of Clay. We worked at Scaremare, a haunted house, for like 8 hours. There's so much stuff in Lynchburg, like skate spots, Jones soda, Sonic, Fazoli's, Arby's, Chick-fil-A, Target, Wal-mart, Olive Garden, IHOP, Cracker Barrel, Sheets, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, basically all these things that most places have except for places that I tend to live. Man, we didn't go to Sheets. And those places are all stuck together pretty much. I didn't get much sleep, I was watching Best of Will Ferrell and Chris Farley, Stealing Harvard, Napoleon Dynamite, and Dodgeball. Anyways, I'll talk more about this later, I have to finish homework, take a shower, listen to my new CDs, and go to bed. Oh, and I have to send Chris his present.

9.28.04My guestbook has more room so you can write crazy stuff in it. I really like Pedro the Lion again, and Iggy Pop. It's raining. There's this bagel bakery that has delicious gourmet bagels, every day I get a toasted sesame with cream cheese and tomato for $2. I'm a guidance assistant now, which is study hall and run around notes to different classes. I dropped Theater Arts because of the work load, and the freshmen, and I don't like acting in plays anymore. I used to. I have a parking spot now, right outside the doors. I don't have to walk from Hillside (a five minute walk) to school. Now all the ladies are gonna come a-runnin! Anyway, I made a new movie. It's called "The Happy Little Bush", and I used Elliott Smith's "Junk Bond Trader". It's good. It's stop motion animation, it's this guy from The Lost World meets a dino, then a t rex comes and the bike and t rex fall off a cliff and the dino gets eaten and then an alien comes and eats the guy. Pretty sick stuff. It's really fluent and I filmed it against black t-shirts. I also edited some old Reynolds footy to "The Bends".

9.23.04School has been insane. So much work, so little play time. I saw Garden State with Cory, which I both hated and loved. I hated that it was pretentious and sappy, and loved the humor and music. I also have been listening to Elliott Smith's "Figure 8" CD, which you should buy if you like acoustic, melancholy, freakin sweet music. Seriously, it's awesome. It's the only CD in my CD player and it's been that way for a week or two. I've been driving to and from school by myself, which is fun, except I have to walk, which might change on Monday. I get to listen to music though. Radiohead is so freaking good. Kid A is incredible, so is The Bends. Buy them both. I made my first short film on a computer today, meaning it was edited and had music and credits and subtitles. It's called "The Victor," and I made it in a few hours. It's stop motion animation, which I accomplished by filming my Seifer action figure and Transformers and Cyclops in various positions, then adjusted them, then took stills from the video and arranged them on the computer and messed with the lighting and colors. I also burned it to a CD and showed it to my dad, who really liked it. It's with Radiohead's "Motion City Soundtrack," which is so incredibly beautiful. I listened to it in the car on repeat many times on many occasions. Isn't Motion City Soundtrack a band? What a weird name and coincidence. What is Motion City? Well this is the soundtrack to my movie, which turned out awesomely. Basically, Cyclops comes up and is face to face with Seifer who gets knocked out by a Decepticon who leaves and then Seifer kills Cyclops and it's all dramatic. Oooh, yeah. So I think I wanna go skate now, i'll update with pics later.

9/3/04Yeah so I bought the Killers CD today. It's really good so far. I didn't know I listened to the CD cus Tyler owns it. I didn't think I'd even heard of them till today. What a coincidence. And the fact that the people that bought it recommended all the bands I like was unknown to me too.

I really want to see Garden State. The first preview was awesome because "Let Go" by Frou Frou is an awesome song. I saw a preview on TV today and not only did it have The Shins, but also did it have The Postal Service. I thought it was cool because I never hear those in previews, both in the same one, and they're both 2 of my favorite bands. Well, i'm gonna skate commuter tonight.

I totally got these Pyramed sandals from They're blue. My dad was getting everyone sandals so I was like, get these, cus Chris and them said they were comfy. Well, they pretty much suck. Hopefully they get worn in or something. I also got 2 new pairs of jeans, Levi 505s, light blue and navy blue (HOW CRAZY!?!). They're the best jeans in the world. I know Chris or Justin had them or something. What I like is the fact that they're not "boner" jeans. They don't stick out in the front every time I stand up. Dude, and I got this fall jacket, it's dark brown, with like, zippers and stuff. It's sick nasty. Gross me out. I put my Simpsons and Family Guy buttons on there, I want my YF button from Chris, but he hasn't sent me this junk yet (Asian Wing 3, my hat, shirt, YF CD maybe). Gosh. That would be nice though. Sick nasty. Gross me out. Oh, and Chris, I found the blue shirt I was looking for. I might even put the "Andrew" patch Tyler got me on there. Well, I'm gonna pick up Johnny and meet Efram and maybe Aaron at the commuter lot, there are manual pads and parking blocks we put down them and a box we put down them. John might meet us there later. I'm gonna listen to The KILLERS!!! AHHHH!??

8/31/04So basically I've been hanging out here in Virginia skating it up and chilling with John and Johnny, listening to music, handboarding, editing footy on the computer, watching movies. Dan left for college. We watched Rocko's Modern Life, which I used to like but sucks now, and Spongebob, which I'm starting to think is really funny. At Ryan's surprise party after church we saw Shrek 2. Funny stuff. Today was my band's first practice. Sam Hart and Bryant Boyle were like, we should start a band. So today we went to Boyle's house and played. Boyle played guitar and Sam played bass. I played guitar. We need a singer and another guitarist because Boyle is gonna be playing drums. We made a new song, which I thought was really good. Except it was just one riff we did over and over with solos thrown in and no vocals or drums. But Boyle did these chords and I did this picking and I switched it up, it's like a song The Cool did. I showed them a few YF songs and The Cool CD, which they liked. I played Evolution, June 2002, and David's Song for them, and they really liked it. Bryant was like, ok, now you're the guitarist. Next time I'll bring the YF ep. We played with these plastic tipped darts where we'd stand in front of the board or put our hand there and the other person would throw the dart at it. Boyle's dogs are nuts. So the main reason for me updating is to tell you this true but scary fact: I was watching this movie on TV and i was like, "That's the guy from Condorman! No wait, nevermind, he's from My Girl." and then another guy came on and I was like, "THAT is the guy from Condorman!" I mean, what are the chances?? I haven't started school yet, but I have to finish reading these books.

8/17/04So Chris was here for 2 weeks, and that was great of course. So much fun in this Virginia/Nebraska tour, which was filmed on 3 tapes called the Stoolpigeon Asian Wing. I also went to Nebraska for 2 weeks whih was great of course. A lot of skating went down, and here we hung out with Cory and the Johns. We rented tons of movies. In Nebraska we did a lot of wedding stuff but also got good skating in. We watched a lot of Seinfeld and Family Guy and hung out with and saw everyone: Rob, Micah, Tyler, Cody, Louis, Mike, Jeff, Ellen, Allie, Emily, Abby, the Jons, Jeff Lucks, Justin, etc. I didn't get to see Trevor, Travis, and Sean though. YF played 2 rockin concerts, and Nifty 250 played one. White Collar Mercy was sweet. DeeDee and Rob's wedding was interesting. I rode in a limo cus I was the camera guy. I was the only one not dressed up. I dominated in hockey and bought my first pair of Converses. I wanted white ones. I know that everybody has them, which was a main reason i didn't want them, but over time they've grown on me. Jones soda and Clearly Canadian were in abundance, and Sonic, and Fazolis, and Runza. We saw Napoleon Dynamite, Anchorman, and The Village. Anyways, as soon as the upstairs computer starts working I'm gonna upload pics from the tour, and as soon as i get the third vid from Chris. And Chris is gonna send me a bunch of pics online, I'll put those on the site after it's revamped. I have to delete most of the pics. I'll get to it!

7/4/04Wow, almost a month. There are so many pictures I need to put up, I mean a LOT, but that kinda makes me lazier cus then I'm like, I'll do it later, which is what I'm saying to you. But my site is at 99% fullness, so I have to delete like everything before I can put the pictures up. I can't upload anything on this laptop anyways, it's all on the upstairs computer which has been acting really stupid lately and won't let me do anything. I did put up two skate pics though! So school's been out for a while, I've been sitting around, looking around. Lately I've been playing Final Fantasy VII again, I love that game too much. They're making a movie out of it, I watched a few trailers, I was blown away by how awesome it looks. I saw Dodgeball, which is hilarious. And Starsky and Hutch is hilarious. I watched Robocop and Versus. Versus is by far the cheesiest action zombie horror samurai Japanese movie I've ever seen! It was funny though because they're trying to look SOO ridiculously cool that they look stupid, and yet, ridiculously cool...I saw the promos Jon made for the new Stoolpigeon video, and it makes me wanna copy my footy and send it, which i will copy by Tuesday and send on Wednesday, that way it'll get to him by Saturday, and I won't feel left out. The promos make me wanna skate and get footy. Ahhh, it's raining, and even if it wasn't, there aren't many cool places to skate here. Yeah, so, everyone is gone on vacation and stuff. I'll let you get back to whatever you were doing.

6/7/04Man, today was the best skate day ever. In Film Study we started watching Legally Blonde. In English we read Fahrenheit 451, I skimmed over it, but it was really good, better than most garbage they make you read in schools today. Good action story. In German Sam Hart decided to start a band with me and Bryant Boyle. Sam Waltemeyer thinks it should definitely be a ska band. In P.E. we're doing archery, which is cool i guess, too bad I suck. I started recording some music like Dan and Chris, I actually tried to sing, it's pretty fun. I've been watching a lot of Chapelle's Show on DVD, several times while watching it I've laughed so hard I felt nauseous. Once was the Lil John skit, and more recently was the R. Kelly "I want to pee on you" song. Oh man. Too funny. Lovers wanna love, haters wanna hate, I don't even want, none of the above, i want to pee on you, yes i do, i really do, drip drip drip."

So about today's skate day. Me, John, and Johnny went to the five and we ollied it and i wanted to get pop shove or kickflip but i didn't, then we went to an 8 and me and John attempted it but sucked. He came close to keeping it under him. So we went to Johnny's house to skate his rail, which turned into an awesome sesh, cus his rail is smooth like butta. I got like ten tricks on film, including crook, which surprised me cus i called it which never works for me, front nose, back nose, 5050, half cab board to fakie, which they reacted crazily to, they said it was "unlike andrew" because i did it nice. I was having so much fun. I love rail, i finally have learned to noseslides and crooks on them, i never thought they were possible until i tried it without thinking about it. John crooked the entire rail, and Johnny smithed the entire rail. I love boardsliding the whole thing at max speed. Glides like no other. John also got back lips to fakie and nollie into, Johnny got bs 5050 and bs lip, John got bs feeble. I had nollie flips like whoa and Johnny had crazy 360 flips. Anyways, it was fun cus i was rocking my camo at&t hat and an abercrombie shirt. Then we peeped the footy while drinking capri suns and handboarding. When I got home, my new Transworld was in the mail, with Leo! Then I found out my gramma sent me a shirt from Hawaii. Good day.

