Feel free to send me pics of you guys too, if you wanna be on the site. I want to know what's going on and what everything looks like.









Johnny neck tattoo

Daniel eyes

green eye 2

Wide eye

Green eye

Grey eyes

Kate (old picture

Sad face 2

Scary me




Polly pocket


Me being happy handboarding

A rather old picture of me in the air about to fall

My shaved head

My not shaved head

Emerica T-shirt I designed for a contest

Dollar board, custom made by Justin Steube

Kate and Alex trapped

Spray painted shoes

Fenced in

Micah and his girlfriend. Notice how different he looks compared to the above picture from this summer

Chris Atkins, the man behind the incredible Spaghetti Bears. Watch out for his raw skating, it'll blow your face off

Chris and Micah's shoes

Crazy light picture by Chris

another picture by chris

another another picture by chris

another another another picture by chris

another another another another picture by chris

Me being a goon

What is with the beauty?

Speaks for itself

Fisheye of my room!

I took this picture on the road with my brother

Daniel Huntley in deep thought

What a hip-happenin foto!

Alex being dramatic

Alex getting scared by me and Kate

Derek Zoolander...or is it???

Kate and Chris looking like mouses. Seriously, these 2 bear a lot in common with each other, and have never even met.

Some new pics up of me and Chris having a good time. This was a lot of fun, taking these pictures. Anyways, i have lots of these, so expect many more to come. Actually, we recorded all of this on video, then i made pics out of them.

My face in the shadows

Me being happy and having short hair

Me looking like a fish

Chris is so cool.

This face was made right before the next. This is called Pre Mallow.

This is the marshmallow muppet face by Chris. We were laughing so hard at all of these faces, especially this one. Richard, Cassy, Me, and Caleb at youth group. This is a picture of me. Confused Mike Face, trying to look at two fingers at the same time. This... is the original Mike face. Where it all started. Here we see Mike Kasel struggling to read a book. My brother is on the left. He's so hott! <