This is where I post pictures of shirts I've designed. You can buy them from me for 10 bucks by emailing me at

. I'll send you the shirt, you tell me what size and color shirt. You can also pick from any picture that you've seen either on my site or anywhere in your LIFE, or tell me what design you want me to make, or make a design and send it to me.

The shirts are 6 bucks if you provide the shirt.

I can't send shirts through the mail, so I'm only selling these locally.

Just so you know, the shirts aren't permanent. One of the ones I made a month or two ago has STARTED to crack/peel, but it's still fine. But ten bucks is like eating twice at McDonald's, and having a shirt that you personalized is way cooler than food. One of them will turn into poop, and I'm pretty sure it's not the shirt.

I think I'm going to put my email address and/or URL on the back of the shirt.

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this shirt I designed especially for Katie Ryder. It says "TUBULAR" and has a picture of a tube, and apparently is a success. Maybe I can get her to take her picture while wearing it.


Shade face

Broken face

People colored

People green

People blue

Mushroom Man

Asian Wing Tour

Stupid Cool

Blue Sweater

Green Sweater

The Watermelon

The Razor