I'm gonna send "I call it last place", the video with all of my footy from the end of Taube, soon. I can't wait till CHris sends his CD and the Hey Andrew 3 video. It's gonna be awesome. I want to get Vans classic slip ons, they're old skool yo. Peace out. And check out Chris and Dan's new recordings, they're outsane.

5/26/04Hey, just saying that I got my license. That took forever. I've had my permit since Alabama. It was really easy, too, only four lessons behind the wheel, and George at Ali's Driving Service was just like, oh, well do you want your license tonight? and i was like sure, we didn't even do a driving test. We just drove around for like 30 minutes. But it's cool, now i can drive by myself and go places, and pick people up, and go by myself, to go skate, and ah! listen to music on the cd player as loud as i want, and i get to choose! and i gots to put stickers on the toyota, mos def yo. Fantasia just won American Idol, yeah, i've been watching it, wanna fight? I would've liked to see Diana win, but what can you do. Except vote. Got the new Thrasher today, that's pretty freaking sick, like every new skate mag i get in the mail. Always stuff that blows my mind in there. OOH! i just got shivers. Anyway, have a swell day.

5/20/04Wow again. 3 weeks since an update. Anyways, a ton has happened of course. I've gotten a lot of footy to put up, and there are some pictures too but it's not letting me upload the pictures, but i can still put some new stuff up. So I've pretty much been sick this whole time, although now it's starting to get better, like I haven't felt extremely sick. The doctor said I had a stomach virus and I missed school for two days. My bro is living here for the summer now, and I'm still in school for a while, which sucks. Like till the end of June. Built to Spill is one of my top favorite bands now, with Modest Mouse, Sigur Ros, and Bright Eyes. You have to hear "Perfect From Now On", if you haven't. In my Film Study class we've been watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, What Lies Beneath, Smoke Signals, and a bunch of crappy old westerns. Chris is too good at skating. Seriously, every time i talk to him he has some new crazy footage. I'm making a video part for him with Death Cab for Cutie "Tiny Vessels", it's really awesome. I keep telling John about Chris's new tricks and he says we're gonna have to break his legs. I got new shoes, red and black Emerica Reynold 2s. Youth group is fun, the people there are really cool, it's like Gateway. Gateway was too awesome. Sam W is a funny guy. He cracks me up. Our German class tears it up pretty much. I don't know what that means. Dude! Cory tore his ACL and some other stuff skating the new park, Wakefield, that replaced the old five me and Chris skated. Apparantly, since he works there, he was skating by himself, warming up on a hubba 5050, and jumped off after getting into feeble, and landed on his leg wrong, sending his kneecap flying. He's out for six months! That really sucks. Big time. At that park you have to wear all pads, which sucks too. I landed a few switch frontside flips. I started skating my rails and box more, especially my round rail, which is fun cus i never skated it before. I got nosegrind, crook, 5050, 50, front salad, and back nosegrind. Today I skated my Reynold 2s for the first time, and learned half cab noseslides on me box. I stayed after for Juggling Club, which was fun, because me, John, Jasmine, Aaron, Arja, Paul, and Will played hacky sack and wall ball the whole time. I started driving school yesterday. They pick me up, and there are 2 other drivers, and one of them drives herself home after picking me up, then the next person drives around for 30 minutes and drops herself off, then I drove. I did good, real smooth. He did have to use his own brake cus I missed a stop sign on my left because we were listening to a talk show where a girl called her mom saying she's pregnant and didn't know who the father was just for some tickets to a concert, which i think has modest mouse. Then me and John met up with Will and Johnny at the five stair, and Aaron was there too. I switch ollied it thrice, John backside 180d it and frontside boardslid the handrail, and Johnny kickflipped it twice. Anyways, I don't have time to put up all of the footy, but i'll definitely put up some. Good bye

4/29/04WOW. It's been a while. Sorry about that. Time has flown soooooo fast recently. Seriously. I've gotten so much new skate footy, nothing special though. I'll have to get to that. Right now I'm laaaaaazy. I bought Full Metal Jacket at Wal-Mart for six bucks, but haven't watched it yet. JAWFU is an awesome skate video! So i learned a bunch of new tricks. Switch flips, nollie flips, smiths, relearned kgrinds, and one other trick that i landed once. it's awesome. Anyways, the last few days i've been crazy sick. Wednesday i had a toooooon of shrimp and at youth group the whole night i was in the bathroom and felt like i was about to throw up. I didn't because i made it home and had a few maalox and took a wicked yes. then today i started feeling sick AGAIN, and all day i felt like i was gonna throw up at school, until i made it to german, i felt better cus i belched. Also, eating helps too. Hopefully the nausea doesn't come back, that stupid idiot. School and skating are pretty good, but mainly i listen to music, which is goooood. Well, remind me to update my site with pics, i think i'm gonna add a review of Jawfu. Oh, and Johnny is the best handboarder EVER. He's got every trick possible on his little handrail, and i filmed with fisheye. He's even got tricks i've never even imagined. All the footy is on "I Call It Last Place", which i'll be sending to Chris sometime. It's at least two hours long. Cookie dough ice cream is gooood.

4/8/04Hello. I had two awesome skate days recently. Well, one of them was one of the best days ever. I was skating at Johnny's house with John, Efram, and Aaron. I didn't have any trouble with any of my tricks, and got a 5-0 on his raised up box. So we went to a basketball court where I beat everyone in HORSE, then I played SKATE with John and Efram. Efram learned kickflips that day. Anyways, he got out, I think I did switch fs shove, heelflip, fakie flip, stuff like that. It was just me and John. He was like, fakie bigspin, and i was like, i already did one, but i did another anyways, and it was like disssss. So i was trying switch pop shove and i did some sort of sex change gayness, and they counted it, and i wasn't sure what happened, but John didn't get it. Then I did a fakie fs flip, which Johnny and Aaron reacted excitedly to. I do them every once in a while but they forget, I guess, but Aaron was excited, cus John always wins, especially against me. So John didn't get that, and we both had SKAT, and we kept doing tricks, and I was like, I don't have any more tricks! But I decided to try a 360 shove it, which I landed to my surprise, and the game was over. It was an awesome day.

The next day me, John, and Peter went to Skate Night at Fair Oaks Church. A bunch of locals including Bobby Worrest were there, and they skated awesome of course. I got front board shove, front nose, and I ended up skating this kicker, which was a blast. Near the end I was just going as fast as I could off it and seeing how far i could get, and the floor is sooooo slick. I was doing powerslides and falling on my tush. Anyway, I was at the point where i didn't care about anything else and I just skated hard. I landed a few pop shoves off the ramp, and I felt like airtime city. One of them was a stiff legged landing, another i absorbed so much one of my hands touched the floor, so I kept going cus it was fun. I ended up kicking my board out on one attempt, and my back foot smacked the tail, sending my board flying into my crotch. I instantly ran to the wall and slid down it, grasping my stomach. The guy beside me was like, did you see that? I just felt pretty crappy.

Yesterday I went to Fort Belvoir with Cory and John, I got a line with a 5-0 and and ollie off the side of the pyramid, and Cory got a line with a quarter pipe bs 5050, fs nosegrind, and backside flip.

Last night John and Cory spent the night. We stayed in the basement watching PJ Ladd, then Happiness of the Katakuris, one of my favorite movies. It's seriously so good, you should rent it at Blockbuster, it's hilarious and the music is kicking. Then we watched "Akira", which was ridiculous. A lot of it was really stupid, and it wasted our time because it didn't explain a single thing, but the animation was amazing, and the visual imagery and grossness factor was very very high. Then we started "Matrix Revolutions" which sucks so bad, it's so dumb!!!

I bought this book called "Less Than Zero" by Bret Easton Ellis, it's the author of "American Psycho". It's pretty good so far, it's about this guy that comes home from college to LA where everyone does cocaine and drinks and there's really no story...yet?! I also bought the new Modest Mouse CD, which so far is goooood, and Bright Eyes "Letting off the happiness", which is really awesomely good.

Anyways, it's spring break, and Dan is supposed to come tomorrow. I'll try to get some pictures up, and check out the reviews section.

3/24/04Haha. This guy on American Idol was singing to Simon when he lost and saying, "Simon when you touch me..." all romanticish. Then the OC came on and i told my mom it's popular at my school and she watched a minute of it and said, "With the girls I bet."

3/22/04It's been 2 weeks. I've done quite a bit. Today I bought new trucks for the first time since I lived in Alabama. They're white and turqoise Royals, I'll have to put the pictures up later. They're sooo much better, i can actually tighten them. I also have pictures from Vans, but I can't put anything up yet till I clean up the site (the storage is filled to 99%). I do have quite a few pics, but I can send them on email or IM. Anyway, mainly I've been hanging out with my brother, he came for a week. My parents got him a white Honda Civic, so now I get the Toyota Camry, which is cool, cus now I can put stickers on it and make it my own. Thanks Dan. We rented tons of movies. Jacob's Ladder, Sonatine, Kikujiro, Lost in Translation, Session 9, Adaptation, Matchstick Men, and Secondhand Lions. Plus we saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which is awesome, one of my new favorite movies. Charlie Kaufman is DA man! It was fun having Dan over. I haven't skated much, it's pretty cold. I keep dreaming that I'm good at skating. My mom is making kimbop, which I shall investigate in a little while, because it tastes sooo good. I copied some Death Cab for Cutie CDs from Dan, they're really good. I also got a Godspeed You! Black Emperor CD, which is pretty good. Anyway, yeah, I'm gonna eat!

3/8/04Oh man, I'm so psyched. Not on skating, I suck at that. Movies, music, and books are good as always. I started reading "Breakfast of Champions" today by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. It's funny. I swapped a girl in my Algebra class for her Further Seems Forever CD called "How to Start a Fire", which is funny because I had the YF EP next to it and it's called "A Fire to Start". Everyone at my school is really really liking the YF EP. Tommy Beekman told me that a friend thought it was the new Incubus CD, and then he said the mixing is kind of off in some places, like the drumming should be softer, but other than that he really likes it. I let her borrow Death Cab Transatlanticism. I'm really starting to like the FSF CD, the last song is sooo good, and the rest of the CD is really good. It's like Thursday combined with Juliana Theory and a teeny bit of Dashboard/Bright Eyes. I have a huge list of movies to rent, it's awesome. Me and Cory have been on a movie spree. This weekend he saw Battle Royale for the first time, and really liked it. Right before that we had watched "Kikujiro", starring Takeshi Kitano from Battle Royale. It's another strange Japanese film, but it's a comedy drama and it makes me feel happy despite some really weird and messed up things. It's hilarious at some parts, like when Kitano pretends to be blind by changing into a white shirt. Somehow this is supposed to make a car stop and give him and his companion a ride. He proceeds to walk around "blindly" and smacks his cane with all his might onto the hood of the car. Me and Cory were crackin, yo. The next night was "Requiem for a Dream", an amazing movie. The music is freaking awesome, actually, I'm getting the soundtracks for all three of those movies. Go to amazon and check out the music for Kikujiro. Requiem is so weird and crazy, and has outstanding acting, especially from Ellen Burstyn, and also has Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, and Marlon Wayans. It's an anti-drug addiction film, and it's the most depressing movie I've seen. It's tragic and heart breaking, and it's basically their descent into suckyness. Anyways, those three movies are my top favorites right now.

By the way, I went to Vans skatepark for the first time, the biggest park in the U.S. of A. It was so freaking awesome! For me at least, because I've never skated a park hubba before, and they had these 2 red and black hubbas, backside and frontside, and they start off box/curb height and then go down at the kink, so you don't have to do the top. I boardslid and 50-50d it pretty much for two hours, Cory skated with me. It's so fun, I can't wait to get some more tricks there. It was crowded with so many littluns. There's a handrail there, I didn't try it yet, oh, and Johnny Ransom was there, too. It's not tall but it's long, and Cory front boarded and crooked grinded it, and Johnny front boarded it, then completely racked himself on a lipslide. The board hit his nuts then the rail. It was a blast.

2/22/04So I got quite a bit of footy to put on the site. Today I'll put up footy from 3 different days, next time I update I'll put up footy from 2 different days. I also got quite a few pictures I took with my camera. I've been really excited about "Battle Royale". It's a book I just finished reading about a class of 42 Japanese ninth graders being sent on a program by the government to an island and being forced to play a game where only one of them can survive in the end. They're equipped with food, water, a compass, a map, and a random weapon, which could be a 9mm or a boomerang. They're also suited with a collar on their necks that will explode if they try to escape, go in one of the forbidden zones, or if no one kills anyone after a certain time limit. And if at the end of the three day period there's more than one survivor, everyone dies. So some students choose to play the game, and some of course don't. Keep in mind a lot of them are boyfriend and girlfriend, best friends, popular kids, or brooding loners. This book is the most insane book I've read. It's chaotic, gory, violent, brutal, emotional, and intense. Some of it is cheesy, however. Too many of the students have "crushes" on each other and the like, and a lot of stupid, stupid unintentionally funny things are said. But the story is awesome, and had me shocked on several occasions, especially the ending, which blew me away. I was so happy when I was reading the ending, just because I was amazed. Throughout the book there's a sense of hopelessness, fear, and despair. If I was stuck in that situation, it would suck tremendously. So anyways, I ordered the Special Edition Director's Cut 2-Disc DVD off of Ebay yesterday, and I'm excited.

I skated by Hollywood video the other day with John, Aaron, and Efram. We skated these docks that were okay, then John learned nollie 360 flips in about ten minutes and we were done. The next day me, John, Aaron, Efram, Peter, Johnny, and Will skated after school at Will's house. His rail is ridiculously small. I learned backside feeble grinds on his rail, and a tiny back bluntslide. Then we went around to sets, which included a six that John, Will, Aaron, and Johnny ollied. I attempted it, but wasn't really feeling it. Peter was being cool and telling me that I shouldn't try it cus then they'll have to send an ambulance out or call 911, he said that about ten times and Aaron was like Peter, shut up. I told Peter that he should try it then, and he was like, but, uhhh...and me and Aaron were like exactly, don't talk. Then we went to a church and on the way tried ditching one another by walking behind them and slowly walking somewhere else. At the church John ollied a really sketchy seven, where you had to ollie up a curb, ollie a two, then ollie the seven. The landing was grated and very narrow and had a glass door about ten feet away. Yesterday I skated Justin's board he sent me with my name on it, it's cool. Me, John, and Cory went to Ft. Belvoir skate park. I landed some frontside noseslides on the box, that's pretty much it. Frontside half cab flips are fun. Just frontside half cabs are fun. Cory and John were of course all over the place landing all the tricks I can't do. Cory got a line where he crooked the bench at the top of the pyramid, came back and did a nollie backside bigspin on the pyramid, which i filmed with my fisheye. Then we went to my house and ordered pizza and watched skate videos. I showed COry the new DIgital video with Herman and Poirez, and he recognized teh song as "passenger" by Iggy Pop. I showed him the videos I've been making on my computer, and Justin's 2 minute clip with the fifteen stair. Then we went to Cory's house and watched his footy, which includes him skating Pier 7 in San Francisco, tailsliding one of the ledges, along with some other cool footy. He was skating with Jackson Curtin and the like. Then we watched Homestarrunner and played with his dumb dog, which is a pug. We wrapped her up in a blanket and tossed her around, it was funny. That Cory is a funny individual. He cracks me up.

I also heard the new June 2002 by Your Face. It's freaking awesome! It sucks that I missed the Battle of the Bands at the Rock where they placed FIRST! Pretty awesome. Chris's dad was here this week and we went out to a Korean restaurant. So, I guess I'm done here. BYE!

2/16/04Wow...what a great day this is becoming. The whole day at school I'm thinking "Man I can't wait to go home cus then I'll be able to watch this new Digital video my friend copied for me, and I'll be able to go skate!" Of course, when I get home the video doesn't work, and no one calls me to skate. We had planned to go skate this place that I came up with at school, but it turns out Peter and Aaron went without me. I wouldn't have called Peter either, which is probably why he didn't call me. But I called John and he was like, "Oh...change of plans. I'm going to the skateshop to buy new shoes." And then I figure, well, Cory will be able to skate, but I call and ask his dad if he's there and he says "NO." So I guess I'll skate outside, but of course I suck horrendously. The best trick I land is a frontside 50-50. I'm still kinda sore from the other day. I tried to do a backside 50-50, and fell on my left shoulder. EVERY TIME i try to do that STUPID trick I miss the coping and slip out onto my arm or back or both, if I'm lucky. And people are like, "You should do this trick, come on now..." So I took my box out for no reason, because you have to drag it like 100 feet in order to skate it. So I probably won't skate till Thursday, because John can't skate tomorrow or Wednesday, and I can't skate by myself. The two worst conditions that I can't skate under are (A) BY MYSELF and/or (B) AT MY HOUSE. My house is the number one worst place to skate, besides the Naval Archives (where I got my board stolen). I can't skate my house. It sucks. And when I try skating it by myself, well, that's just asking for trouble. I suddenly lose energy in a few tries and begin to not land a single trick. And last time I skated was one of my better skate days. now I get to do homework! OH JOY!

2/15/04Hey, sorry for not updating in a while...I've been getting footy, and I'm gonna put it up soon, just now right now. But when I do, there will be a lot. I tried to pop shove a five but that didn't turn out too good. I got a new run, and yesterday I ollied a six. That's right, there is a SIX STAIR in Virginia. I couldn't believe it. I want to go back to 180 it, i 90d it yesterday. It's by Tower Records. It was pretty fun, I fell so much and got my hands bleeding. This whole week was nothing but me getting broke off. everytime i skated i'd fall on my elbows when i'd slip out or something dumb like that. My legs were bleeding through my jeans and onto my shoes. I'm so sore. I also went to Ft. Belvoir skate park, i had a good skate day there. John, Johnny, Efram, Aaron, Paul, and Matt were there too. I landed a buncha flip tricks I hadn't landed in a long time, and some other fun stuff. I ollied and 180d off the side of the pyramid to flat, but when i tried to kickflip it i caught it and when i landed it the board shot out and i fell on my back, i tried to skate again but that pretty much ended it for the week. My muscles were like tightened or untightened or whatever. Johnny's mom and sister took me and John and Johnny home and ordered us Anthony's Pizza and Orange Ice Gatorades for the ride home. I went to John's house and watched Family Guy and spit out my pizza when John said something funny, i don't even remember what he said. We watched Osiris "The Storm" and Zero "Misled Youth", which is freaking awesome. I've watched that zero video like ten times since yesterday. I also bought the soundtrack for A Clockwork Orange, which I really enjoy. If you like classical music or the movie or singin in the rain then you might like it. I bought the Desaparecidos Cd which is pretty awesome, and the Flaming Lips CD which is also good. I think I saw a movie this weekend, I'm not sure. I want to see Robocop and Total Recall. Well, i'll put more footy up next time, sorry. Goodnight! (By the way, Justin's board still hasn't come in the mail. Hopefully it gets here soon...)

2/6/04Hello. No school today on account of rain and ice, last Wednesday it was cancelled too, and almost every day has been a 2 hour delay. We also didn't have school on Tuesday, but that's good, because I threw up that day. Puking is the worst experience ever. No, the few minutes before you puke, that's the worst. I woke up at 3 am and felt super sick, then at like 6 or 7 am i sat in the bathroom, praying that i wouldn't get sick, but the nasty came up and i threw up in the toilet drei times. i felt a lot better, but the whole day i still felt sick and that i might throw up again, but i didn't. i sat on the couch the whole entire day watching boring TV.

I've decided that Desaparecidos is a freaking awesome band, just listen to "$$$$", or go to and listen to "The Man and Wife". I'm also planning on buying the soundtrack to "A Clockwork Orange". I've bought like 5 or 6 CDs since Christmas, and i still have music money. Seinfeld is the greatest show ever, but Family Guy is the hilariousest show ever. SOOO FUNNY.

I was thinking last night about Nebraska and Alabama, and how much moving sucks. I miss a lot of people. You shouldn't think about those kinds of things at night, it can't be good for you.

1/27/04Yeah, so, it's been snowing here the last few days. I just got my fingers caught in my bathroom door. i'm eating a jelly donut, about to eat a twinkie. my diet coke is frozen. i went snowboarding saturday, which was fun. i went with my youth group. if you skate, you can snowboard, regardless of what peter says. yesterday me, john, and peter went snowboarding on a hill, and he kept saying, it's a lot harder than it looks, andrew, and i was like dude i snowboarded yesterday and he was like whatever. then i went to john's house and we watched family guy, of course, like we do every time i go there. that's the funniest show alive! brother was just here saturday night and some of sunday for a copeland concert, i got a shirt from that band, it's cool. i broke my second kingpin at john's house, the first time was at john's house, too. it's annoying. it was a good skate day though, it was one of those days where everyone's there and i'm landing all my tricks. john back lipped his rail first and second try, that's crazy to me, his rail is tall. i went to a skate night at a church gym, that was crowded but fun, i landed some frontside noseslides on the benches. bobby worrest was there, he's at the website, and the indoor gym where he gets his lines, that's where i skated. today and yesterday were no school days. we got 2 new tvs, one is a 27 or 37 inch. i watched the running man, which is pretty stupid, and punch-drunk love, which is interesting, i think. i've been reading battle royale, it's good. i've been listening to a bunch of cds of course. i bought the new shins cd, it's good. john let me borrow the who "who's next", eh, it's alright. i copied the new third eye blind cd, it's good, and the new incubus cd, it's good, and the new blink 182 ?!!? cd. i don't know why i did, but i saw it in my brother's friends case and i said what the hey. i thought it would be crappy suck crack but actually it's pretty good, it's different from their other stuff, it's more like box car racer. think "adam's song". not really, but that's a good blink song...anyways, i don't think i'll have school tomorrow. hopefully i get justin's board sometime soon...i've also been making skate video clips on my computer, it's cool

1/13/04Sigur Ros and The Shins are really good. Hey anyone who is reading this, if anyone is, of course. I've been skating a lot lately. I think i cracked my board ollieing a gap, i've got a spare but it sucks. Justin's supposed to be sending me a blank deck that he customized with paint and stuff. I'm paying him $35, I'm not sure if that's too much...blanks here are the same price but with tax. I dunno. I got Taube. I talked about it in the Reviews section. Ah! Jon sent me a Stoolpigeon t-shirt! It's awesome! It has a drawing Jon made on the back of a bird under a tree whistling, and on the front is a really funny picture of Chris making a face. Thanks Jon. Anyways, it's supposed to get cold soon, today wasn't so bad, yesterday was nice. Family Guy is awesome! I want to go to Canada this summer, but i found out i probably won't be able to go. I'm still going to Nebraska if the Atkins will let me. I want to skate all the crazy spots in Nebraska, there is not a "good" spot here. The Merry Maids gap goes into the street, the five stair is extremely narrow, and the other five at Wakefield has been demolished. It sucks! I rocked these Es Eos brown shoes that Chris gave me over the summer. Me and Cory went back to the Merry Maid gap today, he kickflipped it, i almost pop shove-ited it (the smaller one). I landed it but didn't ride away. It got cold, and we skated a curb. I got into a bs noseblunt, then fell on my back trying to backside 50-50. I hate that freaking trick. nosegrinds i have no problem getting into, but for some reason putting my back truck down is dumb. So listen to some new bands, Chris sent me Wheat songs, but i have yet to thoroughly listen to them yet. SO in the meantime...bye

1/5/03Wow, it's been a long time since I last updated. I had a good Christmas break. Me, my mom, dad, and brother went to North Carolina to our cousin Nicki and Stan's house with their kids, our aunts, uncle, and grandma. I got Pedro the Lion "It's Hard to Find a Friend", Jars of Clay "Furthermore: From the Studio and the Stage", Death Cab for Cutie CD, Edward Scissorhands, a pocket knife, $200, $10 best buy certificate, a Tootsie Roll pop shirt that says "How many licks does it take?", Thrasher subscription, yadayadayada. Anyways, I bought the Family Guy Volume 1 DVDs, which are so freaking hilarious, that is such a funny show. I got a Krooked Skateboards hoody, but mostly i've been getting CDs. I got a Pixies CD, a Shins CD, and two Bright Eyes CDs. You can read my reviews that I put up. Bright Eyes is my new favorite band! Seriously! Folks! And i got a run at John Dias's, a fakie flip, half cab, then front board. Bright Eyes! Yeah! Do yourself a favor and go to and listen to their songs, seriously. I also put up two new stories, so check them out as well.

12/22/03Hey. I have been so freaking sick since Saturday, today's Monday. I was shaking and being cold, but not today, and i had a headache. I felt nauseous and had a fever. Now i just have a stuffy nose, sore throat, and congestion. My brother has been here and we saw Last Samurai, which i thought was really good. it was really dramatic and had awesome battles, although some people thought it was too corny, and maybe it was. Dan has been recording new songs. Me and my dad built a new box out of my old one, since it was way too big to move around conveniently. So now the "bench" fits between your trucks perfectly for sliding. it's so cool. i can't wait to skate it. But i can't yet because tomorrow we go to my cousin's house for Christmas. I had the best skate day at John's house. i got a run, and was landing lots of fun tricks and just got into my "zone" that i sometimes skate in when i'm around other people and landing tricks. anyways, i'll update after christmas

12/14/03Hello. It snowed today for the second time here, so there wasn't any church. The youth group i'm visiting here is super cool, like Gateway in Alabama, those were some good times. I've been watching skate videos in my room because i put a TV and VCR by my bed, it's so cool. Copeland is a really good band, and so are The Pixies! AHHH! There are so many CDs i want, like the pixies- bossanova, frank black's self titled, modest mouse - building nothing out of something, and this pavement cd and a sonic youth cd that i don't know the names of...but no kazaa. if you're reading this you should listen to clips from i wanted to rent sling blade, but i didn't. i watched charlies angels full throttle, it was pretty good. The Simpsons is the funniest show ever, i was like crying at the christmas episode tonight. ahhh, so many laugh out loud moments, like homer is watching ebenezer in a christmas carol, except he's really old, and he turns around and there is a furnace, and he's like, "oh! i didn't see this lady here! but you're expecting! do you mind if i listen to the heartbeat?" and he puts his head in the furnace and homer's laughing, ahhhh it's good fun. but there are other good shows, like seinfeld and the family guy and everybody loves raymond. i have so many freaking projects to do in german and history. maybe there won't be school tomorrow...cory came over yesterday and we skated in the cold until the rail fell on my foot and almost killed me. we watched entschuldigung and yeah right and hey andrew 2. it was funny cus cory's a funny guy and he kept trying to explain the vans skatepark and was making the most random drawings in the air, it made no sense. so there are these freshmen at my school that annoy me so much. there are a few that are cool, but i can't stand the rest, and you can't say that "hey, you were one last year," because i wasn't, nor was anyone i know. these freshmen are DIFFERENT. they are like 5th graders. they're like, "oh you held hands???!?! GROSS! COOTIES! double gross!" and "oh yeah i've seen blood it's so cool man" and "super x pokedigital master man judo!" but anyways, i will put some new pics up soon, so they will be up...soon...

12/5/03It's snowing here. It snowed last night, which wasn't that much, but it was still pretty cool. We had a two hour delay for school because of the snow, and my neighbor let me borrow a lot of her CDs, like pedro the lion, phantom planet, guster, and greenwheel. we'll see if i like them or not...i listed to a few songs of phantom planet, they are good. anyways, i can't really skate, so i am making a package to send to chris that has my footy and then justin's videos. yeahhhhhh

There's a new addition to the SKATE SEQUENCES page found in the SKATE section

11/30/03Happy Thanksgiving! Mine was great, my brother was here, and so was my grandma, aunt, cousins and their daughters. We went to DC to museums. I've been watching skate videos on Dan's laptop. It's fun. we watched movies. So i got a new board yesterday, because my Toy Machine broke, which is funny, because i had it taken away for a week, got it back, and broke it the next day warming up ollieing the church gap in TWO places, of course. I had been using Efram's board, which by the end of 3 days was so chipped and covered in mud it was crazy. I got an Asylum Skate Shop deck. Hopefully today i go to the five stair gap and heelflip it or something. By the way, Jon M, if you're reading this, i just need a few more tricks then i'll send my footage. and don't use Weezer, please! I got CHris's package, which is amazingly awesome. I was so excited. Dan helped watch me open it. I got a really really cool Strong Sad shirt, a Baker poster, YF stickers, mint candies, a Homestar patch, bubbly wrap, tons of awesome pictures, and of course, the VIDEOS! I got Yeah Right, Mosaic, Sight Unseen, Entschuldigung 2, and Hey Andrew 2, which is of course awesome. Anyways.

11/20/03Hello. After this weekend I will hopefully have a lot more footage of skating to put up on here. Tomorrow I go to the five stair gap, and Sunday I go back to DC. It will be awesome. So last Saturday we went to DC. It was a blast. It is the best place for skating, almost. The first place we stopped was Rosslyn. Me and Corey skated a five stair hubba ledge that was really not tall, but super fun. I boardslid it twice and Corey tailslid it to fakie, and he ollied over some rail. There's a really good seven stair there. By the way, it was me, him, Peter, John, Aaron, and we met Efram and his friend Matt Dean later. We skated some other super nice ledges, which were in extreme abundance there, all of them marble. Corey did a 180 nosegrind 180 izzout. Then we went to this monster 7 stair, like the big four that Spanky switch fs bigspins in the dark in the Emerica DVD, but add 3 on top. They were skating the big 3, Aaron almost heelflipped it but cracked his board. There was a U-shaped ledge that was double sided that I boardslid and pizopped out, and Aaron crooked. We also skated this flat to bank to some drop thing at some museum thing. Then we went to this place with these super marble waxed ledges that were fun to boardslide. We went to the "famous" freedom ledges and gold rail. There were about 50 people skating at the long marble ledges. Aaron manualed it, which is at least a hundred feet. He says it's easy because it's marble. There were a lot of really good guys there. Then it was on to the Naval Archives, a sucky skate spot with like a 2, then another 2, then another 2, then a 3. There were ledges for each one. I was the only one NOT skating, and soon enough a guy came up and gave me a card with his name and number on it, and started yelling and cussing at us for skating at this "sacred monument". Then he took my board and said, "Your dad can call me and I can tell him why you don't have your board," and he walked off. I went after him and called his name, but he didn't come back. Everyone was super pissed. While he was cussing they were like, he wasn't even skating, and he was like don't give me that bullpoo you motherfunkers! So of course, we went to the cops and had a police report filed, because the cop said that it was theft of personal property, and we called his number the whole night, and he picked up once for me, and that was it, after we left hostile messages, including the police. The cops said if he didn't respond they would "pick him up" and we could go to court. My dad called recently and left a message APOLOGIZING. The guy called back and apologized in return saying he probably shouldn't have taken my board and that we were good kids and were polite and all this and he was overreacting. So we have to meet him on Sunday to get my board back. WE HAVE TO, that is crap, we had to apologize and have to drive all the way out to DC, and he doesn't get any punishment? People are so stupid. There was this other lady that walked by while me, Corey, and Aaron were sitting by McDonald's, smiling at us, so we smiled and waved back, and she said, looking at us, "Those are the kids that can't read, except for him (me)", talking about us skating at a place with no skating signs, even though we checked the whole place and there wasn't a single one. That guy did not have any authority to take my board, he thought he did because he was defending the naval archives, but he stole it, and the lady working there said she had no idea who he was. Oh well. At least we had fun skating and afterwards when me and Aaron and Corey saw a hobo in McDonald's stealing people's money and singing, "BAH BAH BAH" to a rap song, and we couldn't stop singing that the whole night.

11/13/03Filmed for the first time skating today. Got a few front boards, and found out that my kickflips are finally correct, 0% mob. Anyways, the new ad is in the taube mag section.

11/12/03Wow. I should just drop out of school, i might as well. i mean, i have a "B" in English. OH MAN. the world is over. my parents were not happy at all because i got a "D" on my To Kill a Mockingbird paper. the only reason i can think of to why i got a "D" is because the teacher had said at the beginning that since I'm new, that I WILL get a bad grade, and she is sticking to it, because if i got a good grade, hoho, she would be wrong. i think it's a good essay, and i spent a lot of time on it. but my parents are setting up meetings with my teacher to discuss what i did wrong. at first they were like, she can't do that to you, it's just cause you're new, i'm gonna talk to her, and just like always, the teacher talks with them, and gets my parents to be on her side. next week i have to come in after school to figure out how i can fix my "mistakes" on my terrible essay. and so on and so on. because one grade i got was a D. But wait, i have a B in that class! my dad said i would meet with her to see how i can bring my grade up. from what, a B? i ask. "Yes," he replied. I love it.

11/11/03Hello. Sorry I haven't put anything up in a while, i haven't gotten any new important skate footy...YET. i've been skating a lot. we got new speakers for our computer (yay). now i don't have to hold the speakers up to my ear. fisheye came! YEAH!!!! oh man, it rocks so much, i'm so glad i have one. it rocks. so much. only $55, it's quality. i'll put a picture or two up. i've been editing videos on my computer, it's really cool, i have software, i've made like 10 or 15 short videos that are basically skating with music. it's cool. i've also been working on "Ahhh! I Can't STAND Hansel!", the sequel to "Super Splits". and...Something Corporate is a really good band, if you like OK Go, Ben Folds, or Dashboard. Thursday is good too, and the Strokes. Thursday would be really good if they didn't yell absurdly for no reason at certain parts, it's dumb, Finch does it too. School is fun. It was funny at lunch today. I think we were making fun of John, in a good way. Ahhh, what happened?? it was hilarious. OH! we were talking about how John's dad is so buff, a normal person's torso is equivalent to his thigh. and how John's children's feet would point in every direction, because of his feet that point outwards when he walks. I skated at John's with Peter and Aaron. Anywho. Check out the "Pictures" for a pic of my room, FISHEYEIFIED!!!

11/3/03Hello. I put up 3 new pics, one is in pictures, the other 2 in skate. my birthday was friday. it was gooood. we all skated at johnny ransom's house, which was fun. then my brother and kyle and david came to stay for the weekend from their college and we went out to olive garden for my birthday, then opened presents. i got brand new Emerica brown Heretics, they're so comfy. I got Tony Hawk Underground, which is awesome. I got A Clockwork Orange the book, the new Strokes CD, which is really good, and the old thursday cd. i got saving silverman, and 140 dollars. it was slammin'. i got everything i had hoped to get. we went to the mall saturday and we watched seven and the omen, but i fell asleep. we had fun. i watched "kill bill", which is awesome. it is SOOO good, i love it. the music is good. i can't wait for the second one. they left sunday, and today i went skating with john, aaron, and efram. we went to hunt valley so john could front board the four, then we went to skate aaron's house. john skated good. but mainly the whole time we played tony hawk 5, which was so fun. it was hilarious. me, aaron, and john were playing "horsey" and we were playing so you had to do the same trick the other person did, and it was so funny cus john kept sucking at it and stuff. and now i'm home. and i didn't have school yesterday and i don't have school tomorrow. HAHAHAHAHHA

10/27/03Hello. I put up 3 new pictures, and cleaned up the site. One is in SKATE, and the other 2 are in the TAUBE MAG section. I edited "Ahhh, I can't STAND Hansel!", the sequel to "Super Splits", it's about 13 minutes long now. I watched Chris's footy from Hickory Hill, it's so awesome. I need to buy a fisheye. My birthday is this Wednesday, but we're celebrating it Friday, which means we'll probably go skating, then me and my parents go out to eat and stuff like that. I am hopefully getting the brown/gum Emerica Heretics. They are super cool! I was going to get I-Path Cats in black or blue, but i wouldn't skate them. then i wanted nike dunk low's for a day, but nah...but then i really wanted Reynolds 2's, and i tried them on, but they were too tight in the toe space. I got the "Chily" Pharmacy boardshop dvd, it's so awesome. it is. it has bryan herman, matt allen, leo romero, tony silva, joey poirez, and a bunch of other ams, including this guy ryan reichfield or something, he's so awesome. but herman's part rocks, he kickflips 10 then fs flips 8, the stairs that ellington ollies then kickflips. then matt allen does the sweetest switch flip ever. i can't wait for my birthday. maybe jon will send his package? it's rainy here today...

There's a new section up to some of my work that i'm doing in my writing class, i don't know why, cus i'm stupid, or maybe i'm TOO COOL!

10/21/03Hello. I really like Thursday now, I've been listening to their new CD, download "War All the Time," it's an awesome song. Also Coldplay "The Scientist" is good. I haven't listened to my brother's Beck CD much yet, which I forgot to give to him. My birthday is a week from tomorrow, it's exciting. I went to stay with my brother at his dorm this weekend, that was a lot of fun. We went to a hockey game, and the next day went to an MXPX, Lit, Story of the Year, Andrew WK, Yellowcard, and Switchfoot concert all day. We missed Switchfoot. Slick Shoes were there too but they didn't play. I really don't like MXPX. Lit with their famous song was good, Story of the Year was fun to watch, but Andrew WK was my favorite. He was hilarious. He kept swinging his arms like a maniac and kept saying "Cool". We went with a bunch of Dan's friends, it was fun, on the way home we hit a raccoon or a cat, we saw it in the road at night, then it ran under Dan's wheels and thump-thump it went, and Kyle's car swerved. He said that they saw the animal spinning in the air and flesh and blood hit his windshield. We listened to a lot of music, and Dan and Kyle mooned everyone and Dan gave Nate a cookie that he rubbed on his junk, which Nate ate unknowingly. It was a good time. I went skating today after school cus we got out early for PSATs, it was fun. We were gone from 11-5. We went to McDonald's (me, John, Aaron, Peter, Paul, Johnny, Will, Aaron Cooper, and this guy that i can't remember his name). Then we went skating at Johnny Ransom's house, which is the best, because his box and rail are small. We skated to a bunch of places, like the Fresh Fields ramp, and then to Will's house to watch some Girl "Yeah Right" DVD, mainly the extra owen wilson and jereme rogers junk. By the way, The Cable Guy was on last night, I love that movie, i think... We ended up at this five stair. Will tried the handrail, and there was a grass gap off to the side, that was a bit longer than the five, and I ollied that, it was very cool for me, I got the chills when i finally rode away. Johnny kickflipped the five a couple times, Paul 180d it, and everyone else ollied it, except peter and me, who didn't try to). Then we went to a 3 stair followed by another 3 and a 4, which they all skated, including Chris who showed up. They were doing lines like kickflip, bs 180, stuff like that fool, then this guy said that he had called the cops, and this one old lady came out and looked at us for a while and proceeded to drive away in her car half parked on the curb. They said that he had called them before and they didn't really do anything, so they wanted to wait for the cop to get there, but some of us were like let's skidaddle, because he wasn't coming. We went back to Johnny's house and skated his box, i landed a 50-50 180, then we set it up on wood so it went down, and we were skating up and down it, it was fun. Then we left. So there. ANd i am so freaking sore, my body aches. That gap didn't help me cus it took a while, but i'm super glad i did it. and i am having dessert, yooooo!

10/14/03Hello, whoever is reading this. I had a lot of homework today. I still do. I love I-Path, i'm getting the Cats for my birthday. We skated Fort Belvoir Skatepark, i was front boarding the rail real horrorshow, peter 50-50d the kink and 180d out. I saw School of Rock, that movie is so hilarious. Jack Black is so funny. Me and my dad were watching Saving Silverman and he was crying. I love my Tenacious D cd, it's so funny, and so good. Hopefully I can go to Dan's college this weekend, i have to be 16, but i'll be 16 in 2 weeks...i like my creative writing class because you can write whatever you want, and it doesn't have to make any sense, and it'll be labeled as art, and then you start to think that it's good. it's fun. i wrote about my "name" and talked about free bagels and knock-knock-knock fighters. it's so fun, the other day i wrote a swell tale of suspense. i should put it up on the site. well, i'll update later. see ya

10/11/03Ah, i need to get some pictures up. I have tons of new ones, I just can't yet because I don't have enough space, i have to get rid of other pictures first. Sigur Ros, Built to Spill, and perhaps even Modest Mouse are the 3 best bands. I skated yesterday, it was fun, we went all over the place, Will ollied the Cary 7. I don't really have much to say, except that i need to get new pictures up. And i will.

10/4/03I finished reading "A Clockwork Orange". It's sooo good, one of my favorite books. Then I rented the movie. It's so awesome. Alex is so...crazy like. It's one of my favorite movies now. The images, the music, the slo-mo, it's just crazy. It's got some bad stuff in it though, too much of it, although there isn't much violence. You have to have read the book, maybe, to understand all the slang and the meanings, it's a lot more clearer, especially the ending which is different than the book because it stops short. Built to Spill is really awesome. I can't wait till my birthday, or until i receive Entschuldigung and that cool stuff.

9/30/03Today is Chris's birthday! I sent him his package today. It had a lot of goodies. I'll say them when he gets the stuff. I started reading "A Clockwork Orange," so far it is amazing. I also got "Misery" by Stephen King so I can read it again, cus it's so crazy intense. Pedro the Lion is good. New song for my part: "Bad Diary Days"

9/25/03I've just been going to school and skating. Homework has been tremendous these past 2 days. Well, gotta go do homework! Super!

9/17/03Today was ok, i guess. the first half of the day zooms by, and then it's pe and lunch which is fun, but then the last period of the day is SOOO SLOW. it's an hour and a half like the other classes, but i really want to go home by then. and it's german 2, which is SO GAY. it's the worst class. last year our german class was really good. we went to a competition and got first place out of like 10 hundred million schools. this year, this class is retarded. the teachers don't know anything, and the students don't know diddly SQUAT. ahhh, it's german 1 all over again, except with gayness. i'm in a few classes with freshmen, and i don't remember being such an IDIOT last year. seriously, the freshmen here are really dumb, not all of them, but a lot of them i see are like 2 year olds. in alabama there were some guys that were like that too. how can they talk about SUPER X MEGATRON GAFLUNK! all day long? oh well. someone on my bus asked another kid to pull down his window, to which he replied, "i'll pull down your MOM'S window!" haha, it was so stupid. anyways. i just got done with my history project, it's 9 o clock. dashboard's new cd is the best cd.

9/11/03Well, i finally got around to updating again. today is september 11th, in creative writing we started a poem about our experience. it was interesting. tomorrow is my dad's birthday. i put i think like 5 pictures up, in the skate and taube magazine sections. i talked to chris on the telephone today. yeah, so school is good, except today was boring, because german 2 is sooo stupid. well, i'll update later check it foools

9/8/03Everything is going good. School is fun, especially lunch. Skating is fun too. Aaron and Peter came over and skated. It was neat. Sorry I haven't gotten any new footage up, but i will soon. For my next part i want to use the hives main offender, it's the best.

9/5/03School is going awesome right now, I met these guys that skate, they're neato. It's cool cus we get 2 nights to do homework because our classes are split up every other day. Creative Writing is actually fun because all we do is just make up stories and write which I haven't done in a long time but used to do a lot. I'm writing this story that i thought of a long time ago listening to Chili Peppers on the road. It's this boy in a tiger costume and his Jack O' Lantern pail friend on Halloween that goes to this other world where there are these huge fiery monsters made of metal. It's pretty craze. I sit by this senior who's funny and likes Seinfeld and Conan O' Brien, and his favorite holiday is Bastielle Day. There are a lot of people that skate here, unlike Alabama.

8/31/03Alright, everything's cool between me and my mom, we apologized and everything. I told her that I still have 7 more years of school to change my mind, and she accepted that she shouldn't have taken me that seriously.

8/31/03Mom's yelling at me again, saying that skateboarding is the LOWEST job on earth, it's the scum, everyone who skates does drugs, she says that EVEN I WILL DO DRUGS if i keep skating. She says that I want to be homeless. She also said that if i pursued skateboarding as a job, i wouldn't be allowed back into the house, that i would be on my own, man she is so upset right now, she is telling me to dream big, not this low. How negative. It's something i want to do, she's gotten upset over one little mention of something i wanted to do. She's saying i'm gonna be so poor that i'll be dealing drugs, and eventually i'll die, i'll get shot from being on the streets selling drugs. She says she won't take me back in the house if i end up being poor and on the streets.

8/31/03Wow. I am really mad at my Mom right now. I just don't even want to listen to another word. She just spent the last twenty minutes telling me how I'll never get anywhere with skateboarding, that she understands everything about skateboarding, that she's sick and tired of me skateboarding. She is disappointed in me that I want to pursue a career of skateboarding, because i mentioned that i wanted to be a filmer. She just laughed. She said every skateboarder and filmer and photographer ends up in jail and on the streets. "That's not a career, no one will ever want to marry you if you don't have a job, plus, you have to be good at skateboarding." She was upset because of what other people think of skateboarders, that they are seen by the public as smokers and bad stuff. She says there is no such thing as someone that skates as their occupation, as a lifestyle, or as a job. She says it's only a hobby, nothing more, to anyone. I tried to explain that she didn't understand, that there were many people that skateboard as their life, but she wouldn't accept it. She's an adult, so she is automatically wiser and knowledgeable in everything, including skateboarding. It really made me sick, some of the things she said, and i told her lots of times that i wasn't going to listen, that i was through talking to her, and eventually i had to leave the room because she wouldn't stop. GEEZ. I guess that's what you get for skateboarding.

8/30/03Hey guys! Sorry i haven't updated, but it's because my internet has been down for about a week. It sucked, but now it's back! Hoorayyyyyy...yyy...y. Yeah, so, I watched Chicago, it was actually really good, if you like movies with stuff in them. I've been helping my mom taking wallpaper down, and i get 30 bucks for helping her this one week! but more money is to come for i am helping her even more next week! i watched All Dogs Go to Heaven today, it was awesome. I also found my old Goosebumps books, which is rad. I'm going to watch Aladdin. Peace

8/21/03America's Funniest Videos has some really funny stuff. A littler gorilla went up to this big gorilla just standing there doing nothing and pinched his butt and ran away, and the big gorilla went after him. It was monkey-CRAZY! There were 2 instances of skateboarding, one where this guy broke his finger and it was bent halfway, and the other where this guy fell over some stuff after nollie bs 180ing a four then almost Cabbing a 6. It was grand.

8/18/03Yeah, well, my brother Dan came to visit for a few days, it was actually like one day, but we watched movies and went shopping for some clothes and stuff. Then we drove down to his college, which looks really fun, and there were insane skate spots there, huge stairs and rails, the only thing that i could've considered doing someday was a really cool 8 stair. but i made the best purchase of my life recently, buying the Emerica "This is Skateboarding" DVD! It's so awesome. The whole second disc alone is enough to buy it, since i already had the video on my computer. Reynolds second part is crazy crazy. But the best stuff are the montages and extra stuff lying around. Spanky and Herman are really cool. Spanky is so good awesome, and Herman has a funny voice. There's so much extra skating, and a hidden really cool promo for the video which is really cool. There's like an hour or so extra awesomeness, you HAVE to get it.

8/14/03I've been having a good time lately. I filmed some new tricks on my box in my new shoes and with my new board. You should really check out "The Passion". Watch a preview for it or something. It looks crazy good. It's a movie about the crucifixion directed by Mel Gibson. Dashboard Confessional's "Swiss Army Romance" is my new favorite CD. It's sooo good, listen to number 6 on the CD. A Perfect Circle's new song is good, "Weak and Powerless". I've been making so many songs on my computer using this MIDI music maker I downloaded. I have 24 songs, that are SOO rockin. I'll get them up sometime.

8/12/03I got my board today, FINALLY. One week and three days. It's a red Steve Berra Alien Workshop. It's super cool.

8/11/03, 4:00 pm

Let me tell you something. I must really suck at life right now. This past week has been the WORST time i've had SKATING in my life. Take today for instance. Not one thing went in my favor. Everything seemed to go against me. Bad luck, you say? Does the weather know EXACTLY when to make it inconvenient for you? Everything that I did today went wrong. Just because something is convenient for me, someone has to go and make it ten times harder for me to do it. Hmm, I would like to go on the computer. Sorry, just for you just today, I don't want to work for you. I would like a soda, then. Sorry, all out of soda. Well, I'm going to go skate then, because it's such a beautiful day outside. Yeah, I'll let you think that, until you get EVERYTHING set up just right, then I'll start pouring down the rain. No biggie, the rain stops. I can skate, oh wait, I can't, because I can't land the trick that I've been able to land every other day. I would like my board to cooperate with my hand when I pick it up. Sorry, your hands are dirty. I think I'll keep my wheels stuck in the rail as many times as possible. Hey, I might actually land this trick. Time to get out the camera. Hmm, the tripod would make this a lot easier, wouldn't you say? Oh wait, the tripod is missing from it's normal spot! That's ok, I'll just make my own setup! Let's get a chair and put the camera on it! Oh, not high enough. Well, I'll carry some bricks over here to set it on. There. Perfect. Ok, I'll press record now. THAT IS WHEN THE RAIN DECIDES TO COME BACK. Great. Oh, you're trying to make it as hard as possible for me to skate? Well, I'm not giving up that easily. I'll keep skating. Nice try. The rain stops five minutes later. Wow, I'm getting really close to landing it, possibly within the next few tries! Right when I land, the rain monstrously pours down, angry that I have landed this basic trick, leaving me soaked as I make five or six trips back to the house to put everything away in the pouring rain. As I picked up the chair, the brick fell through the bottom. What a delight my life has been today.

I REALLY need to skate with other people. But that probably isn't going to happen for a long time. And of course my magazine didn't come in the mail, why should it? It's only been 2 weeks. I would love to wait longer.

8/11/03, 2:00 pmI just watched an old Saturday Night Live, it was hilarious. I want to buy a Nerf Crotchbat. It was sooo funny. It was a commercial of a bunch of guys including Farley and Schnieder hitting each other in the crotch hundreds of times with a bat. Then they had the Cher thing. "Your hair is not going to believe what it's about to see!" "Now, I saw you spray that hairspray on me, but I'm not sure, I can't believe it, did you actually spray it?" "I did!"

8/11/03, 1:00 pmWow. I just watched the funniest episode of Conan O' Brien, ever! Hilarious! They did this Arnold Schwarzenegger bit with someone else being his mouth on a picture of him, it was so funny. "I vill chop off Ben Franklin's head and say, I can not tell a lie, you're dead!" "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" "You're stupid!" Seriously folks, it's the best. You have to watch this show on Comedy Central. They made fun of Gigli once again, it was hilarious, they showed clips of the stupidest parts. Peter Gallagher is great.

8/10/03Lately things have generally been sucking for me. I'm glad i got a goody box from Kate to cheer me up! And i did get new shoes, black and white Accels. They're bouncin. I got spiffy jeans too. Dog Day Afternoon is a good movie.

8/7/03I have never been so angry in my life. I have never yelled so much skateboarding or thrown my board that much. My foot hurts from kicking my rail and my board. I swear I would've gone insane if I kept trying to skate. How can life be going fine one minute and suck so bad the next? I was trying to land a trick I had come so close to landing in the middle of the day, and I couldn't even come close. I wait all day for my new deck to come in the mail, which of course doesn't. I seem to be the luckiest guy, because no one in my neighborhood skates. I skate every day outside for a long time, and no one goes by on a skateboard, until I go inside, then my parents exclaim, "Andrew! Three teenagers on skateboards just went by!" And this has happened several times. Every time I move somewhere new I am told that lots of people skate where I live and at my school. I was told this in Alabama, however no one skated. I was told this when I moved here, and of course, I seem to have the most difficult time finding someone to skate with. I guess it doesn't matter, it is just skateboarding, right?

By the way, I'm sure tomorrow I will forget all of this and be happy and land my new trick and get my skateboard.

8/6/03I'm back from my trip. it was a lot of fun. me, jacob, and alex stayed at alex's grandma's house in the middle of the woods, it was crazy. we went to busch gardens, which has awesome roller coasters. we also went water skiing and tubing. i showed alex and jacob pj ladd's wonderful horrible life, i think they liked it. there were crazy bugs at the cabin, like we were the biggest pansies, we say this giant moth creature that was green and the size of our fists, and we touched it and ran away screaming like schoolgirls, then i told jacob that it was on his back, and laughed while he danced around yelling. then jacob took one and put it down alex's little brother's back and smashed it, it was grand. their dog ate one of the moths, it's wing was hanging out of his mouth.

skiing is really hard-crazy, the wipeouts are mad, especially tubing, cus the driver hated me, so we were flung out skipping across the water a few times, it hurt like crazy, i got the wind knocked out of me. you have no idea where you are except that the water is not going to let you in until it's had its share of beating you. anyways, alex's brothers are ridiculously annoying, especially evan...oh my goodness...

at busch gardens i kept looking for funnel cakes, we walked around the whole park like twice before we found some, it was tasty. everytime me and alex went to the bathroom, i waited outside instead of going, then five minutes later i would tell him i had to go. it was funny. alex lost his atticus hat on one rollercoaster and we had to go to the lake at the bottom and fish it out. it smelled like fish, too. jacob can do this weird thing with his stomach, he's insanely thin, he can suck it all in like a skeleton, then exhale and make only the middle go out, so it's like a "T", i don't know, it's weird.

we played poker, it was so fun because at the end me and alex just kept stealing everyone's chips and they wouldn't know. i would point at alex's card then slide some chips my way, yeah! and then alex went to sit by his brother and would slide his chips into my pile, so that i had a million chips and he had none, instead of the other way around. we watched zoolander in the cabin, and quizzed alex on multiplication problems, it was funny.

it's funny scaring alex, i could just make a sudden movement and he'd jump. i had a blade of grass and turned around and said LOOK! and he jumped, it was hilarious. it was crazy walking back to the house cus it was lightning and thunder and stuff outside, ahh. we called kate and rachel.

anyways, we got a lot of pictures that will probably be here later. i'm just rambling on about my experiences, but that's the whole point. we ate at mcdonalds twice, it wasn't that bad, i got a supersize double quarter pounder with cheese, it's actually not that big at all. all in all it was a great time.

8/2/03Ok, I bought the Earlimart CD. It is awesome. Every song is very good. There's a lot of acoustic and piano in it. Also, i tried ollieing the Cary 7. It was hard, and i came so close, but i decided to come back because it got really dark. I'm going to be at Busch Gardens with Alex and Jacob for the next 3 days, it'll be sick, yo. By the way, I went to Tower Records for the first time, it is by far THE BEST STORE i've ever been to, period. It has every band imaginable, awesome music playing, and every skate magazine ever. It's the best.

7/29/03I watched "A Very Brady Sequel". It's hilarious. I saw a really funny preview for "American Wedding", where Stifler says, "Well maybe you could take a mental image?" or something. I don't know. I laughed.

7/28/03Wow, my face hurts tremendously. Especially my nose. My skateboard smacked me in the face when i was skating. I was doing a bs 180 on flatground and the board flew up and hit my nose, i always seem to get really low to the ground when i land, and my foot came off. it started bleeding immediately, so i was trying to walk back to the house but it was hard to see, and the blood was dripping all over the place, and now i look like a freak with a scrape on my nose. i have a headache and my nose bone (whatever that is) hurts. I hate bs 180s. I always seem to fall on them. aw crap, now the inside of my nose is bleeding, too.

7/25/03I just watched Shanghai Knights with my parents, it's so funny, those Jackie Chan movies are the best, i'm gonna buy it. owen wilson is a funny man.

By the way, if you haven't gone to yet, i suggest you do so now. It's really funny on a Homestar scale. Also, i got a haircut a while ago, so i look really different.

7/23/03Chris left Monday, I've been really bored since then. I always suck horribly skating by myself. I need a new board too. My Flip sucks cus it's old, and i'm using my brother's temporarily (i won't break it). I want to go filming and try to kickflip the 5 stair. I watched Menikmati again, and played FFX. I'm listening to a lot of 3rd eye blind and ok go.

7/15/03Me my brother and chris have been staying in the supercool basement the past week watching movies and stuff. it has a fridge and a microwave so we put stewarts key lime in there and these really good microwaveable mini-wiches. we've watched every scary movie possible, they're not really scary: event horizon, friday the 13th, nightmare on elm street, the thing, child's play 2, and some other movies. anyways, i have a box.

7/7/03Chris comes tomorrow. Dan came 2 days ago. I watched Grave of The Fireflies, some WWII anime movie, it was really sad, my brother brought a couple of these kind of movies, so i'll be watching them. Me and my dad made a box! It's killer! We got it done in a day, too. It's a little over 10 inches high, it's about 4 ft wide, and it's 6 ft long. it's cool. it has WHEELS and a HANDLE to pull it. Plus my rail is 12 inches high, but so's Chris's, but his is a lot taller than mine for some reason. Anyways, i've been listening to a lot of music, Third Eye Blind is awesome!

7/4/03Ok, i just got back yesterday from Nebraska. It was a lot of fun. At Chris's we skated the whole time, and watched skate videos. And saw Bruce Almighty and Dumb and Dumberer, both were funny. We skated with Jon a lot, who filmed us. I got my first runs, which of course sucked, it was fun though. I learned a lot of new stuff at Chris's, it's so much better to skate with people than by yourself, you learn new tricks and stuff. Canada was a blast. At every stop me and Chris and Daniel Huntley would skate some objects that were put there for skating like waxed curbs, parking blocks, 3-stairs, or loading docks. It was a lot of fun. I skated a whole lot on the way down and back. At camp we just physically hurt each other as much as possible, making up games and stuff. it was a lot of fun. we'd play the face-slapping game, or nutball, or games where we'd just throw the hacky sack at someone on their knees until they couldn't take it, and i won that contest, hooray for me and hooray for school! and we'd get on the swings and see who would survive the kicking and slapping. it was fun. anyways, i'll update later. i put up 2 pics of Justin that he sent me. so ...enjoy.

6/30/03Sorry i haven't updated in a long time, i've been gone. I went to Nebraska the 17th, stayed for a few days, and then went to Canada and just got back Saturday. It was a lot of fun, but i'll talk about it later. I don't have time right now, i'm at chris's till Thursday, and we've been skating nonstop. We're about to go somewhere right now. I'll update later. Plus me and chris are working on getting footage for our parts in the Stoolpigeon 2 skate video. Hopefully some pictures will be up.

6/15/03Rash was gone when i woke up. I'm decorating my walls my putting up like a million photos, it's awesome. I've put up 2 so far of Chris making a face. I will have the whole wall covered with Alabama/Nebraska pics. I'm coming the day after tomorrow, it will be fun, too bad it's gonna be cut short by Canada, but oh well i will do lots and lots of skating and stuff, it will be neat.

6/14/03, 10:00 PMThe good news is i'm not sick anymore. No more fever. That means no more shaking uncontrollably, freezing, then all of a sudden burning up. The bad news is the same day i receive the rash. Some sort of food allergy i guess. And it is ALL OVER. It itches like a mother. It is the most disgusting hideous thing i've ever seen in my life, and it's infested my body. I wonder what's next in store for me? All this seems to happen the day that i move away from Kate. The other good news is i just talked to Kate on the phone. It's good to talk with her, because i miss her...a lot.

6/14/03I haven't updated with pics in a while, but trust me, i will when i get settled in, cus i have a ton more pics on my camera, no skate ones, though i will get lots of footage when i go to nebraska in 3 days. By the way, i'm going to nebraska in 3 days. it will be fun.

i just moved in my house a few days ago in virginia, springfield, virginia, near washington dc. it's a big house. i met this kid sam yesterday, and he spent the night. it was a good way. he took a nasty jelly belly bean, and i offered him some other crap flavor, like jalapeno, then to top it off i helped him by giving him a coffee flavored one. he was lying there choking. it was funny. i've noticed that a lot of the kids here in d.c. are pretty bad, but don't even notice. he says all the skaters here smoke pot, which is a bummer.

I'm going through Kate withdrawal, i miss kate so much, i still get to talk to her on the phone though...

5/28/03Ok, lately i've been hanging out with Kate and Alex everyday, and sometimes with Steven, Spencer, jacob, andy, christine, and rebekah. Me, kate, and alex are like the trio. We have so many jokes it's not even funny, although it is, cus they're funny jokes. It's fun.

Secondly i've been listening to Modest Mouse everyday nonstop. The Moon and Antarctica is truly the greatest CD ever. Almost every song is the best song ever made. 3rd Planet, Gravity Rides Everything, Different City, The Cold Part, Alone Down There, The Stars Are Projectors, Paper Thin Walls, Lives, and What People are Made of are incredibly awesome tracks.

I'm moving really soon, which is sad cus everyone on base is moving, i'm going to virginia june 10, then to nebraska june 17, which will be fun, then back to virginia to live in.

5/13/03Finally updated the site with skate pictures...geez! My life has consisted of Kate, Kate, and some skating. I've been spending a lot of time with her, and i can't even think of how i'm gonna have to move away from her. It's just impossible. I love Kate!

4/24/03I love Kate so's crazy. I can't even describe. We are going out now, since Monday (April 21)! It seems like it's been a lot longer than 3 days, which is good. Anyways, we are having another scary movie night tomorrow night, then going to Six Flags on Saturday, which will be kickin'! Me, Kate, Rachel, Alex, Alex's brother, Steven, Spencer, Jacob, Andy, Rebecca, and Sean are going, and tomorrow night we are watching Red Dragon and Evil Dead II and a bunch of others. I can't wait.

4/17/03Guess what? I'm going to the prom with Kate! Yay! It's in 2 weeks, and next week we (me, Alex, Kate, Rachel, Steven, Spencer, Jacob, and Andi) are going to Six Flags! That's gonna be so much fun! Also, i got my permit, so i can drive now...yep. I'm driving the truck which is an automatic, so it's tough, but i'm learning. I'm gonna save up and get a crap car so i can put stickers all over it and listen to music, it will be cool. Also i'm saving up for pink Emerica Templeton 2's, they're so cool...Hey download AFI "GOd Called in Sick Today" and Jimmy Eat World "Bleed American" they're super jumpin' songs. I'm happy!

4/17/03Updated the site a lot with pictures...finally! Sorry, no skate pics yet.

4/14/03I am going to kickflip the five stair. No doubt about it. I will at least TRY the double set, even though i know i won't make it, cus there's not enough room to set up. Maybe i won't try. but i will kickflip the five.

Gosh Justin's skating makes me sick, in a good way. He's too good.

I am thinking of asking someone to the prom...

By the way, i'm moving to Washington DC for those who don't know. I will stay a few weeks in Nebraska, and hang on the Whitman's are at the door...!

3/28/03I know it's been a long time since i updated. I haven't been filming anything, which i need to do so i can get the video sent. Watching Justin's footage makes me want to go out and skate. It also makes me depressed at how good he is (and Trevor, and Jon, and everyone). I was shocked when i first saw him noseslide the handrail at Robert's. I was like peeing my pants. I guess I'll go out and skate now, with my zero skate spots.

3/11/03I will update with pics and send the skate video! SORRY! the new switchfoot CD is awesome! if you can, download "Twenty-Four" and "On Fire". Some people in Alabama are so stupid. Take Shandria, for instance, she argues about pointless stuff, EVERYTHING, and everything is racism to her, she needs to chill, she's being more racist towards white people (she's black) than they are to her. Then there's Holly, who's just blonde, and doesn't understand anything, including sarcasm. I can't wait to visit Nebraska and skate with all the cool people.

3/10/03Got the new Switchfoot CD. it's pretty rockin'. I was told today by a friend that Asians are not Americans, yet Mexicans and Blacks are. It made no sense at all. I love The Ring.

2/19/03I need a haircut. I look really weird. Music is awesome. The best songs are songs by Silverchair on "Diorama", Zwan "Honestly", Sleep/Your Face "On the Sidelines", Nirvana "You Know You're Right". Those songs are the greatest. I love Flip skateboards. They're the best. Ever since i got mine i've been on a skating "high". I love skating so much. When i'm on my skateboard i'm so happy. Everytime i go on now i just learn something new, or just do flip tricks, and i have been nothing but happy on my board. That is all.

2/15/03Today was great. It was the first day of summer for me. It felt like it in every way, wearing shorts and a t-shirt and skating around the base in absolutely perfect weather with no cars in the streets. Me, Alex, Steven, Spencer, and Jacob walked around everywhere. We went to Burger King, then to Alex's to watch "Scary Movie", which isn't that funny at all. Then we went to Laura's with Katie and watched "Final Destination".

2/14/03It's Valentine's Day! By the way, people in Alabama are so germ-aphobic. If you take a sip from their drink, they freak out and say i'm not drinking that, throw it away. They think you can get their germs from that. It's crazy. In Nebraska, you let 10 people drink from your Coke, all at the same time! I was told by these girls that I have Pantene Pro-V silky soft hair. People tell me that all the time, and are always touching my hair. The girls just can't keep their hands off me, I guess. Don't worry, there's plenty of the Drew to go around, if you know what i mean. I got a new deck today, i'm so excited! 3 weeks of saving, finally i can skate again! It's a Flip Arto Saari deck, it's blue and has some kind of zombie dude on it. I also got a Toy Machine sticker for a buck! Out-RAGEOUS!

2/8/03Last night was fun. I went to the youth center for like only an hour, but that hour was the best hour i've had all week. Kate, Alex, and Spencer were there. I showed them who's boss at b-ball. Not really, but it was funny because i was swishing every 3 pointer and Spencer was like what the heck? cus i normally suck at basketball. Anyways, me and Kate had fun.

Then I went bowling with Richard, Matt, Caleb, and Seth (?). It was fun too. I bowled a 121, which was cool because i normally get like an 88 or something. Since Chris reminded me of the "my face in your foot" thing, i was saying stuff like that all night. My friends are using stuff like that and saying "Your Face" all the time, without really knowing why. It was strangely similar to bowling in nebraska because we were making up handshakes. We went to taco bell and rode back in the back of Seth's truck and were being thrown around. Then i watched Jon's skate video again.

You know that in the south "duke" is slang for "butt"? I was laughed at cus i didn't know that. THey also call "ding dong ditch" "n*gger knocking", which is not good. They would never say that somewhere else. In Science we were thinking of different words for the male anatomy and writing them on each other's homework. My favorites were "dong", "tinky winky", "wee wee", and "wiener".

1/27/03Wow, i'm updating this regularly now. It was funny today, cus me and Miles were pretending to be Dragonballz fanatics, because in P.E. everyone was making fun of it, and then everyone started admitting that they used to like it a lot, but they wouldn't believe me, they were like, "Come on admit it EVERYONE liked it", and me and Miles kept telling each other to bring our cards the next day, but the thing is, in Science we were like, "Dude, you have to go to the next tournament, i'm serious" and this one kid was like, "When is it?" or "Which one?" and that made us stop cus we felt kinda bad. It was funny though, in a weird way.

By the way, I promise to have new pics up soon, and the skate video will also be completed sometime...

1/26/03There was a Super Bowl Party for our Church at the YMCA. It was fun. There was this glass window in front of the building that you couldn't even tell was there, and me and Alex were walking towards it, i saw it, but apparently he did it, and he slammed his face into it, it was hilarious, me and him and Josh were laughing, then we told Alex's little brother to run as fast as he could around the corner, and he ran and totally smacked his face into the glass really hard, we were like laughing till we were crying, his face crumpled into the glass and his nose shifted, and his facial expression of pain was hilarious. But he was really hurt and had to go home (lol) there was a huge bruise on his forehead, it looked like a volcano, and his face was messed up, and he was crying, it must've sucked so bad.

Richard and Caleb and Kyle were there too, me and Alex and Caleb brought our guitars and we played them really loud and jammed, it was neat. There were all these crazy mats that they have at youth centers there, and we were jumping on them and stuff. There was a huge blobby one like the one at PE in La Vista, and you'd sink into it, we set up a bunch of stuff on it, and tried to bury some people, and we were falling off it and stuff, doing flips, yeah.

1/25/03I went to this youth retreat in Birmingham for our church, and it was so much fun. Me and Alex and Josh and Kyle hung out, and me and Josh and Kyle had so much fun. It was hilarious, just everything, we were so destructive, making messes everywhere we went, punching each other and getting in fights, ahhh. Josh is so funny, me and him talk ghetto to each other so that we can't understand a word we're saying, "yo so i was wit dis girl n she was frontin bling bling n i was like whoa check it n she was bringin it!" Kyle is so hyper, it's insane. It was just funny.

Lately i've been tapping everyone's opposite shoulder so they look the other way and i get to the other side, it's funny, i do it so much, it's similar to Jeff Peters and our "robot" in the hallways.

At the church thing the fountain was frozen over and josh was like, "dude i was walking on it, try it" so me and kyle ran out and i stepped out and my foot went through to the holy cold ice water, i tried to turn back, and my other foot fell through too, and kyle was laughing.

1/16/03Hey, sorry for not updating in forever. I've been going to school (fun), skating, and now my guitar is fixed so i can play again! I will have more pics up soon, so yeah.

You know who David Ferris looks exactly like when he laughs? Aragorn! If you watch the DVD he looks just like him! Wow! Does anyone even read this site? I gotta get new skate pics up, I will sometime.

9/21/02Hey guys! I miss you guys so much. I want to come back right now. We might move back next summer, if not then after high school. I want to go to college with you guys. I was talking to Chris about sharing an apartment in college even if we don't go to the same college. Anyone else who wants to, we can have a million guys it'd be so awesome!!! We could split the payments and rent a house!!! Seriously! Man.... But I know i'm coming for vacation 2 weeks in the summer!!! Yay! Anyways...I set the counter for today, so anyone it counted before isn't on, cus i know i'll get thousands...

9/28/02Man, I missed Chris's party. That really sucks. I really wanted to go. I heard Justin did all sorts of crazy stuff. People were like asking for his autograph (not really). Today so far I went to Sports Authority, got Chris something (has nothing to do with Sports Authority), got a thing, got a rail, got 2 (TWO!) tennis rackets, got Shoe Goo, and got Chic-fil-A (it's awesome). Today is supposed to have a lot of stuff going on, so I'm just waiting. Last night I went to the movies with Andrew Shaver and other people. We didn't watch anything, we just sat around in the theater and I got a free Sprite. We also got free extra cheese sauce for our nachos.

9/29/02My birthday is in exactly one month, October 29th. Today I went to church (by the way, for those of you who don't know, it's the same time here that it is in Nebraska), I was really tired. I had Sonic for lunch (SuperSonic size Chili Cheese Tots and a Banana Cream Pie shake). I'm doing homework. I want to go outside...

10/1/02Okay guys, you aren't sending me enough pictures. Actually, the only ones who have sent me pics were Travis, Dan H, Justin, and kind of Allie. So send me some. No one's signing the guestbook. If anyone cares, today was boring. I went to school. I'm going to do lots of homework. Yay.

10/13/02Sorry I haven't updated in a long time, I have been doing so much homework I haven't even been able to go on the computer in 2 weeks. This weekend was fun, because our church group went to Destin, Florida. We stayed in 4 condos, and my apartment was the best. It was like a house with 3 TVs, one was a big screen with surround sound and a DVD player. The room I was in had a king size and a TV, and a huge walk out patio on the fourth floor that we just went onto whenever and listened to music and someone slept out there. We (Richard, Matt, Caleb) were in the same room, and it had a jacuzzi whirlpool. The beach was awesome, because I was skim boarding, and it was so much fun. It's like surfing and skating combined, cus it's on the shore where the tide comes in, and you throw down your slick wood board and jump on and glide across the water. Me, Richard, this annoying little kid that always was like "me next!", and our leader JoJo were really good, especially Jo Jo cus he's a pro. It's fun. You like go fast, and you can spin and do 180s or like JoJo did, a 720. But you can like go on a small wave that comes in and I was doing stuff with mad style and like faking people out or whatever it's called when you're on a skateboard and you do the slide and turn it back and it was just fun. Anyways, it was overall a good time. Ooh, and I can't wait till my birthday. I'll be able to get things...


Ok guys, someone has my Perfect Dark for N64. I let someone borrow it, I think Mike or Joe, and I NEED IT BACK!!!! So please, if you know, tell me, so you can send it or something.

My birthday is next weekend, (well Oct. 29th) but it'll be next weekend. We're going to see The Ring, which is gonna be awesome. My brother says it was so scary. I can't wait. I'm going to buy Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, when it comes out Tues, OCTOBER 29TH! HA HA HA! I'm hopefully getting a new deck, Donnie Darko, a new hoodie, and something else. Maybe. I dunno.

10/28/02Hey, my birthday party was Saturday, only 5 people came, so it wasn't like a Nebraska party. But they were neat people. We went and saw "The Ring", which was so awesome and it was pretty scary and freaky too. I got an Enjoi Mullen Saint deck. My other deck was crap, and Richard acid-dropped off this heater thing into the grass and snapped it. I got the Flip Sorry video, which is really cool, it's my first video (that I've even seen). It was funny. It had a lot of puking. That's weird what happened to Arto Saari. And I got some cool clothes, money, and something else I think. With the money I'm getting GTA: Vice City on Wednesday, and maybe Tony Hawk 4 on Thursday. And Donnie Darko. But the party was fun, I just wish I could've had it with you guys. Then we could've gone to the skate park, since no one here skates. They rollerblade, apparently that's cool here. Even Richard, who used to be pretty good at skating, turned to blading, but then he stopped. And Alex blades (he's extreme!) j/k. Perry has a southern accent, so he's cool. Andrew has my name. Caleb has fluffy hair. I'm putting up new pictures, but none of them skating yet. I will when I learn something new that's cool enough to be on the site. In the meantime, you guys send ME pictures!